Odell Beckham Jr.’s best move would be to play in 2022, forget about 2023


Free-agent receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has been trying to use the vague promise of helping a team win in 2022 to secure a significant payday that extends into 2023. That’s fine, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Who is going to commit major dollars to Beckham without knowing that he can play? The fact that OBJ wasn’t willing to work out for teams during his recent visits to the Bills, Giants, and Cowboys does nothing to create confidence that he’s ready or able to play.

One possible strategy would be to wait until the offseason, and to sign with a team then. Another approach would consist of taking a deal for the balance of the current season and proving himself now, setting himself up for a contract in March.

He may not be interested in doing that again, given that he was burned by a non-contact ACL suffered in Super Bowl LVI, at a time when he was on the brink of heading to free agency and getting a potentially significant contract. It’s unfortunate. It’s unfair. But it’s also unrealistic to think that anyone would sign Beckham for anything other than what he can currently do.

He needs to show what he can do. No one is going to pay him based on the past or on possibility. His best move is to play now, or as soon as he can.

He needs to pick a contender, one that most likely will be playing deep into January, and maybe beyond. One that will give him a chance to show that he’s healthy, and that he can be effective.

Yes, he has visited the Bills, Giants, and Cowboys. But if he decides to sign a deal for the balance of the season, he may want to consider the Chiefs or the Eagles — teams that are likely to be playing well into January. Teams with enough talented receivers to ensure he’ll get favorable matchups. Teams with coaches smart enough to get him wide open. Teams with quarterbacks who are good enough to get him the ball.

This may be the only way to get the kind of contract he wants in 2023. Currently, it doesn’t look like anyone will give him anything that works out to $20 million per year until he shows that he can play.

So that’s the situation Beckham faces. He may not like it, but it may be his best option. Play now. Play well. Get paid later.

17 responses to “Odell Beckham Jr.’s best move would be to play in 2022, forget about 2023

  1. Not happening he already left without a deal. Dan Patrick just had this per @ Rap sheet.

  2. First, he needs to prove he can actually play in 2022. His refusal to work out is a major red flag any reasonable person would be wary of.

  3. Tough spot for both sides. Do football contracts have option years and would either side agree to one?

  4. Such a scenario would also seem to rule out the Giants. Everything I read about that field indicates the only thing wideouts audition for on that field is a torn ACL or something similar.

  5. You guys all trying to create a story by bringing the Eagles into the convo so you can hopefully have a Philly-Dallas controversy to talk and write about. It’s comical. They have zero need for him. As comical as you accusing and insinuating that DAL leaked some info about his knee. In case you were vacationing on another planet you already knew his knee was not going to be good enough to play when he decided to not workout for anyone. Stop trying to force a story where there isn’t one. Be better

  6. My best move would be to sign a contract with a team for the rest of the season as well. I’m not going to work out for any teams, I’m 47 years old, kind of out of shape. But I do have good hands and I will put my seatbelt on. Who wants to sign me first?

  7. Dez Bryant is available too. Maybe he can fluff up his own comeback PR tour as well.

  8. I know this site is pro player, but calling the situation “unfair” to Beckham is beyond ridiculous. He earned his first big payday with the Giants, and getting traded was more about the Giants reconfiguring than it was about him not living up to the fresh deal. But he was a relative disappointment throughout his time with the Browns and was down enough that he was eventually cut in-season; that’s the only reason he was “trying out” with the Rams in the first place. He was a nice boost for them, but it isn’t as if he was vintage OBJ and the injury robbed him of a huge payday (with him having already let down a huge payday). Why should his having to show he can actually still be a quality football player be unfair? We should all be so lucky to get paid many tens (hundreds? More?) thousands of dollars for a couple of months of “prove it” work. Wake up and return to the real world, please!

  9. The last time he took the field, OBJ was a competent, complementary player. Since then he is older, injured and further removed from his own realities. Is now a middle of the pack athlete we should not expect anything more than middle of the pack money.

  10. Please just keep him off airplanes and the street. Buy him some hair dye and an X-Box to keep him busy until that point.

  11. I don’t think a team will sign him to a contract limited to the rest of this season without seeing him perform on the field. If he’s not willing to do that he won’t be signing anywhere.

  12. The NFL’s best move would be to never hire him again. He’s a constant distraction with little payoff for his cancer. Time to move on.

  13. I won’t lie. I’m relieved Jerry didn’t blow salary cap dollars on a 30 yo wideout that could be dedicated to resigning Pollard.

  14. So after this quote from OBJ Thursday night – “I’m not saying I couldn’t step in and play regular season, but I don’t see the point.” do you still feel that DAL was wrong in discussing his current readiness? He was keeping info FROM DAL by BS’ing them from the start. Jerry put on the full court press with the understanding that OBJ would be ready to playt in a few weeks and then OBJ drops the bombshell that he’s not even interested in playing the regualr season. Jerry and every Cowboys fan stands ready to accept your apology for specualting and insinuating that DAL was in the wrong here.

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