49ers DC DeMeco Ryans: Nick Bosa is hands down the defensive player of the year

Miami Dolphins v San Francisco 49ers
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San Francisco defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans says there’s no question who the NFL’s defensive player of the year should be: 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa.

“He definitely is playing his best ball. You talk about a guy who can change the game and affect the game the way Bosa does, I mean, to me he’s hands-down the best in the league. You talk about a defensive player of the year candidate? If it isn’t Bosa, I don’t know who else it should be.”

Ryans thinks the 49ers’ defense couldn’t do what it does without Bosa.

“He’s put our defense in the position we’re in,” Ryans said. “We’re not where we are if not for Bosa. How he changes the game, how he affects the quarterback, how he speeds up the quarterback’s timing and is still able to get as many sacks as he has. He’s able to get to the quarterback, put him down. . . . There’s so many game-changing plays that Bosa has made. The past two games: Against the Saints, he closes the game out at the end of the game when we need it most. And last week at the end, again, he’s on the quarterback, knocks the ball out. You can’t speak enough about Bosa and how he affects a defense, how he changes a game. If you want to play great defense you have to have a great edge rusher and that’s what we have in Bosa. He’s the best doing it in the league.”

Bosa had three sacks in Sunday’s win over the Dolphins, giving him an NFL-high 14.5 sacks this season.

19 responses to “49ers DC DeMeco Ryans: Nick Bosa is hands down the defensive player of the year

  1. Bosa is a beast. When healthy he’s a perennial defensive player of the year candidate.

  2. I’m fine with Bosa being defensive player of the year as long as Micah Parsons in MVP. No other player has a greater impact on a game as Micah, on either side of the ball.

  3. Hands down or feet up, Bosa’s in the mix, so is Crosby, and Parsons….should be interesting last 5 weeks to sort it out.

  4. There’s no way Parsons is MVP. He gets the Dallas spotlight. There are so many offensive players that deserve more.

  5. If Judon doesn’t disappear like last season he should absolutely be in the discussion. He’s only 1 sack behind Bosa.

  6. Actually Parsons will win DPOY and he would deserve it but no more than Bosa would. They are equivalent. However, the Dallas effect will push him over.
    There is no way Parsons (or Bosa) wins MVP. Have you heard about Hurts or Burrow or Allen and perhaps others. Way more impact on the game than Parsons.

  7. Nick Bosa, Micah Parsons, Chris Jones, Matt Judon, Maxx Crosby – best 5 defenders in the game this year

  8. I appreciate and respect everyone’s remarks here (except for those made in support of Maxx Crosby. I mean, c’mon man), but I’m with mrjoseph. Except of course for that part about Maxx Crosby. HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND GO NINERS!!!

  9. Not a chance Bosa is the DPOY. Go back and watch the game v. the Chiefs. He was a total non-factor against the two worst starting tackles in the NFL. Every time the Chiefs ran a jet-sweep, he looked like he’d never seen it before.

  10. T.J. Watt and Bosa are right up there. There are a couple other guys that change the game, too.

  11. You could pick Bosa, Parsons or TJ Watt when he’s healthy – same kind of player, same disruptive force. All outstanding, but those freaks of nature do tend to have health issues.
    Jones, Judon and Crosby have all had good years as well but to win DPOY you typically need to be on a winning team. That eliminates Judon and Crosby. Donald – hard no.

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