Eagles did not slam the door on potential pursuit of OBJ

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Last year, when the midseason free-agency adventure of receiver Odell Beckham Jr. languished, we said this: Watch the Rams.

This year, as the midseason free-agency adventure of OBJ languishes, we said on Wednesday, “Watch the Eagles.”

The goal wasn’t to stir the pot and/or the shit. The goal was to analyze a situation and predict potential outcomes based on the available evidence.

Here’s how we got there. OBJ likely won’t be getting the multi-year deal he covets. His best play would be to sign a one-year deal and play now. If he does that, his best option would be to join a contender that is likely to play deep into the postseason, and that has the quarterback, the offense, the coaching staff, and the overall personnel to make it easier for Beckham to make an impact in the standalone postseason games.

If it all works, he sets himself up for a potentially large contract in free agency.

Under that standard, two teams stand out: Chiefs and Eagles.

The Chiefs had already been linked to Beckham. The Eagles hadn’t been. So I said, “Watch the Eagles.”

Some who cover the Eagles took my riffing to be reporting. The idea that we tossed into the ether became the proverbial turd plopped into the punchbowl. Players were asked about it, as if it were an actual report. Coach Nick Sirianni was asked about it, as if it were an actual report.

It wasn’t a report.

That said, Sirianni’s response was significant. In rattling off the virtues of his current receiver room, Sirianni at no pointed slammed the door on signing Beckham.

First of all, it’s not Sirianni’s call. He’s not the G.M. Second, if Beckham’s people contact the Eagles and offer to take a one-year deal for the prorated veteran minimum, how could they say no to that, especially if it means keeping him from the Giants or the Cowboys?

Third, any of the guys currently on the depth chart at receiver can be injured, at any point. Suddenly, a need for Beckham would emerge.

So, again, watch the Eagles. The longer this lasts, the greater the chance that the Eagles will swoop in and grab a guy who currently seems to be destined to land elsewhere.

31 responses to “Eagles did not slam the door on potential pursuit of OBJ

  1. Howie will make it happen. They have a Super Bowl caliber team to make a run. Number 1 seed. No brainer move for this year as an insurance policy to a Devonta Smith or AJ Brown injury, similar to what Rams pulled off last year when Woods went down.

  2. It would make zero sense for the Eagles to sign him. Unless there’s a major injury, I don’t see OBJ (coming off ACL) as an upgrade over the 4 receivers on the roster. He’s certainly not going to supplant A.J. Brown or Devonta Smith as WR1 or WR2. He doesn’t have the same speed as Quez Watkins to serve as a deep threat. And he certainly doesn’t have the willingness to fill the special teams & blocking roll that WR4 Zach Pascal gives you.

  3. SOMEONE PLEASE SIGN THE GUY, I am so tired of hearing about the wining and dining, good lord, he hasn’t been that good the last few years, even when he was healthy!


  4. I really doubt it. He’s pretty much just a name at this point, Eagles fans can’t stand him and we really don’t need receivers. Even if guys go down, I don’t know that bringing him in helps. I’d rather have a 49 year old TO than OBJ. Not kidding.

  5. OBJ will have no impact on the field this season. It took him 11 months to get on the field in 2021 after the previous ACL. So now, he’s going to get back on the field in ten months, a year older, with another ACL tear, and help a team as a 3rd WR? No chance.

  6. Is he worth the distraction? Would he become a team player in the short-term or would he be a “me” player?

  7. If AJ Brown or Devonta Smith got injured, yeah this move would make the most sense. As of right now, adding another WR who is going to take a roster spot away from a depth player or ST’er somewhere else doesn’t make the most sense right now.

    The SECOND a WR goes down with a multi-week injury…well, that’s different.

  8. I can definitely see Philly taking him. To the other guy, Pascal, being special teams he doesn’t really see a lot of play. What OBJ can then be used for is four WR formations, and plays where Quez is subbed out for a breather. Basically he’ll be 3b to Quez 3a. Based on his skillset he can actually be implemented into the team very seemlessly. Especially with how Jalen spreads the ball around it doesn’t force it to anybody.

  9. I disagree with Florio. OBJ should not sign a deal for only this year. He is 30 years old and has torn his ACL twice. If he signs a one year deal and tears his ACL again his career is likely over. If he can’t get a contact for more than this year he should just wait to sign a deal for next season and hope that a team will offer multiple years. He shouldn’t risk his potential future earnings just for a short term payoff this year without a guarantee for next season.

  10. if you think OBJ is the type of player who would accept a one year prorated veteran’s minimum “prove it” deal with anyone, regardless of how much sense it makes, then you must have not been paying attention.

  11. As an Eagles fan, let me say, not only would the fan base hate the move, our front office has a certain standard of intangibles they look for in a player, and OBJ is void of almost all of them.

  12. There is only 1 scenario where Beckham is an Eagle. If Brown or Smith got hurt before he signs AND Beckham can play this year, then Eagles would sign him.

  13. “if Beckham’s people contact the Eagles and offer to take a one-year deal for the prorated veteran minimum, how could they say no to that, especially if it means keeping him from the Giants or the Cowboys?”

    By your own previous comments, he’s unlikely to contribute meaningfully this year, and isn’t he also a bit of a diva in the locker room? Seems signing him would be a net negative.

  14. Quez Watkins is better than OBJ at this point. Don’t want that dorky diva in my Eagles locker room. Don’t do it Howie, he’s not worth it!!!

  15. So Beckham has 2 realistic options:
    1) sign a 1 year deal for the prorated veteran minimum and potentially play in the playoffs
    2) get completely healthy and sign a multi-year deal starting next year, probably at pretty decent money
    The risk with 1) is that he gets into game action too soon and is injured yet again. That puts a long term contract at risk for the short-term and the long term.

    How would 3 ACL injuries back-to-back-to-back look on his resume?

  16. If we drop a WR, We still have Devon on the roster, who is probably faster than 90% of the league and can stretch defenses. I’d rather see him get called up than OBJ with his bum knee truthfully.

  17. There’s no chance he takes a one year “prove it” deal, especially while he’s physically unable to prove anything. He’s better off waiting until next year when he’s fully healed and can at least run routes for perspective suitors.

  18. Feels like someone banging two puzzle pieces together to force the conclusion to fit. Nothing here is a logical and all is speculation. Suh and Joseph made sense with injuries and rotation of DL, OBJ does not make sense as an Eagle in almost every multi-verse.

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