Mike McDaniel: Everything that went wrong against 49ers wasn’t a direct result of Tua Tagovailoa

Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears
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Given his success in 2022, Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa had an uncharacteristically poor performance against the 49ers last week.

He finished 18-of-33 for 295 yards with two touchdowns, a pair of interceptions, and a lost fumble. Tagovialoa hadn’t thrown an interception since September. He hadn’t had a game with multiple giveaways since the Week Two victory over Baltimore.

On Wednesday, head coach Mike McDaniel was asked what Tagovailoa needs to do this week to get back on track against the Chargers on Sunday.

“I think this is such a cool opportunity for each and every player that this is part of the NFL experience, is you can have some hot streaks where you’re doing well more often than not, and then you can have a game that there’s a lot more plays that you’d like to have back,” McDaniel said. “From a football perspective, that’s not — everything that went wrong wasn’t a direct result of the quarterback. It never is exactly like that. However, we all know that he wants to play as well as he can and he thinks that he could have done better in that game.

“So that is life in the NFL and whether you have seven Super Bowl rings or you haven’t been to a playoff game yet or you’re a rookie, you’re a 10-year vet, you’re a five-year vet; you will always — player, coach, anybody involved — be going through that experience, so that it is not something that, hey, it doesn’t happen to the best ones ever to do it. Every person has to go through that and so your objective is to get better from it, and that’s the world we live in.”

San Francisco is the league’s best defense, as the team is No. 1 in yards allowed and points allowed. So if there’s any opponent that would cause Tagovailoa to struggle, it’s the 49ers. McDaniel noted it’s a unit that has been together for a while and good defenses make QBs fit passes into smaller windows.

“I think the way we look at it is you want to be able to do well against good defenses,” McDaniel said. “That’s the objective if you’re trying to be great yourself. And they force you to truly execute and if you’re not on, they make you pay, in which case they did this past game.”

Tagovailoa still leads the league in passer rating (112.0), yards per attempt (9.0), yards per completion (13.2), and touchdown rate (6.6 percent). With the Dolphins taking on a Chargers team that’s No. 26 in yards allowed and No. 30 in points allowed on Sunday, there’s a solid chance Tagovailoa will get back on track.

23 responses to “Mike McDaniel: Everything that went wrong against 49ers wasn’t a direct result of Tua Tagovailoa

  1. The annual Miami Dolphin December death spiral has begun.
    They will finish no better than 10-7 and miss the playoffs as always.
    Once again Tua fails miserably on the big stage late in the season.

  2. But perfect72 said on December 1, 2022@ 9:00pm….”niners fans get your excuses ready when the Dolphins kick your team up and down the field.”

  3. Truly elite QBs don’t get these excuses. Give us the same line when things go well for Tua.

  4. If you go back and watch the game again, the Dolphins would have been in it if Tua wasn’t so insanely inaccurate.

  5. Top rated defenses can make the elite look average, and above average look bad. Tua didn’t look bad. He looked below average. So he is somewhere between elite and above average. The ‘phins are destined for a wildcard spot. I am not a ‘phins phan, but I actually think they could get to the second round. Most of the AFC contenders do not have great defenses.

  6. Tua has been great this year and the 49ers defense is elite. Let’s not read too much into one game.

  7. Get a little bit of pressure on Tua and he shows you who he is. The Gonzaga schedule helped as did the fact they front loaded games in Miami when the heat and the stadium configuration kills everyone. To all you Tua supporters please stop showing your ignorance and lack of understanding of the position.

  8. McClown is trying to save Tua even as he throws him to the wolves when he isn’t ready to play healthwise. This coach is a genuine piece of work.

  9. So Tua had an off game….without 3 of his 5 starting O-line out, and help from the refs REWATCH THE GAME!!
    No excuses tho.
    He was probably worried about Bosa playing dirty and hitting him below the knees (again)

  10. Tua has been playing exceptionally well this year, kudos to him.
    Even the great QBs have bad games and no matter how bad it was, this was just one game. Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, Jalen Hurts, etc have all had games this year where they didn’t play their best. Tua’s bad game happened to be against the league’s #1 defense.
    This is a learning opportunity for him, playing better opponents during the regular season should improve his game for the playoffs.

  11. The kid is having a better season than Rodger, Brady, Herbert, and Wilson, but the critics continue to make silly comments backed by hyperbolic observations and now debunked criticisms.

  12. McDaniel is right. The main reason that Tua looked so bad is the Niners defense.

    And whining about the refs is just sad.

  13. The two picks were bad. The last fumble was in mop up duty with the game out of reach. Most of his missed throws were with a clean pocket and an open receiver. These are correctable mistakes. They looked all out of sorts on offense yet they still were within striking distance. Mortimer may be jumping off the bandwagon but this teams not done. Good QBs bounce back after bad games, this is Tua’s chance to show that. Fins Up!

  14. =============================================
    billshistorian says:
    December 8, 2022 at 11:25 am

    Truly elite QBs don’t get these excuses. Give us the same line when things go well for Tua.

    They do! When Tua has a good day, you always hear them talking up the receivers, OL, and even the running game (Cleveland) when it applied.

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