Nick Chubb: We can’t go on what we did in the past against Cincinnati

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns
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For whatever reason, the Browns have had the Bengals’ number in recent years.

Cleveland has won the last five over Cincinnati, including a 32-13 victory on Monday night earlier this year. Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is 0-4 in his starts against the club.

If you go back farther, the Browns have won eight of the last nine against their division rival.

As one of the best running backs in the league, Nick Chubb has been a significant part of those victories. In eight games against the Bengals, Chubb has rushed for at least 100 yards five times. Earlier this season, he had 101 yards with a pair of touchdowns. His best game was last season, when he put up 137 yards on 14 carries with two TDs in a 41-16 victory in Cincinnati.

But as Chubb said on Wednesday, every game is different. And Sunday’s game in Cincinnati will be a different test.

“It’s a new game,” Chubb said, via Chris Easterling of the Akron Beacon Journal. “It’s a new week. We can’t go on what we did in the past. We have to look at it as today and right now. All that happened in the past, it doesn’t do anything for us now, so come in today and get back to work.”

Chubb also noted he’s sure the Bengals will be out for a bit of revenge.

Cincinnati is playing its best football of the season, having won four in a row against the Panthers, Steelers, Titans, and Chiefs after the Halloween loss to Cleveland. We’ll see if Burrow and company can come out on top or if Chubb and the Browns will keep their win streak alive on Sunday.

13 responses to “Nick Chubb: We can’t go on what we did in the past against Cincinnati

  1. Well if Watson keeps killing worms with his throws in the ground, the Browns will definitely be on the losing side of this game!!

  2. It’s too bad the NFL can’t be full of Nick Chubbs, as opposed to irrelevant players seeking attention by going on a free agency tour.

  3. I mean yeah they can the Bengals defense is weak against the run Chubb should be able to do the same thing he did against them earlier in the year. Burrow does not do well against pressure up the middle so make sure Garrett gets after him a couple of times and the Browns should have another upset victory. 24 to 21 Browns only way Browns lose is because of Watson.

  4. Bengals defense is not weak against the run when NT DJ Reader is healthy, which he is now. In the 6 games he has played they allowed less than 100 yards rushing in 4 of those games and just over 100 yards in the other two. They just held Derrick Henry to 38 yards two weeks ago. Run D will be okay.

  5. if the browns have a 100-150 yd plus game on the ground they win and they’ll win convincingly. string drives together and keep burrow on the sidelines. browns’ secondary can match up with the bengals well and their offensive line while playing better still has to prove they can keep joe upright. should be a good game

  6. Bengals have beat the Chiefs in three consecutive games but have lost five straight to the Browns.
    This is the kind of wackiness that I love about the NFL.

  7. Cleveland just matches up really well against Cincinnati. Ward also has Chase’s number (from last year)

  8. Depends on which Watson shows up. Who ever wins the turnover battle will win this game.

  9. It’s sad to say that every Browns fan knows already, there will be heavy involvement from the Refs to make sure Cincy wins this game. The Browns better account for this and win by a margin that takes the Refs out of the game.

  10. LOL, considering the Browns have won 5 in a row over the Bengals, the refs must be REALLY bad at fixing games.

  11. Browns O line hasn’t been very good since Pocic (center) went on IR. Hopefully they get that fixed.

  12. Watson won’t be in top form, but he’ll be much better than last week (he’d have to be, right?). I’m not sure his improvement will be enough, though.

    The Browns need a game where O, D and ST ALL step up. Last week, D and ST did step up, but the Bengals are a little better than the Texans, I think.

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