Republican version of Oversight Committee report takes aim at Bruce Allen

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Former Washington executive Bruce Allen may soon be rethinking his membership in the Republican Party.

The GOP’s version of the House Oversight Committee report regarding an extensive investigation of the Washington Commanders takes aim at Allen, arguing at pages four and five that a properly thorough investigation of the situation would have included a “full examination” of Allen’s role in the establishment and maintenance of a hostile and toxic workplace.

Here’s the full quote from the Republican response, a copy of which PFT has obtained: “A scrupulous investigation which seeks to ‘fully understand this workplace conduct’ would have required Committee Democrats to investigate the conduct of the Team President and General Manager, Bruce Allen, because he was in leadership during the height of the alleged misconduct. Unfortunately, when Committee Democrats had the opportunity to ask Allen questions on September 6, 2022, under subpoena, they failed to address any of the racist, misogynistic, homophobic, or otherwise incredibly offensive emails sent to and from Allen’s work account. Allen’s participation in, and perpetuation of, a hostile work environment at the Team cannot be ignored. If the Committee Democrats’ investigation was indeed about the Team’s workplace misconduct, how could it ignore the conduct of one of the Team’s top executives? It again raises the bigger question, why did Committee Democrats spend such vast amounts of time, effort, and resources investigating a professional football team? Considering Committee Democrats’ failure to address obvious workplace misconduct of the Team President and General Manager, we are attaching 57 emails and documents sent outside the organization to highlight the obvious failure of Committee Democrats’ investigation to be full and complete. These emails show that under Allen’s leadership there was a toxic workplace — one that has since been reformed based on independent third-party reviews of the team’s culture. Committee Democrats have not identified or presented any similar emails or documents identifying any racist, misogynistic, or homophobic behavior from Dan Snyder.”

Attached to the report are many emails. Several of them were leaked to the media in October 2021, resulting in the forced resignation of then-Raiders coach Jon Gruden. The emails attached to the GOP report also include Allen sending photos of naked women to Gruden and others, including Reliaquest Bowl president/CEO Jim McVay, the uncle of Rams coach Sean McVay.

The overriding objective of the Republican members of the Committee seems to be to argue that Allen was the problem, not Snyder, and that the Committee didn’t spend enough time investigating Allen, because it was focused on taking down Snyder.

In so doing, the GOP report potentially ensures that neither Allen nor Gruden will ever have a job in the NFL again.

34 responses to “Republican version of Oversight Committee report takes aim at Bruce Allen

  1. I can’t speak for their motivation, but why wasn’t Allen more scrutinized? I think they have a point.

  2. Exactly. And that is why Dan Snyder fired the guy. Not sure what else you want Dan to do to the culprit.

  3. Bruce Allen was sending out nudes via his company email to a bunch of high-level people. No words. He shouldn’t have a job again just for being that stupid.

  4. To me it is a shame to the NFL for dragging its feet in not cleaning its own house. Now they’ll finally act, but only after governmental oversight. The fans of Washington D.C. deserve so much better. Snyder literally ruined a revered NFL franchise. A sad state of affairs…

  5. I’m surprised they didn’t just blame it all on Jon Gruden. “Nothing to see here, folks! Let the oligarchs rule!”

  6. If players can’t gamble on the games, owners shouldn’t be allowed to make political contributions to parties to look the other way at their crimes. Snyder has been using Bruce Allen as the scapegoat since this all hit the fan. It’s not that Allen isn’t complicit, but Snyder has full culpability here. To know there is something legitimate to go after (such as the consumer protection issues of him keeping ticket money), but can donate to politicians to cover it up, isn’t good for “the shield”. The league needs better control over the owners!

  7. Adding juiced words to make their point, such as “incredibly offensive emails” and “vast amounts of time” just serves to make the report sound biased and unprofessional. I could take it more seriously if they just wrote it factually, instead of slanting the rhetoric to make sure they painted the opposition in the worst light possible.

  8. The alleged absence of Snyder emails is irrelevant. There are multiple accounts of Snyder participating in the degradation of Washington’s cheerleaders, including one documented instance of assualt.

  9. skoldaddy2020 says:
    December 8, 2022 at 12:37 pm
    Congress is wasting their time investigating this because…?

    Perhaps you missed the earlier article regarding one piece of legislation protecting sexual harassment victims that has already passed as a result of this investigation.

  10. Not saying Allen wasn’t part of the problem but Allen isn’t a billionaire writing donation checks with several zeros to campaign funds.

    I didn’t see in that response anywhere where they disputed Snyder’s personal participation in the toxic workplace only that they haven’t seen any incriminating emails which is incredibly narrow. In fact Snyder’s name is only mentioned once in the entire document, at the end. I suppose the Republicans will just have to rely on witness testimony of Snyder’s misconduct and the various lawsuits and the documentation that accompanies them.

    They didn’t address testimony or the lawsuits? Just the emails? Money well spent.

  11. This is what’s most likely what happened: Dan Snyder wanted to get Bruce out without paying so he leaked the emails. Obviously, obviously, Roger was in on it and happened to see what Jon referred to him as, that’s when Jon was also taken out.

  12. So Snyder should get a pass? Snyder is directly responsible for the employees that work for him.

  13. obviously Snyder it a bigger donor to Republicans than Allen, which is the common sense interpretation of this report.

  14. “The league needs better control over the owners!”

    I guess you don’t understand who owns the league.

  15. Democrats.Republicans.Special Interests Groups.Lobbyists.Enablers.

    Yep, alot of people to truly trust.

  16. “I thought they were getting rid of the commanders investigation?”

    Spoiler alert:” That’s exactly what they’re doing. Hang Allen and deflect Dirty Dan. This in’t rocket science, protect the billionaires and crucify the peons. Not saying Allen isn’t involved but Dirty Dan is completely ignored on purpose.

  17. Democrats.Republicans.Special Interests Groups.Lobbyists.Enablers.

    Yep, alot of people to truly trust.
    You forgot the biggest enabler of them all….the mainstream liberal media!
    MSM plays both sides at all times and uses info to its advantage for both profit and political gain.
    Especially when it comes to sports.

  18. Sounds to me like they were also providing some much needed balance to the report. Both sides of the aisle probably had their targets, but if both actually worked together they might have found a balanced answer.

  19. I dont like Snyder – but who cares? Hes really bad at everything ranging from building a winning team, to hiring decent people.

    Why does Congress care about this?

  20. I am sure my teachers are cringing when I ask this, but why do sports fall under congressional oversite. Why did congress investigate steroids in baseball, spygate, the WFT, etc. Should this just be handle by business that create the rules and if the laws of the united states are broken the DOJ?

  21. The owner wasn’t responsible. It was his buddy that he hired. So what was the problem the 20 years before Allen got hired? These people should be ashamed to have put this out, but I know they’re not.

  22. “Republican version. Democratic version. So sick of Congress.”

    Agreed. But that’s for us old heads to think like that.
    Nowadays it’s unethical to NOT view anything without some sort of bipolarized political lenses. 😒

  23. So basically what the Republicans are suggesting is that 40 former employees who have made allegations of sexual harassment and mistreatment on the job against Snyder directly simply got it wrong and should have implicated Allen? How exactly does somebody get confused on who mistreated them ?!?!?!? Are we honestly supposed to believe that the former female employee who alleged Snyder asked for sex, groped her and attempted to remove her clothes on the team plane was somehow Allen’s fault? Or settling with the Cheerleaders for $2 million and claim he had no knowledge??? I’m not even remotely suggesting Allen is innocent. I’m just saying it’s a blatant attempt to deflect away from Snyder and make Allen the scapegoat. The irony is that’s exactly the way it was before the committee got involved and it’s exactly the same after the committee got involved.

  24. The simple fact of the matter is that the rich owners who run the league have the power to hire/fire the commish not the other way around, otherwise the usual suspect list of lousy owners n worse human beings would be gone or well in the process of there of … but with franchise values being wot they are n the small handful of folks who can afford them should they even care too …. well lets just say more than a handful of present and future owners did not get their wealth outside of mommy n daddy by being standup citizens or respectful n nice.

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