Thursday Night Football: Baker Mayfield leads Rams to storybook, last-second win over Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Rams
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Baker Mayfield must have gotten up Thursday feeling dangerous.

Two days after the Rams claimed him off waivers, Mayfield led them to an improbable, unbelievable last-second, 17-16 victory over the Raiders.

Welcome to Hollywood!

The Raiders snapped their three-game winning streak, as they blew another double-digit fourth quarter lead. Seven of the Raiders’ eight losses were by one possession.

This one was a big blow to the Raiders’ playoff hopes — or what they had left of them — as they fell to 5-8.

The Rams broke their six-game losing streak with a quarterback who is on his third team this year. The Browns traded Mayfield to the Panthers this summer, but he lasted only five months there before Carolina waived him. The Rams were the only team that claimed him as they have been hard hit by injuries at the position.

The script wrote itself Thursday.

Los Angeles trailed 16-3 in the fourth quarter but scored two touchdowns in the final 3:19. Cam Akers scored on a 1-yard run, and, after the Raiders punted on fourth-and-one, the Rams took over at their own 2-yard line with 1:45 left.

No timeouts. Ninety-eight yards to go. No problem.

Mayfield completed the eight-play drive with 10 seconds left, throwing a 23-yard touchdown pass to Van Jefferson.

The Raiders helped with two costly penalties on back-to-back plays. Cornerback Amik Robertson was penalized for a 12-yard pass interference that negated an interception by safety Duron Harmon. Then, on the next play, Jerry Tillery was called for unsportsmanlike conduct for slapping the ball out of Mayfield’s hands with the clock running on a sack by Maxx Crosby and Chandler Jones. It not only gave the Rams 15 yards but stopped the clock.

Mayfield finished 22-of-35 for 230 yards and a touchdown. Ben Skowronek caught seven passes for 89 yards, including a 32-yarder following the Raiders’ back-to-back penalties that had the Rams believing.

Mayfield didn’t start — otherwise, he would have been the team’s fourth starter in four weeks — but John Wolford played only the opening series. Wolford entered questionable with a neck injury.

Despite suffering a hand injury early on in the second half, Josh Jacobs carried the load for Las Vegas. He was able to return after briefly going to the locker room for further examination and finished with 99 yards on 27 carries with a touchdown.

Jacobs opened the scoring with a 1-yard touchdown in the first quarter. The Raiders then added a pair of field goals on their next two drives. While they had a shot at scoring again before halftime, a Derek Carr interception in the end zone kept them off the board.

Carr ended the game with an interception with two seconds left.

He went 11-of-20 for 137 yards and a 36.9 passer rating, with Davante Adams catching three passes for 71 yards.

The Raiders had 20 yards in the fourth quarter, including only 4 passing yards, and one first down. The Rams had 144 of their 282 total yards in the fourth quarter.

98 responses to “Thursday Night Football: Baker Mayfield leads Rams to storybook, last-second win over Raiders

  1. aidering never gets old. How bad are you that you can’t beat a depleted Rams team with a QB that’s been there for about 24 hours. Herstreet said the raiders dominated the game…. By doing what they exactly? Scoring 1 TD and 3 field goals? Too funny!!

  2. Watching this game, was like sitting in traffic and you see a crash ahead… you finally make it up to the wreck and the car is absolutely totaled. No way anyone survived that crash… and then the person just climbs out of the wreck… wipes their pants off twice and says… “Yeesh… that was crazy…”

    And then you drive off wondering… wth did I just see?

  3. Carr threw for 137 yards and he’s been with his team for years. Mayfield threw for over 200 has been with his team for hours….

  4. The Refs tonight were criminal, 3 plays in a row that 2nd to last drive Crosby was held (literally tackled twice), the Tutu pass int was uncatchable and he drew the contact. Refs got the opportunity to end the Raiders season and they did. Only to make it worse was Mcdaniels was back to his normal self with terrible playcalls: constant reverses, brain dead on 3rd and 2, throwing 20 yard fades and a terrible fb dive with jacobs. And of course for the 100th time this year Webb gets roasted (cut him). I was almost on the train, way to blow the season, Fire Mcdaniels.

  5. Lol, wow. That has to be the best Thursday night game this season. No horse in the race, but that was entertaining.

  6. Ok can we FINALLY put to bed any idea that the Raiders are going to make a ‘playoff run’? They just lost a depleted Rams team with a QB that couldn’t stick with the Panthers.

  7. Baker’s signature win!
    That was amazing!
    Don’t worry coach McDaniels, BB has a job for you next season.

  8. Tony Gonzalez talking about how Baker “keeps getting second chances” is solidly ignorant considering his second ever landing spot was the Panthers. A very bad version of the Panthers. And he just played in his first game for his third team. Raiders did solidly fold though.

  9. Baker Mayfield with 48 hours prep and no Cooper Kupp looked pretty darn good. And Josh McDaniels is just not getting it done.

  10. Raiders only had roughly 10 passing yards the entire second half. Unbelievable. They thought the game was over at half time.

    It felt like it was just run-run-pass-punt every series.

    This was a Nathan Hackett level loss after it looked like the Raiders had turned their season around.

  11. Either Josh McDaniels totally blew the play calling in the second half or the game was rigged.

  12. That was the most embarrassing performance I’ve ever witnessed. Rams missing their best receiver, best defensive lineman, with a QB that just joined the team 2 days ago. Wow just flat out terrible on all levels.

  13. What an absolutely awful penalty by Tillery! How do you take that penalty with your team fighting for a stop? Unbelievable.

  14. What is good for the Rams is good for the Chargers and bad for the Lions (and the for the Raiders).

  15. Ya, refs could’ve called a hold on Crosby on that last drive. But the raiders could’ve scored more than 16 points against a depleted Rams team. Or maybe played just a little defense to stop a QB that’s been with the team for 48 hours. So I see your 1 play, and raise you 25 others that the raiders should be embarrassed by.

  16. Why do the media desperately want to make Baker relevant in the NFL. Baker is average at best, he is not a game changer. Raiders defense sucks and the refs helped the rams tonight

  17. Mcdaniels offense is truly terrible. He refuses to let Carr audible at the line of scrimmage only letting him flip it or shift protections. Forcing him to throw to the key receiver when others are open. His ego has destroyed this football team.

  18. Love it! Cleveland sends him to Carolina late to hinder his progress & then this! Love a guy that bets on himself, overcomes the odds & is humble, hopefully this last part has been learned!

  19. Oh No!
    Does this mean the incessant ‘at home with Baker Mayfield’ commercials will rear their ugly heads again?

  20. Number 90 Tillery for the Raiders blew the game with a selfish unsportsmanlike penalty after Mayfield was sacked deep in Rams territory. Time is running out so you think walking over and slapping the ball out Mayfield hand would be a good idea. The guy should benched for the next game. Just can’t believe a player would do such a dumb thing when the Raiders most likely would have won, instead it’s first down and an extra 15 yards.

  21. That was amazing! I love the fight the Rams showed – never giving up even though we were behind and our season is basically over. Baker Mayfield has been a Ram for less than 48 hours when the game started? And he did that!

    After Cam Akers scored I started getting my hopes up. When we shut down the Raiders, despite a great 2nd down run by Jacobs, I started believing. And then the Raiders started shooting themselves in the foot with stupid penalties. Honestly, they gift-wrapped this game and gave it to us.

    Loved Sean McVay’s facial expression when we scored the last touchdown. Loved Baker Mayfiend headbutting his teammates!

    Rams House!

  22. Wow losing to a QB who was cut and practiced two days and blew the doors off your team.
    The irony, McVie is having the same problem as his younger protege, once the QB sucks, the defense goes to hell and everything else gets rolled up because you have no answers.

  23. It’ll be funny if the Rams found their successor to Stafford on the waiver wire for squat.

  24. Everyone but Derek Carr will get blamed for the loss but he’s the problem. I don’t understand why he always gets a free pass. He’s a one read QB with a noodle arm.

  25. THAT was one of the greatest performances by a player ever. Kicked to the curb and then leads a depleted team a 98 yard winning drive with no TOs against a high pressure D-line. Incredible. That was a true character performance by Baker. Glad his commercials will still be on!

  26. Bill Bellichick said it best: Don’t play stupid players. We saw that in person tonight. Tillery.

  27. What happens to defensive coordinators brains the last 3 minutes of a game ,some research needs to be done !

  28. Finally, an interesting Thursday night game!!!!!

    I hate the Rams but found myself cheering for them at the end.

  29. Great performance by Baker but this game is more about how inept Derek Carr is. He is not a top 15 QB. I’d argue he is below 20

  30. I’m no baker fan, but happy to see him have a finish like that. Raiders could not put the game away and baker is good enough to take advantage.

  31. Are the Raiders ready to cut Tillery yet? The guys a fool . Wth is wrong with that man ? 4th quarter, almost get the win and then ….slap

    A bust and a dumbass

  32. Raiders need to replace Rich Gannon. Can’t win without a Franchise QB. CARR is DONE. Time to move on.

  33. Most Raider loss ever. Clown show franchise from top to bottom. Karma for telling city after city they aren’t good enough for them. People who continue to support these traitors get exactly what they deserve, which is loss after loss like tonight.

  34. McDaniels went so conservative in the 2nd half (usually it’s the 1st half) that he blew the game. Run right, run left, run up the middle.

  35. Amazing! Story book. Good for Baker. Bad for coaches. Win or lose, a coach ages about five years in games like this.

  36. How can you not root for Baker? I had no dog in the fight, and I jumped out of my chair and yelled “it’s a Mayfield Miracle.” That guy is all heart!!

  37. Carr’s record setting continues! Most lost by a QB in NFL history after five years, six years, seven years… He’s incredible.

  38. I clowned the rams with this pickup. I find them, their lack of fans, the multi color numbers, the ugly field turf annoying and terrible. I think I hate them really. St Louis Rams were way cooler. ANYway, all that being said, good for freaking Baker. Can’t hate on that. Guy had prob all of a day to study playbook. Don’t think very highly of him either, but I’d like to think I give respect when it’s due. Very impressive what he did. Sometimes as a fan you just gotta hold that L and tip your cap

  39. I gotta tip my hat to Baker, he showed more tonight than I thought he had in him. The things the announcers were saying ad nauseam about how challenging his situation was that game were still legit points. So Im not sold on one game, but still interested as hell to see what it looks like after 11 days off to get reps and practice in.

  40. funniest announcer quote of the night…”…and the Raiders who have not stopped a first and goal in 14 years let another one get in”.

  41. nagyisterrible says:
    December 8, 2022 at 11:48 pm
    Everyone but Derek Carr will get blamed for the loss but he’s the problem. I don’t understand why he always gets a free pass. He’s a one read QB with a noodle arm.


    Tillary has entered the chat.

  42. eddie1mac says:
    December 8, 2022 at 11:41 pm

    Why do the media desperately want to make Baker relevant in the NFL. Baker is average at best, he is not a game changer. Raiders defense sucks and the refs helped the rams tonight

    Thumbs down? Baker is below average, he’s a backup QB. Was not impressed with him or Brady. They got a ton of calls and they don’t have crap to lose. Some people are just so easily impressed.

  43. What an awesome win for the Rams and Baker. Also, thanks goodness that Rams leadership had the incite to use their waiver to claim Baker and for the incompetence of the San Francisco 49er’s of Santa Clara to not use theirs. More evidence that Rams leadership will right this ship and Clara leadership has them rudderless in the fog.

  44. Carr is a bonehead. Just accept it Raiders fans. Any “game manager” would have put that game away by halftime tonight, but you love your gunslinger who cries at the podium and throws idiotic picks.

    McDaniels can’t wait to shed that clown.

  45. The other night a running back went out of bounds short of the first down marker and cost his team the game. Tonight a player cost his team the game by slapping the ball out of the QB’s hands. I believe that both coaches should be fired right then and there or at least each player cut. Conduct detrimental to the team. Totally. I am glad that the Raiders lost – I am a fan of Davante ( ridiculous catches again) but not a fan of throwup Carr – I mean throw it up Carr nor their totally overrated and once again underperforming coach. And dont worry Baker got away with throwing the ball into coverage again – and was bailed out by fantastic catches – but that will catch up with him – and let him enjoy his 2 minutes of fame.

  46. Time to cut Derek Carr. Gonna pay this guy 40 million in 2023. No way. Cut him tomorrow. It’s not gonna happen. Move on or throw 2023 down the toilet. Draft anyone. Sign a veteran QB. Give anyone a chance but not Carr. It’s over.

  47. Chose now Mike Davis. Head coach or QB. Let’s see QB always fails, always. Head Coach needs a real chance a real QB. Sign Baker for 10 million and cut Carr 40 million. Carr cannot handle pressure plain and simple. Not gonna change a decade later. Get Baker, get Garappolo, get a 99 year old Brady, but DON’T bring back CARR!

  48. So Raiders have lost this year to a high school football coach and a guy on a team 24 hours.

    PITTS or SF should sign a guy out of the stands 20 minutes before kickoff to complete the cycle … it’s too bad they don/t play HOU, that would be the perfect capper, it’s tied 0-0, with 2 seconds left, HOU gets a safety to win 2-0.

  49. keithmillardloveshardees says:
    Tony Gonzalez talking about how Baker “keeps getting second chances” is solidly ignorant considering his second ever landing spot was the Panthers.
    I agree, but for context Gonzalez brought that up because Sherman was making a stink earlier this week about Mayfield and Russ. Sherman is still mad that Sherman was caught lying about Baker refusing to shake his hand.

    Its not Bakers fault that Sherman lied, and was caught on video.

  50. Raiders coaches should keep film of this game. Show it to the team to remind them not to embarrass themselves again. And again. And again.

  51. This was a really impressive night for Baker Mayfield, whose year has been pretty depressing until now. U’m glad for him.

  52. Good for Baker. I didn’t think he was capable of putting together 98 yard game winning drive even once. But before we make him the next Joe Montana let’s remember that he was the worst QB in the league for the panthers (18.4 QBR) with decent talent around him. If you can’t do it consistently it doesn’t matter. Carson Wentz also occasionally looks competent (more often than Mayfield) and that’s why he gets chance after chance. But Baker cleared a super low bar tonight. Good for him.

  53. Maybe this proves that OTAs and mini-camps and training camp and preseason don’t really matter all that much.

  54. Crosby wasn’t being held for two straight downs, he was tackled for two straight downs. The refs tried to make a game of it I guess.

    Tillery can not be on the team tomorrow.

  55. In a span of roughly 72 hours, Dennis Allen’s current team and his former team find a way to blow 16-3 leads. You can’t make this stuff up.
    Letting Brady come back on you is one thing, but Mayfield is another.

  56. J-O-S-H freaking M-C-D-A-N-I-E-L-S! I mean, how bad do you have to be as a HC to get fired? And what is the statistical probability of the AFC West hiring two of the most historically inept HC’s in one offseason? Derek Carr looks worse than usual and Russell Wilson can’t score 10 points. This has become a case-study in bad management

  57. It’s going to be very amusing, watching the reactions from Skip, Shannon and Cowherd tomorrow.

  58. Raiders bought their game plan from the saints. Blow a 16-3 4th quarter lead. Both did a falcon cover.

  59. Let’s sum up the raiders season, shall we?

    They lost to a team who had installed a TV analyst with no relevant coaching experience as their head coach, who started a 37 year old QB that hadn’t played in 4 weeks. This was at home. Also, as history as shown, Jeff Saturday is not some kind of coaching genius who was overlooked by everyone; as it turns out, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    They lost to a Rams team decimated by injuries who was starting a QB that had literal hours to learn the system, a QB who the Panthers released due to lack of talent and performance.

    I know there are worse franchises record-wise; Houston comes to mind. At least we know what Houston is doing- lose as much as possible and get the best QB in the draft. It isn’t pretty, but it’s a plan, and it will probably work. I have no clue what the Raiders plan is. One accidental playoff appearance aside, this is a middling, rudderless franchise that leaves you wondering every week in what new, creative way are they going to lose.

  60. Josh Mcdaniels genius is just a figment of the media’s imagination.
    He was rubbish the last 3 seasons at the Pats and he’s even worse as a Coach.

  61. senatorblutarski says:
    December 8, 2022 at 12:58 pm
    Go Bake! You’re in the right town for a story book game.

    As predicted!

  62. McDaniels is an OC, not a HC, we have seen this movie before, it’s obvious. The problem for Raiders fans is that they really cant (literally) afford to fire him.

    Carr was dreadful, hes had a lot of bad games this year where he made incredibly poor decisions. Jacobs is the lone bright spot this year and they are running him into the ground, i hope he finds a good home after the season because that guy is a strong runner and can break long runs..imagine him on a balanced and better offense…wow..

    I dont want to hear about injuries either, they just let a guy drive 98yds for the winning score, whose only been with the team for less than 2 days, with NO WEAPONS, and a banged up D.

    Pathetic by the Raiders. This might be the nail in the coffin for their playoff hopes. THey have Patriots, Steelers, 49ers and Chiefs to end the season….OUCH

  63. This has become a weekly occurrence in the NFL now which they love. The defense is at such a disadvantage amongst all the other things like non calls by refs which change the game. I can remember super bowl 10 with 1:45 left in the game the announcers were heading down to
    winning super bowl teams locker room because they felt the game was over lol. How the game has changed. Now days all you need is 15 seconds and a couple of time outs.

  64. The very same media types who have been disrepecting Baker Mayfield all season are the same people who are using him for online content and profit.

  65. Don’t blame McDaniels when your supposedly franchise QB throws two costly picks during the game. Derek Carr’s time in Vegas is up. McDaniels will draft his guy.

  66. Never underestimate what a boost in confidence can do. Baker has always had the talent to play the position – who’s to say what this can do for him. He deserved better than what he got from Cleveland – let’s see if he can use this spark.

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