Time is running out on holiday Playmakers deal


December is the month for extreme procrastination.

How long can I wait to mail that package? How long can I wait to buy a tree? How long can I wait to go shopping for my spouse?

Are any stores open on Christmas morning?

One specific store is closing soon. If you want to get a free, personalized (up to 10 words), signed bookplate to add inside the front cover of Playmakers as a gift for someone else or yourself before December 25, you’ve got three days left.

The offer goes away on Sunday, December 11. If you buy the book and sign up for the free, signed, personalized bookplate before then, you’ll have it by December 23.

Do it now. Right now.

As an inducement to get you to do it now, we’re posting a Christmas novel, one chapter per day, throughout December. It’s free, whether you buy Playmakers or not. Which probably isn’t the best way to get you to buy Playmakers, since you don’t have to do anything to read it.

But read it anyway. It’s not horrible, in my own inherently objective assessment of the crap I write in my spare time down in the barn.

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