Travis Kelce closing in on seventh consecutive 1,000-yard season

Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals
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Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce already owns the NFL record for 1,000-yard seasons by a tight end, but he’s threatening to put that record out of reach.

Kelce has 968 receiving yards this season, so if he adds 32 more on Sunday against the Broncos, he’ll reach 1,000 on the year. That would make 2022 Kelce’s seventh 1,000-yard season, having reached that milestone every year since 2016.

Not only does Kelce have the record, but no other tight end is close: Tony Gonzalez, Jason Witten and Rob Gronkowski each had four 1,000-yard seasons, which is the second-most for a tight end in NFL history.

George Kittle and Darren Waller each have two 1,000-yard seasons, and no other active tight end has more than one. Kittle probably won’t reach 1,000 yards this season and Waller certainly won’t, which means it will be five years before anyone even has a chance to catch Kelce’s record — and by that point, Kelce will probably have more than seven 1,000-yard seasons.

With 9,974 receiving yards in his career, Kelce is likely to top 10,000 career yards on Sunday. Only four other tight ends — Gonzalez, Witten, Antonio Gates and Shannon Sharpe — have reached 10,000 career yards.

The 33-year-old Kelce looks like he has a few more good years left in him, and he’s playing with a future Hall of Fame quarterback in Patrick Mahomes, so by the time he’s done, Kelce may own every tight end receiving record.

12 responses to “Travis Kelce closing in on seventh consecutive 1,000-yard season

  1. Hope he does! I enjoy history being made and Mahomes to Kelce is a thing of beauty. Get ‘em fellas

  2. Cue the fans of Yesteryear’s team telling us how much better Gronkowski was as a blocker and therefore a better tight end than Kelce. Gronk was an overrated tight end who got famous because they won championships. If they hadn’t been a great team nobody would have heard of the guy. Kelce is dependable and Gronk couldn’t stay on the field. Kelce > Gronk by every imaginable measurement.

  3. Mahomes wouldn’t be as good without Kelce. Kelce is by far the best TE to play the game and he’s getting better with age! #Heights

  4. His dad put it best, after SB 54. “You’ve never been given your due.” True enough.

  5. Only here to see the first buffoon complaining “yea, but he can’t block”. He’s already top 5 all-time and if he stays healthy he may surpass Gonzalez’s numbers.

  6. Call him a WR, I bet less than 3 have 7, soon to be 8, consecutive 1,000 yard receiving years.

  7. The amazing thing about this record is that it means the guy was able to stay healthy for so long, despite the amount of contact he’s taken. I mean, he’s not the guy that runs out of bounds or falls to the ground. He’s avoided all the non-contact injuries, too. I’m not into comparing stats with other TEs to call one better than the other. Nobody has the same circumstances, and Kelce has the ideal spot. I like using the eyeball test. Kelce certainly passes that without much effort. I don’t know who’s the best TE of all time but to be mentioned in that conversation says enough.

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