Baker Mayfield: I don’t know if you could write it any better than that

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Rams
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What Baker Mayfield did on Thursday night was unprecedented.

The quarterback arrived in Los Angeles on Tuesday night after the Panthers waived him on Monday. He didn’t start, but he played every offensive snap after the Rams’ first drive in their game against the Raiders.

And then against all odds, he tossed a 23-yard touchdown pass to Van Jefferson with just 10 seconds left to beat Las Vegas 17-16.

It completed an eight-play, 98-yard drive that began with 1:45 on the clock — and Los Angeles didn’t have any timeouts.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, it was the longest touchdown drive that began in the last two minutes over the last 45 seasons — long before Mayfield or Rams head coach Sean McVay were even born.

“I don’t know if you could write it any better than that,” Mayfield said in his postgame press conference. “Obviously, we’d like to be a little bit more stress-free. But it’s a pretty damn good story. It’s special.”

Mayfield credited McVay, offensive coordinator Liam Coen, and quarterbacks coach Zac Robinson for getting him ready on such short notice. Mayfield noted Matthew Stafford, John Wolford, and Bryce Perkins were supportive as well.

He finished the game 22-of-35 for 230 yards with a touchdown. He completed passes to nine different receivers, with Ben Skowronek leading the team with seven catches for 89 yards.

Mayfield said his experience with so many different offensive systems hasn’t always been a positive for him, but it was this week.

“Sean’s protection scheme is similar to Bill Callahan’s, who I had in Cleveland,” Mayfield said. “So, the terminology with that, that knocks out a big chunk of the learning curve. And just trying to learn all the motions and the terminology for that — it’s tough. But those guys did a great job of helping me out, communicating with me when I got off the field on the sideline and just talking through the plays that were coming up.

“There were still definitely [what] looked like some rookie errors with formations and motions. Obviously, it hurt us late. It worked out, but not having the timeouts to call on defense, it came down to that third-and-1 stop. Defense did a hell of a job making that stop and giving us the ball back. There’s things that definitely need to be worked out, but those guys helped me out in this crash course.”

Mayfield, for instance, didn’t really know the cadence to spike the ball late in the game. The quarterback relayed that center Brian Allen yelled it at him as they were running down the field.

But it was a banner night for Mayfield, who will now presumably start the last four games of the season for Los Angeles.

“I’m just looking to be the best version of me possible,” Mayfield said. “Learning and improving in the system, trying to take away from a great group of guys who’ve had a lot of success. Obviously, the injuries — it’s tough. But just trying to learn from everybody here. Taking in as much as I can and let the pieces fall where they may.

“I can’t control the future. I know I have the next four games here. Trying to build on that and be the best version of me and improve.”

32 responses to “Baker Mayfield: I don’t know if you could write it any better than that

  1. Carr’s record setting continues! Most losses by a QB in NFL history after five years, six years, seven years… He’s incredible.

  2. Mayfield did throw some nice passes in this game. Maybe this will be the place for him. He was humiliated in Cleveland, Carolina was a mess but LA has warm weather and lots of bling.

  3. Raiders coach, QB, and fans … all terrible. Congrats Rams, you guys just beat a playoff .. pfft .. bound .. pfft .. team.. hahahaha.

  4. Storybook night for Mayfield. Nobody expected this to happen. I hope he keeps wearing #17.

  5. Right up their with Mark Sanchez beating Manning and Brady on the road in the playoffs and JaMarcus Russell beating Jon Grudens bucs to knock them out of the playoffs and costing Gruden his job in the QB bust Hall of fame. Congrats Bakers. You are gonna get another 2 coaches fired from this 17 point performance alone.

  6. Baker Mayfield reinvented? I like the apparent more humble attitude. Let’s hope it continues.

  7. Well well after kicking this cat all over the place just which team ending up with egg on their face huh n for all the previous times BM has stunk up the joint in the past for all his various distractors ….. for this and if it turns out to be his finest moment gotta give him momentary kudos n big points.

  8. Professional responses from baker. Keep doing this the rest of the season and he has a chance of finding a good situation next year. The broadcast mentioned it, but I didn’t know how much mcvay liked mayfield. Maybe he stays with the rams.

  9. So, Coach Wilks and all you Baker haters, do you think P.J. Walker or Darnold could have done that? Huh? Huh? That’s what I thought…

  10. Baker Mayfield: “I don’t know if you could write it any better than that”

    i was thinking the same thing …. that last drive looked scripted.

  11. People criticize how Baker carries himself, but his brashness is exactly what helped him pull off that comeback with so little preparation.

  12. He’s the man again! No matter how good you are you need the right coach and the right system. The rest of the league should just be happy the Niners didn’t get him. San Fran would romp over the Chiefs or Bills in the Super Bowl!

  13. The narrative has changed for him in my eyes. I would like to see him succeed now after being kicked while being down for so many seasons. He needs to get that walk-on mentality back.

  14. Having thrown cold water on Mayfield, I must say he put on a great performance.

    Still don’t think he’s a real answer for any team but last night will be something to remember.

  15. Never liked Baker in Cleveland, but I think he’s taken a bite from the humble pie. I was pulling for him last night.

  16. I was happy to see Mayfield play well and pull that one out. I think the NFL is a more exciting league with Mayfield as a starting QB somewhere.

    One question: where were those Q4 comebacks in Cleveland?

  17. Think of Baker how ever you want, but even though it’s only one game I need to retract what I said in another post about his days as QB1 are done. He’s got the rest of this year and I’m sure someone else will give him a go in 2023.

  18. Well, this IS a great story, but let’s not get too excited. Jeff Saturday won his first game, too.

  19. I’m jazzed for Baker. He deserves all the kudos. Regardless of what people think about him personaly, it was an amazing display of qb talent and brains that has gone unnoticed for a long time. Now we’ll see if he has a coach that can coach him into more.

  20. Baker needs to buy Jerry Tillery a Christmas gift like a cake in the shape of a football.

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