Mike White not thinking about “revenge” for his last start against Bills

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
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The Jets wouldn’t mind seeing history repeat itself against the Bills this weekend as long as the repeat is of what happened when the two teams met earlier this season.

They beat the Bills 20-17 a few weeks ago, but going back to 2021 wouldn’t work out quite as well. The Jets lost both games to the Bills last season, including a 45-17 loss in Week 10. Mike White started that game at quarterback, but was pulled in favor of Joe Flacco and he did not play again until getting the start against the Bears in Week 12 this season.

White was 24-of-44 for 251 yards and four interceptions in that game and said it is “one of those things that will kind of sit with me” because of how poorly things went. White said that he doesn’t “want it to beat me twice,” however, and that it won’t have a dominant place in his mind as he goes into this Sunday’s game in Buffalo.

“You can’t play hero ball,” White said, via Mark Cannizzaro of the New York Post. “You can’t go in there thinking, ‘I want revenge for what happened last year.’ What happened last year is over with. It’s a different scenario, different team.”

That loss to the Bills last year dropped the Jets to 2-7. They are 7-5 heading into this matchup, which underscores White’s feelings about this being a different scenario for a different team. A different result would make for a lot of happiness around the Jets.

6 responses to “Mike White not thinking about “revenge” for his last start against Bills

  1. ” Say hello to my little friend ”

    Signed: Bills defense + Bills Mafia

  2. Revenge for what, his poor play? I never herd of a player wanting revenge for their own bad play unless the opposing team did something else.

  3. That’s fine
    Leave the revenge mindset for the Bills.
    Expect blitz, blitz, and more Blitz

  4. This game has great potential to be 31-10 bills. Allen played badly earlier this season against the jets.. thats not going to happen again.

  5. It’s so ridiculous to compare to last year’s team. In the past 10 weeeks, Jets D is #1 in sacks, interceptions and low QBR. There are 12 new starters on this team, including the best D line and top 2 rated cb’s. Of course Allen will struggle again and will have multiple turnovers. This was a bad matchup for Bills last time. Now, NO Von Miller or Zach Wilson. Jets ran for almost 200 last game and will do it again. Jets 24-14

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