Odell Beckham Jr.: I don’t see the point in playing in regular season

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Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.’s search for a new team has seen him visit with three teams recently, but Beckham hasn’t signed with anyone and questions about his readiness to play have made it less than certain that anyone will be signing him before the season is over.

Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons told reporters earlier this week that Beckham told him he’d be ready to play in five weeks, which would push a return to the postseason and Beckham put forth a similar timeline on Thursday night. Beckham was asked on The Shop during Thursday night’s game if he’s made a decision about where to play next and about whether he’s ready to get on the field.

“I haven’t made the decision,” Beckham said. “I would like to be in a stable environment. Get up 6 a.m., leave at 6 p.m. for four weeks and then let’s talk about it. I’ve played football for a long time. I’m not saying I couldn’t step in and play regular season, but I don’t see the point. I really don’t. I’d rather play when that pressure’s on.”

Beckham visited the Bills and Giants along with the Cowboys and the lack of a deal with any of them suggests that no one is convinced that Beckham will be able to help them at any point in the regular season or playoffs. It also suggests that no one is willing to bet on the chance that Beckham can help them in order to secure his rights for the 2023 season by signing him to a multi-year deal, but we’ll see if anything changes in the coming days or weeks.

80 responses to “Odell Beckham Jr.: I don’t see the point in playing in regular season

  1. Sigh..the “point” is being part of a team, building chemistry, working TOGETHER towards a common goal. I cant believe the locker room is gonna be real happy about some guy coming in after all the HARD work and blood and sweat the rest of team put in. He is not that special that I would risk messing up the mojo of the team at that point.

  2. It’s becoming clearer by the day that Odell’s nowhere near ready to return to the field and was doing this to try and get a paycheck from a team to rehab for his next destination.

  3. He seems to want a lot of assurances,but won’t give anyone to anyone willing to take a chance on him. He doesn’t want to be a “rental player”, but he also only wants to play in the playoffs…and any team signing him, can’t be sure he is ready. Maybe he should just wait until next season?

  4. No one wants to bother with the headache of a guy who demands to be dropped into the lineup only for playoffs. Don’t care how tight a dressing room is, that will more than annoy a lot of players who are banged up from 18 games. Nevermind his antics on teams have given him a short shelf life.

    And, he wants a deal for next regular season in the next breath after saying the regular season is pointless.

  5. I’m no genius, but if you wanted to contribute in the playoffs, wouldn’t it be worth being on a roster now to at least get to know the system, the play calls and the QB?

  6. This guy is like a used car salesmen selling a car that’s been in 2 major wrecks but doesn’t want you to let a mechanic check it out or let you see a car fax. Just buy it by looking at the outside no questions asked. Any team that does this is totally stupid. This guy is damaged goods trying get money on a con. Who knows what this guy is now. He should get a prove it contract then maybe something bigger down the road.

  7. So he doesn’t want to help a team get to the playoffs, he just wants to show up and reap the benefits of their work. He and his ego should take up 2 roster spots.

    What a team player.

  8. Lol what? After a comment like that all interested teams instantly lost interest I’m sure. What a clown.

  9. Lol. What a joke. So in other words, he wants to play for a SB contender and basically ride the bandwagon to a potential ring. He’d probably want limited practice as well.

  10. That is completely illogical. Next he will say he is willing to work for free, who needs money?

  11. And whatever team signs him will likely be one and done in the postseason, too much of a diva.

  12. He gets more and more ridiculous every time he opens his mouth. We all knew he was an egomaniac narcissist but this takes things to a whole new level, a case study should be done in him by a PhD candidate. He actually thinks he is so amazing that he should not have to play in the regular season, just be put in for the playoffs?? Is he for real, and the rip off manning cast indulged him, unbelievable. Is that going to be his new OBJ package, hey team I’m amazing you go do the work, bleed, sweat, and grind it out and I will come riding in during the playoffs to be the playmaker and help you win a SB since I alone was the reason the rams won, never mind a guy named kupp who had the greatest season for a WR in NFL history, no it eas all OBJ. Go away please and teams stop stroking his ego

  13. hmmmm interesting take, a true professional. My GM retort would be, well I don’t see a need for you playing at all.

  14. That’s OK. Eli didn’t think there was any point to playing for a team that didn’t have a big market and a championship pedigree

  15. I’ll just wait and play for whichever team is in the Superbowl and reap the benefits of all the hard work everyone else put in.

  16. As of 10:24 EST there are no down votes on any of these comments. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that before

  17. So now OBJ the diva WANTS to cherry pick the post season team that’s the favorite to win the Super Bowl….forget team cohesion…forget practice…just show up for post season play with a team that’s TBD?

  18. I’m sorry,.. but I just don’t understand all the hype for OBJ signing on to a contending team this late. ACL’s are 10 – 12 month rehab,.. depending on the athlete. Now that doesn’t guarantee that athlete is 100%.
    The hype indicates some think he’s a game changer,… a booster to make a Super Bowl run. I doubt it. Especially going to a team he isn’t familiar with the playbook or offensive coordinator.
    Great player,.. but I just don’t see him as a game changer for the 2022 season and playoffs.

  19. Now that Jefferson made a more impressive catch than Odell, Odell is now just another washed up guy. His toxic culture he brings to a locker room isn’t worth it to a team that is already successful

  20. And goes without saying, next year he’s certainly not showing up for preseason, or for Wednesday or Thursday practices. After all, he’s played football for a long time.

  21. How would it even work paying the guy? I don’t believe guys are paid extra weeks for the playoff games, they just get whatever the losers and winners of each round earn. He’s really willing to play for just that? I guess it might involve some bogus contract that just has a signing bonus, but I’d make him sink/swim with the team.

  22. How about building a rapport with your QB and teammates and learning the playbook??


    Ok….see ya!

  23. Forget about team chemistry & such; “Pressure” is also getting into or seeding in playoffs. Joining a team after they make the playoffs, only brings resentment if it was done purposefully.

  24. Oh, yes, he also hasn’t had a 1000 yard season since 2019 and has torn an ACL (for a second time) 10 months go). Play the lottery better odds>

  25. I don’t see a point in obj being in the league. His 3 plays a year won’t be missed. He’s a practice squad chump at best and the only reason he’s talked about is because of not playing.

  26. Selfish, always injured, me-first attitude. Aside from having very limited value to a title contending team the downside of his distracting media circus could only serve to be a setback to a contending team. I’d be shocked if anyone signs him as it would be a move of pure desperation.

  27. You don’t see the point of playing in the regular season? Then nobody sees the point in signing you.

  28. I totally understand. I just informed my potential bosses that there is no reason to come in m-th. I will just be in on the important day Friday. Can you believe the phone hasn’t rung.

  29. This man is delusional. Hard pass. So start an Instagram account and be a diva there, Odell!!

  30. So when the owners all come out and say “well then we don’t see the point and paying you a full salary” Will he and his agent be crying collusion?

  31. Translation: I want to be on the spotlight and nothing else matters to me. Let the other dummies toil all season long and I’ll ride in at the end for the glory.

  32. Is there a rule against the Super Bowl favorite signing him a week before the Super Bowl?

  33. I will never understand the media’s obsession with OBJ. We are in the home stretch of the NFL season and we are talking about a guy who won’t make a difference this season… Can we talk about teams and players who are in the league??

  34. Imagine if the playoffs come, and everyone is feeling pretty good about the receivers they have already?

  35. EVERY player would prefer to simply pick ateam that’s going to the playoffs and stay safe and healthy until the playoffs. What a selfish player.

  36. Uh, yeah this says nobody offered me a deal that was to my liking so ill try again next year. I said it before Zero teams are going to take a chance on this cancer even before he was hurt again he was a big time diva and a terrible teamamte.No thanks OBJ youre done.

  37. He’s such an unlikable guy.
    Regardless of whatever talent he may have this is why most Cleveland fans don’t care about OBJ but were pulling for his old friend Baker in the very game last night that OBJ was trying to overshadow by talking about himself again.

  38. Remind me why ANY team would want to sign this guy for this year? Or any year for that matter. smh. He thinks way too highly of himself.

  39. A totally selfish player. Hope he takes the same road as Antonio Brown and the NFL leaves him behind.

  40. Translation: No teams are interested in me right now without a workout but I hope they come back to the table in the postseason.

  41. Next year when he doesn’t get an offer he’ll be like “I don’t even like football anymore, it’s boring now.”

  42. Just don’t play at all and show up in the winning locker room after the Super Bowl and pretend like you were part of it.

  43. theres 2 gms that would sign this dude for the super bowl if they had an injury.

    veach and jones

  44. So he gets to waltz in and pick the team he thinks has the best chance to win a Superbowl?? Does the NFL want to set this precedent? He hasn’t put in the work. No training camp in the July heat, weekly practice, weekly game film to watch, not participating in the grueling 17 week game schedule with travel
    putting his body on the line. Should this be referred to as “The Ring Shopping rule”?

  45. Just sign with the Ravens, be the immediate #1, no questions asked, and come back when Lamar comes back from his injury.

  46. OBJ is a WR and youre all surprised he’s acting like a diva?
    Honestly he has good work ethic and is well liked on teams, eats with everyone, gets to know everyone, takes young WR under his wing. The crap coming out of his mouth does not align with how he is when he goes to work.

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