NFL levies $550,000 in fines for allegedly fake Cam Jordan injury on Monday night

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Yes, they were serious about that.

The NFL issued a memo to all teams on Friday, December 2, regarding the faking of injuries — and the punishment to be imposed on teams, coaches, and players when fake injuries happen. The NFL has decided that, on Monday, December 5, Saints defensive end Cam Jordan faked an injury.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Jordan was fined $50,000. His position coach, Ryan Nielsen, also was fined $50,000. Coach Dennis Allen was fined $100,000. And the Saints were fined $350,000.

The incident happened after a third-and-17 play by the Buccaneers, midway through the fourth quarter. As quarterback Tom Brady lined up the offense for fourth and 10, Jordan looked to the sideline, took a knee, and pointed to his lower left leg.

The source says that other camera angles reveal Jordan receiving direction from the sideline to go down.

The obvious goal, as the NFL concluded, was to take steam out of the Tampa Bay effort to morph into hurry-up mode and convert the fourth-down play. After the injury stoppage, the Buccaneers punted.

The situation first came to light because Jordan has complained about the situation on Twitter.

Most expensive fine to date from the  NFL came in yesterday… added stressor for no reason,” Jordan said.

He also asked whether fines are made public.

“I just feel like this should be public knowledge,” Jordan tweeted. “‘Cause some of the fines are silly but this 1… ridiculous. Anyways & for what a ‘deliberate action to delay game’ before a [team] punts?”

But he didn’t do it, in the league’s estimation, to stop a punt. He did it to stop the Bucs from putting the pedal to the metal on fourth down.

If Jordan wants to win his appeal, there’s a simple path. If he admits that he was simply doing what he was told, there’s a very good chance his fine will be rescinded. The other fines, obviously, would not be.

And the league office is indeed very serious about this. Injuries are faked to secure a competitive advantage. If the league simply shrugged when it believes a fake injury has happened, it would be complicit in the assault on the integrity of the game.

38 responses to “NFL levies $550,000 in fines for allegedly fake Cam Jordan injury on Monday night

  1. This is good. Such shenanigans are par for the course in soccer, especially international soccer. Hence, I am overjoyed anytime Italy fails to qualify for the World Cup. Italian national team players’ antics make Cam Jordan look pedestrian.

  2. How about Jesse Bates III fake injury/flop in the end zone during the Chiefs and Bengals game last Sunday? If that doesn’t deserve a fine, it certainly deserves an Oscar nomination.

  3. Every team has done this. NFL just decided it was no longer acceptable and is making an example of him. Similar with Spygate in that every other team was also recording but the league put a stop to it by making an example of Brady and the Patriots

  4. Now that the league is in business with gambling platforms, everything is viewed through that lens, whether you like it or not.

  5. The Giants wrote the manual on faking injuries, but they won’t ever see a dime of a fine. Mara’s hand is so far up Goodell’s behind that it must smell like butt up to his elbow.

  6. Teams have been doing this for decades long before Jesse Bates or Cam Jordan what is the NFL care now

  7. Inconsequential in that the GOAT wills a team to win no matter what. And no surprise goodell chooses to selectively arbitrarily and excessively enforce a rule against the saints – AGAIN!

  8. The “fine” for Jordan telling the league he was just told to fake it, as you suggest, and throwing his team and coaches under the bus, is a lot more than $50k he’s paying the league.

  9. The whining about this being aimed at New Orleans is ridiculous. The league wanted to reign this in, and his was the most obvious example imaginable.
    Stellarperformance complaint is hilarious. Take another look at the Packers game against the Eagles. In the second half the Packers had a fake injury to gain advantage on every other play.

  10. not advocating for faking an injury but just wondering if you do it and get a Win and it puts you into the playoffs then I’m thinking the owner is going to make way more than the fine itself

  11. During a game in which Goodell blatantly cheats for the Bucs again.

    Isn’t that nice.

    This league is becoming unwatchable.

  12. I would lend more credence to it if it were almost any other team member, but Jordan has proven scruples and integrity.

  13. It makes me wonder how many other teams have cheated against the Bucs this season. They must be getting lessons from Belichick.

  14. When did Brady ever cheat? No one cared about air pressure in footballs until it concerned the greatest quarterback of all time. Talk about fake outrage.

  15. The easiest way to deter this in the future is to do what they do up in the CFL. If a player leaves the game because of injury, he has to sit out 3 plays automatically. That would end that garbage immediately.

  16. If you watched the game you could tell it was an obvious fake injury. Dude sits down while jogging off the field in no apparent pain and then suddenly…oh owie, ouch, coach please come help me. Then gets up with trainer and jobs off. A three year old fakes it better than that.

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