Deebo Samuel appears to have avoided major injury

NFL: DEC 11 Buccaneers at 49ers
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When 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel was carted off the field today, it appeared to be a very serious injury. But early indications are that Samuel is going to be OK.

A league source tells PFT that Samuel twisted his ankle but it does not look like a major injury.

It’s not yet clear whether Samuel will be healthy enough to play on Thursday night against the Seahawks, but the mere fact that it can’t be ruled out is very good news considering how bad the injury looked.

The 49ers are dominating today’s game against the Bucs and are the clear favorites to win the NFC West. They should have Samuel with them down the stretch.

21 responses to “Deebo Samuel appears to have avoided major injury

  1. I sure hope this means the end of Kyle “Boy Genius” Shanahan running his best receiver between the tackles as a running back. He’s gonna get Deebo Samuel killed with this silliness.

  2. Wooooweeeee best news of the day! Deebo plays bully ball, but sometimes that catches up with ya. Good news, but even better news is that Brock Purdy looks like the real deal.

  3. Cowboys Fan says:
    December 11, 2022 at 7:15 pm
    Even this Cowboys fan wants to see Deebo back on the field. Go Deebo!
    Love this comment. No place to celebrate a player going down.

    BTW, for folks saying why is shanahan leaving starters in, did everyone forget 28-3?

  4. How many times is this coach going to tempt fate putting his best players through the cheese grate thinking this is the best use of that players skillset ??? I mean are there not other players on the team more suited to be running between the tackles and by the luck of Brady did you not lose in the playoffs before you even made them but dang are you ever coming so very close !!!

  5. I thought our season was leaving on that cart, honestly

    Deebo and Mcafree on the field together makes everyone better

    Shanahan has gotta stop overusing Deebo in the backfield with a 21-0 lead.

  6. Why are you running Deebo up the middle up 21 and defense dominating? Shanahan should’ve learned situational play calling by now.

  7. I heard the same with Adoree Jackson and Leonard Williams, they both missed weeks.

    All I can say is better not wake up this week and see they’ve signed Beckham with that 5M in cap space. Being that “they avoided serious injury”.

  8. I was watching. That slo-mo replay didn’t look good for Deebo. The ankle was bent all the way over. I honestly thought it was broke. Good to hear it’s not broken. I don’t wish that on any player on any team.

  9. Geez, these comments are so stupid. Please do tell all of us here what plays eleven professional players should partake in so that injuries will be a non-issue.

  10. He was crying onfield….i wouldn’t be crying if I just twisted my knee. I don’t believe this.

  11. “ He had to get carted off for a twisted ankle? This isn’t soccer!”

    Man I hope you’re joking. That replay looked bad, I thought for sure his season was done. Even he did!

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