Penei Sewell first learned of key play designed for him on Thursday

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
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With Sunday’s game against the Vikings still undecided, the Lions put the ball in the hands of a guy who never touches it.

And it wasn’t a play that they’ve secretly been practicing for just the right moment.

The pass to tackle Penei Sewell on third and seven with two minutes left was a new addition to the repertoire. How new? Very new.

Sewell told PFT after the game by phone that he first found out about it on Thursday. And he didn’t practice it until Friday.

He practiced if three times. He caught it twice. On Sunday, he caught it again.

The play had Sewell go in motion, run a short route, make the catch, and dive.

So will Sewell now be on guard for learning on any given Thursday that he’ll be asked to run a pass route during the game?

“After that, now I’m more confident,” Sewell said. “It doesn’t matter what it is. Nine [route], wheel [route], it don’t matter.”

And so the Lions, who have an impressive array of offensive weapons, now have yet another one.

6 responses to “Penei Sewell first learned of key play designed for him on Thursday

  1. He showed great hands AND feet on that play. Dude’s an athlete and he’s got a ‘tude, would love to see him take a hand-off on 3rd and short!

  2. Saw the highlight. He smartly went to ground after getting the first. Kept the clock running.

  3. Cool, gutsy call. If that play doesn’t pan out, Campbell would be in a lot of trouble. But, it did so, that’s that.

  4. Lions absolutely earned that win. However, a fake punt deep in their own territory, a tackle eligible pass, and not willing or able to run the clock out on the ground? Do playoff teams need to do all that to win a game? And, the second that offense doesn’t score a bunch, they will lose. They aren’t good enough to run the table, but maybe 9-8 gets them into the playoffs. Maybe.

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