Report: “All options are on the table” for Tom Brady in 2023

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Early in the 2022 season, it seemed more and more likely that Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady would be retiring after the final game of the year. As the final game of the year approaches, it’s starting to seem very possible that he’ll keep playing.

So where? Some with the Buccaneers believe he’ll stay there, if he plays. Ultimately, it may come down to where Brady thinks he’d have the best chance to win his eighth (or, in theory, ninth) championship.

NFL Media, in a fitting Sunday Splash! report given that Brady is playing the 49ers, reports that “all options are on the table” for 2023.

Finally joining the 49ers could be one of those options. They passed on him in 2020. Earlier this year, when coach Kyle Shanahan didn’t go to the Scouting Combine and former Brady teammate Brian Griese became the quarterbacks coach in San Francisco and Brady coincidentally (or not) was visiting his parents in San Mateo, it’s possible that there was another round of conversations during Brady’s 40-day “retirement.”

Would the 49ers say no to Brady again? With Trey Lance both injured and unproven and Jimmy Garoppolo injured and headed to free agency and Brock Purdy still wet behind the ears, Brady could be the ultimate bridge quarterback — one that could bridge the gap to the franchise’s first Super Bowl win in nearly 30 years.

San Francisco’s interest may hinge on the outcome to the current season. If they can get to the Super Bowl with Purdy, they may be content to stick with Lance and Purdy. If they fall short, it could be time to take a chance on Tommy.

Other teams could get into the mix as well. The potential pairing with Sean Payton in Miami was real. Is there a place where they could get together in 2023? Indianapolis? New Orleans? Somewhere else?

It’s all to be determined, from whether he’ll play to where he’ll play to whether, if he doesn’t play, he’ll go straight to Fox or take a year off. And those questions will make Brady, once again, one of the biggest stories of the offseason.

45 responses to “Report: “All options are on the table” for Tom Brady in 2023

  1. If Purdy does decent, they will have many options. But I’m guessing the most obvious is Lance as your starter and Purdy as your backup.

  2. If the 49ers had Brady for the years he’s spent in Tampa and not traded away all those picks for drafting Lance…… the amount of talent on that team with those picks and Brady would have easily won 2 Superbowls.

  3. Everything hinges on how Purdy does this year. But just for the sake of predicting: Brady signs a 2 year deal with the Niners next year, with it really being a 1 year deal. Jimmy G goes to Carolina or the Jets and reunites with Saleh. The Niners have a QB competition for the backup spot with Lance and Purdy. I’m probably 100 percent wrong 😎

  4. If the 49ers had Brady for the years he’s spent in Tampa and not traded away all those picks for drafting Lance…… the amount of talent on that team with those picks and Brady would have easily won 2 Superbowls. Brady, Gronk, Kittle, Aiyuk, Samuel…….

  5. We’ve never seen Brady miss as many throws as he has this year. While the bucs lost a couple of weapons, there are still enough in TB to have a better record than they do currently. Brady is holding them back more than anything else. Please retire.

  6. And so unlike Aaron Rodgers, who will sulk, drop innuendos, dance around and continue as a PITA. And then skip voluntary minicamps and complain that he has no chemistry with the young receivers.

  7. I could definitely see Brady in San Francisco next season. Trey Lance does not have it….you could see it when he did play. He looked like a deer caught in headlights.

  8. Brady to San Francisco would complete the circle. As a four-year-old in 1981, Brady was at “The Catch” game. His parents had season tickets for decades. He adored the 49ers. Going there for his career finale, to lead a team that would be Super Bowl favorites with him, would be the perfect conclusion to a transcendent, greatest of all time career.

  9. Brady has to think long and hard about whether he can beat out Peyton Purdy Montana.

    The last pick in the draft had a winning record in the Big 12!

    Brady might have to be his backup.

  10. I’m sure ex-49ers QB John Brodie will gladly lend his retired #12 jersey to Tom Brady should the opportunity arise.

  11. The Steelers dominated this guy when we played him this year. He’s got to be the most overrated QB of all time. Big Ben had far better skills and raw talent than this guy.

  12. Tom Brady just can’t have enough attention on Tom Brady. He’ll do whatever brings him the most attention.

  13. If he did talk to someone on the 49ers while still under contract with the Bucs, that is tampering. Ask Stephen Ross if you’re unfamiliar.

  14. Joining the Niners make sense since that window is getting smaller, esp if they don’t win this year.

  15. It is definitely the 49ers. If they can keep that defense together for another year and add a couple of skill position targets for Brady, they would be close to unstoppable.

  16. I got downvoted into oblivion when he “retired” and I said he would be back this year -he didn’t retire from football, he retired from Tampa and knew Tampa wasn’t a contender any longer , but he was forced to go back to them this year- and then come back again next year 2023 to play for San Fran if the opportunity was there. I guarantee you it’s already a done deal. Then Gronk will come back at some point in 2023 with him, but not the entire season probably around December 2023

  17. I’m so happy ALL options are on Tommy’s table. My personal favorite option is that TB finds a nice deserted island with no communications — so we never ever hear from him again. Coincidentally, Tommy has been looking quite gaunt of late. Kinda like Tom Hanks in Cast Away. Perhaps TB can swap the volleyball for one of his footballs!

  18. Fire Bowles as HC and let Brady be the 1st HC, offensive coordinator ,and starting Qb ,and he’ll stay in Tampa Bay.

  19. Jimmie G joins the Colts. Brady stays in TB unless he is willing to play for a lot less money. SF doesn’t need him at this time with waning skills and zero mobility. Shanahan would not be willing to change his offense for one year of Brady.

  20. To be honest Tommy wouldn’t be in my top 10 greatest QBs of all time. There have been quite a few QBs who are greater and didn’t get to benefit from top notch coaching and defense like Tommy has every single year.

  21. Brady to the 49ers makes sense for both him and the team. Given he was a fan of the team growing up, and that Trey Lance likely needs more time to develop, having Brady in San Francisco looks like the ideal situation for those players and the franchise. Lance learns mental part of the game from the best in that area, and Brady closes out his final year(s) with a team he loved as a kid.

  22. He is almost 79 years old, he wouldn’t be an upgrade over too many QBs come camp next season.

  23. San Francisco, Denver, Seattle, Washington, both New York teams. All teams ready to make some noise and win that need a QB.

  24. That makes sense. San Mateo is only about 25 miles from Santa Clara, where the San Francisco 49er’s of Santa Clara play.

  25. Denver or the Jets so I can humiliate Bill on my way to another ring. Don’t sleep on the Rams either. Lol

  26. That’s funny because I don’t see any options for Tom Brady in 2023.

    Well, other than pickle bal.

  27. Tom Brady says:
    December 11, 2022 at 12:49 pm
    Denver or the Jets so I can humiliate Bill on my way to another ring.

    I thought you clowns said this guy was good without Belichick. Getting stomped on by Brock Purdy? Really? 😂😂😂

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