Tom Brady won’t ponder possibility of playing for 49ers in 2023

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v San Francisco 49ers
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Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, in only his second career visit to San Francisco (OK, Santa Clara) had a day to forget. After the game, he didn’t forget a question he’d gotten at a press conference last month.

Asked by reporters after the 35-7 loss whether he regrets coming back for another season, Brady said, “I think I already answered that a few weeks ago. Next question.”

Brady didn’t get any more big-picture questions about his football future during his five minutes or so with the media. He later spoke to Michael Silver of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Silver asked whether Brady possibly will be playing for the 49ers in 2023.

I don’t go there,” Brady said. “I’m just trying to get this right, and see what we can possibly accomplish. We’ve got four games to figure this out, and we’ve got a lot of work to do.”

He’s tried to literally go there, at least once if not twice in recent years. In early 2020, the 49ers passed. Given the way Brock Purdy played on Sunday and the presence of Trey Lance on the team, they’d possibly pass on him again.

Those factors potentially influenced Brady’s answer to the question of whether he has played his last game at Levi’s Stadium.

“I don’t know,” Brady told Silver. “I don’t know. I don’t know.”

One thing Brady knows is that, if Sunday was his final game against the 49ers in their home stadium, it wasn’t a good one.

“We played a lot of losing football,” Brady told Silver. “We stunk today.”

Brady literally stunk on the flight back to Tampa. He didn’t shower before leaving Levi’s Stadium.

“Some things I don’t give a fuck about, at this point,” Brady told Silver, who characterized Brady as “half-smiling” while he spoke. “Fuck that. I’m going home.”

Eventually, Brady will be going home for good. Whether that will happen after the 2022 season still remains to be seen.

41 responses to “Tom Brady won’t ponder possibility of playing for 49ers in 2023

  1. Yeah, Brady is done and The Bucs got humiliated yesterday. Won’t be long before Raymond James is half full again.

  2. Brady and Rodgers both would love to be QB1 in SF if they could. They both have publicly stated throughout their careers at some point

  3. It would be kind of funny if the 49ers said , no thanks tome, we got Brock Purdy so we good

  4. It’s time to go, Tom. You’re in danger of becoming another Favre, or worse. You’ve had an amazing career. Don’t become pathetic at the end.

  5. The only way the GOAT is going to see any success in this league again, would be to play for a team as stacked as the 9ers are.

    I just don’t see that happening.

  6. Tom Brady’s options now are Tampa Bay or retire. None of the good teams are going to bring in Brady with his skills clearly on the decline. He is averaging 6.2 yards per attempt. Tampa Bay has obviously suffered tremendously without Bruce Arians. In all likelihood Brady will retire this year. He added to his career stats and that means a lot to him. Getting Arians removed backfired big time.

  7. The worst part of yesterday for Brady was the realization that the Niners don’t need him.

  8. This is the classic superstar player playing too long, since they seemingly don’t have the ability to let go and move on in life.

    He’s done.

  9. Where are the angry haters who falsely claim Brady refused to shake Purdy’s hand. Half are just making up more stories to vent their bile. The other half are still insisting that their claim is true dispite video evidence to the contrary. This is the world we live in where people believe whatever they want, the evidence be damned. Their whole world is rigged against them.

  10. 100% he should have stayed retired and he lost his beautiful wife and kids over it. Sad but true Tommy its over time to leave with some dignity please.

  11. Brady was “put out” that the Niners didn’t sign him. That’s where he wanted to be.

  12. Why BB walked.

    Thank you, Bill Belichick. I cannot imagine being a Bucs fan watching my 45 year old 30 mil per year QB who stinks, toy with my team like that.

    And, the thing is, if he leaves, the dead money and cap hits that will go with the others that follow, will put them back into the land of no one going to games in Tampa again. Awful market.

  13. libertyandunion1994 says:
    December 12, 2022 at 2:20 pm
    Who say SF wants him?

    Very true. They already said no to him once before, when he decided that he was leaving the Patriots. I haven’t liked him since.

  14. Unbelievably, phenomenal career. Unfortunately Father Time is still undefeated. Most haters would never admit that they were privileged for the better part of 20 years to watch arguably the greatest ever.
    Stay classy haters!

  15. Don’t forget, TB12 was in consideration for MVP last year. This year he doesn’t play good football, but who in their right mind was thinking: 100% he will fall off a cliff this year?! We just knew someday it will come. Don’t act like you knew all along. Same stands for Rodgers.

    “He should have retire after he won his seventh ring” He had an MVP caliber season right after that! So I would say he shouldn’t. This year is different though.

  16. The GOAT is no longer. TB12 can’t throw down field accurately anymore. His arm strength is below average. He looks like a 45 year old quarterback. He finished. He will lose his last playoff game to the Cowboys come January 2023. Next season he will be safely in the broadcast booth for FOX, talking about how he approached the game and what the offense and defenses are doing. The question is will he be better than Romo the GOAT of broadcasting?

  17. What’s Brady supposed to say? “Oh yes, I can totally see myself playing for the 49ers next year!” Yeah, that would go over like a lead balloon in the Bucs locker room.

  18. QB with a losing record without Belichick or Arians.

    1-11 in his last 24 starts without Gronk when the other team scores 16 points or more. Lol.

    Some “GOAT” huh?

  19. With a great defense and a rookie receiver tearing it up, Brady to the jets makes sense, even though, as a Patriot supporter, I’d hate the move

  20. Brady is one of the All time great NFL players, and I’d like to see him walk off the field under his own power. He’s too old to be taking hard body or head shots. Just get out and enjoy life.

  21. With a great defense and a rookie receiver tearing it up, Brady to the jets makes sense, even though, as a Patriot supporter, I’d hate the move

    As a Jets fan , I would hate it even more. We haven’t had a decent QB for decades , and a washed up version of him (which he is , and will continue to be ) is the last thing that we need.
    He is becoming a Favre – esque diva.

  22. Brady to the Jets? As a NE fan I’d love to see that!

    He knows better though. Bill owns Tommy as his 70 rating vs Bill shows. He don’t want more of that twice a season. No way. No how.

  23. Well, the good news is Tom Brady threw his 17th touchdown this season, marking the 100th regular season touchdown with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He is now only the third quarterback in NFL history to have 200 touchdowns with his first team (New England Patriots) and 100 touchdowns with his second team, joining Peyton Manning and Fran Tarkenton.

    The bad news is the loss to the San Francisco 49ers felt more burdensome than is seen on the surface. It is not Dan Marino’s last game bad, but it is not any good since I had thought San Francisco would be interested in getting Tom Brady for next year. Plus, the winning quarterback, Brock Purdy, was Mr. Irrelevant. Worse in the pecking order than Brady’s pick number 199. To me, the loss is indicative of the 49ers, and namely John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan, not feeling the need to sign Tom Brady for 2023. They have a choice of either Jimmy Garoppolo, Trey Lance or Brock Purdy. Brady, I doubt will be in their plans.

    So, that is one option that is now off the table. Tom Brady is either left with the Las Vegas Raiders (doubtful), the New England Patriots, or the Fox Sports contract and retirement. In any case, Brady is leaving Florida and not returning. Personally, if he were to return, the Patriots would be most likely to want his services. We shall see.


  24. Personally, if he were to return, the Patriots would be most likely to want his services.
    And that’s when I start cheering against them for the first time ever.

  25. It makes no business sense for the 49rs to acquire Brady at this current juncture. Sure there was once a time that would have been amazing, but times and landscapes have changed. if you factor who they have, and then weigh how much additional he adds vs how much he costs, and the math just doesn’t come out. Even if he is an upgrade over all their guys (even this old he might be, he is that good) its still not going enough of a difference to justify the expense. They are better working with their current younger talent developing a go forward plan using guys that might not be the GOAT, but are still pretty darn good.

  26. I put that out on twitter when Jimmy G got hurt.
    At the time I thought injury was worse than it was and that he might not be ready for seasoner opener.
    Makes sense.
    Brady for a season and it gives Lance time to fully heal. Love him or hate him Brady can still play at a high level.

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