Mike Tomlin: No call on who starts if Kenny Pickett can’t play

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Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett is in the concussion protocol after being injured during last Sunday’s loss to the Ravens and it’s unclear if he’ll be cleared in time to play against the Panthers this week.

It is the second time that Pickett has been in the protocol this season, but head coach Mike Tomlin made it clear that he will start if he does get that clearance. Tomlin isn’t saying who will get the start if Pickett does not get the green light.

Mitch Trubisky opened the season as the team’s starter and he took over for Pickett against Baltimore, but Tomlin said that the team would also give snaps to Mason Rudolph in practice if Pickett is not on the field.

Tomlin said that the team would “work both guys” in that scenario and called them both “capable” of running the offense. Tomlin added that he is “not even looking toward the end of the week” when it comes to who would get the start, so it will likely be some time before there’s any word on who will be taking snaps this Sunday.

14 responses to “Mike Tomlin: No call on who starts if Kenny Pickett can’t play

  1. Rudolph should start so that he gets some reps.
    Both Trubisky and Rudolph will be gone after this season. I’d like to see the Steelers sign a veteran backup like Gardner Minshew.

  2. Whether it’s Trubiski or Rudolph won’t make the O-line suddenly good or the OC suddenly know how to coordinate.

  3. Trubisky is not very good and Rudolph was the best QB coming out of camp but Tomlin went with Trubisky because he signed him as a FA. We saw how bad Trubisky was last game as proof Rudolph should start but I have my doubts Tomlin will see it that way. Rudolph will make a good backup on some team next season. My opinion is that Pickett has already sustained 2 concussions in two months. They are not going anywhere this season, sit the kid.

  4. Trip Tomlin also added he would put be available to step on the field and put his foot out there if needed!

  5. Ben has never had a losing season with or without Captain Catch Phrase. It’s time to clean house and take Pee Wee OC back to Maryland. I’ve never seen so many players standing around watching the play as I did on Sunday. I don’t think the Steelers had one player on the field with a finish mentality. Coach Trippy’s 100 million dollar defense couldn’t tackle a statue. New players and same short comings.

  6. Does it really matter?

    Thanks for that truly selfish, silly, and inane comment….of course it matters. Panthers could win their division and Steelers are eliminated yet…so yes knuckleHead it matters.

  7. Does Tomlin know when the actual defense is going to play? You know, the guys who are supposed to stop running backs from clownstomping them.

  8. Medicare Mike doesn’t know how to rebuild, and he doesn’t know how to replace a QB. Pickett dinged twice already. Just sit the kid. Let Rudy & Trubs audition for jobs next yr, somewhere else. And pray that Pickett isn’t just a game manager, like he’s shown so far. You don’t need to draft game-manager QBs in the first round.

  9. That’s a great idea for the steelers. There’s no way they’re making the playoffs I don’t care if they’re not mathematically eliminated yet it’s not going to happen. But let’s let the future of the franchise heal up and throw them out again when he’s already had two brain injuries this season. Just sit the kid and let him rest

  10. The rest of the NFL is playing checkers and Hall of Fame head coach Mike Tomlin is playing Magic 8 Ball! —- “Who will start at quarterback for the Steelers?” —- Reply hazy, try again / Ask again later / Better not tell you now / Cannot predict now / Concentrate and ask again. GO STEELERS!

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