NFL, NFLPA reviewing handling of DeVante Parker head injury

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals
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Patriots wide receiver DeVante Parker was unsteady as he got up after taking a hit while catching a ball in the first half of Monday night’s game, but it looked like play was going to continue as the Patriots rushed to the line to snap the ball because it looked like Parker maybe not have maintained control of the ball through the end of the play.

Teammate Nelson Agholor lined up inside of Parker and began waving his arms in an attempt to bring attention to Parker’s need for medical attention. Agholor also took a knee in an attempt to stop play and the whistle eventually blew. Parker left the game at that point and did not return.

According to multiple reports, the NFL and NFLPA have initiated a review of why the game was not stopped by anyone on the field or by medical personnel on the sideline or concussion spotters once Parker displayed signs of instability when he got back to his feet.

After Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was allowed to return to a game after stumbling while getting to his feet in a September game, the league changed the protocols for removing players from games.  It added ataxia — described by the league as the abnormality of balance/stability, motor coordination or dysfunctional speech — as a symptom calling for players to be removed from games.

10 responses to “NFL, NFLPA reviewing handling of DeVante Parker head injury

  1. That was such a weird moment. The broadcast camera was tight on Parker and you could see he was very unsteady on his feet. If any of the responsible parties were watching, he should have been yanked out for evaluation instantly. Kind of makes you wonder what the responsible parties were actually doing in that moment.

  2. Maybe he and the coaches was worried about getting fined for faking an injury. Slippery soap for the NFL when Roger is trying to play god on if a player is actually hurt or not.

  3. Mad props to Agholor for putting the best interests of his team mater before the best interests of the team. Worst case scenario, dude just saved Parker’s life. The team should have done something sooner, although I can sort of understand if they missed it because they wanted to make sure it couldn’t be reviewed in case the play would be overturned, but there’s somebody specifically up there watching the game and getting all the feeds who’s only job is to look out for that sort of thing, and it’s unconscionable that that they didn’t stop the game when even the most cold-hearted Patriots partizan watching at home could see the dude needed help.

  4. I think the unaffiliated medico-upstairs person is getting _all_ the feeds. The TV director, with likely decades of experience and who is paid highly for specifically this reason, found the right shot immediately out of maybe 20 cameras. I’m disappointed but not surprised the upstairs person missed it.

  5. Again some NFL Official NOT performing their job with any form of competence – SHOCKING!

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