Jordan Mailata has Jalen Hurts’ blindside: Micah Parsons should worry about his game this week

San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles
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Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons questioned Jalen Hurts‘ MVP candidacy, arguing it’s “the system and the team” around the quarterback that has made the Eagles successful this season. Hurts, not surprisingly, declined to comment Wednesday.

“We’re worried about the Bears right now,” Hurts said, via Tim McManus of ESPN.

Receiver A.J. Brown had a similar answer.

But Eagles left tackle Jordan Mailata had Hurts’ blindside, pushing back against Parsons’ comment

“I’m going to worry about the Chicago Bears this week, mate, worry about this game. Micah should worry about his game this week, too. I don’t know who the f— they’re playing, pardon my language. Just worry about who you got this week,” Mailata said. “That’s how we do it here. I’m not going to worry about any other comments anybody said. That’s just how we focus and run about our business. We’ve got the Chicago Bears, not the Chicago Micah Parsons.”

As the quarterback on the team with the best record, Hurts is a favorite for the MVP award. He leads the NFL with a 108.4 passer rating, has thrown for 3,157 passing yards with 22 touchdowns and three interceptions and has rushed for 686 yards and 10 touchdowns.

During an appearance on Von Miller‘s “The VonCast,” Parsons asked rhetorically about the team’s success, “Is it Hurts or the team?”

“I’m not trying to make no enemies,” Parsons told Miller. “I just love the game so much, and I understand it so much, that when things are off, I just can’t hold it in. I’ve almost got to say something.”

The Eagles are two games in front of the Cowboys, who they play in Arlington on Christmas Eve.

36 responses to “Jordan Mailata has Jalen Hurts’ blindside: Micah Parsons should worry about his game this week

  1. Way to go, guys… don’t take that bait. Let talk radio and twitter talk and care about this. Our focus is on Chicago as it should be.

  2. Parsons will have plenty of time to discuss the topic in early February while he makes the rounds on Radio Row in Phoenix…. in the week leading up to watching Hurts play in the SB.

  3. Maybe if they were the Chicago Micah Parsons they wouldn’t be the perennial doormat that the Bears are!

  4. Much ado about nothing and a clear sign that these guys have a bit too much time on their hands.

  5. Micha is the one who’s been quite the last couple games while hurts has been balling out.

  6. Boyz will be Boyz . I wanna see Jerr have to come down to the sidelines to urge the Boyz on , they’ll need it .

  7. The eagles players are spot on about worrying about this week’s opponent. The cowboys have won like 4 playoff games in the past 30 years yet feel they are on some pedestal to talk negatively about other teams players. What a joke.

  8. Micah Parsons saying self-important nonsense like “I just can’t hold it in” and “I’ve just got to say something” says infinitely more about him than does his laughable diminishing of how well Jalen Hurts is playing quarterback.

  9. Cowboys fan here.
    Micah – please stop. If you understand the game as much as you say you do, you should know not to give one of your key opponents any extra motivation.

  10. It’s almost as if cowboys draft player and they get indoctrinated into being loud and obnoxious, unlikable players. I thought dak was an exception but he ruined it by throwing the refs under the bus instead of taking the blame for how the wild card game ended.

  11. Even though I’m an Eagles fan (Which makes me hate the Cowboys) I love watching Parsons play. He’s a flat out brilliant player but, Mailata is right. Worry about your own team and focus on your next task. Why give off stupid comments to fire up an upcoming team and a team (and QB) that has made good defenses look slow and silly. Parsons has the skill to let his play speak for itself..why taunt the best team in the NFL with bulletin material to fire em up?

  12. Micah and the Cowboys will fold like cheap suits once the post season begins. Guaranteed they ain’t going to the big dance again, ever.

  13. Isn’t this the same guy they chose not to block at all? I remember seeing the tale and looking at him flounder in open space play after play trying to run guys down from being 5-10 yards behind. Whether it’s the scheme or Hurts, maybe the real shot here was at his own staff for not being able to stop that offense. And I got news for him, that offense has only gotten better. The Cowboys have not. He will make some plays for sure, but the weapons the eagles have are crazy.

  14. “As the quarterback on the team with the best record, Hurts is a favorite for the MVP award.”

    There’s so much more to it than that, of course.

    So…exactly what is “off” in Parsons’ view?

  15. I would like to see a list of the teams who are not playing with a system. Should be a short one.

  16. I’m not sure why everyone is getting so up in arms behind someone being asked a question on a podcast. Last year everyone was saying Hurts sucked and now he’s an MVP candidate. You cannot tell me that doesn’t bode the question of if it’s the system or actually the player. Either way, the Eagles coaching staff has put Hurts in a position to play well.

  17. Considering his team nearly choked against the 1 win Texans and finally taking the lead with under 50 seconds left, maybe Parsons should focus on the Jaguars. The Jags beat the Ravens, Titans and Chargers….current playoff teams. Doug knows the Cowboys pretty well. I can guarantee Jalen is focused on the Bears and not Parsons or Dallas right now. Oh and Dallas has some problems with their own QB he should be concerned about. Dak sucks. 13td/9int, 4 fumbles. Lost to two losing teams with him and nearly another against Houston. Dak has 4td/5int in those 3 games.

  18. Parsons is a great player but he sure does whine a lot when things are not going his way. Hurts is a different kind of cat, very serious minded and driven while using his detractors as further motivation. He won’t get baited into anything that doesn’t serve his team and its chances of winning. Can’t wait for this game! FLY!!

  19. coheed says:
    December 14, 2022 at 10:23 pm
    Living in Parson’s head rent-free! LOL


    Mailita is the one who is worried. If they do not hold Parsons (which they will) he will go through them. Considering in reality, and not some fake BS fan talk. Parsons is better than anyone on Philly, and most of the NFL, not only defense. Not my opinion but the opinion of just about anyone in football says he is overtaking Arron Donald for best Player in the NFL. So you might want to back down on the over the top Philly fan BS. lol

  20. jdreed68 says:
    December 15, 2022 at 10:37 am
    Small dogs bark a lot when chasing after what bigger dogs have achieved.


    Parsons has already achieved more than Mailata ever will and more than Jalen has as a football player.

  21. Philly playing another of their weakest schedule in the NFL games to make that record look real. lol. Won’t get past the first playoff game.

  22. I’d rather have it be the “team & system” than one player. Only thing that matters is who’s left standing in Feb

  23. lawrence stacy says:

    Parsons has already achieved more than Mailata ever will and more than Jalen has as a football player.

    Here are the awards and honors Hurts won in college:

    2016 AP SEC Newcomer of the Year
    2016 SEC Freshman of the Year
    2016 SEC Offensive Player of the Year
    2016 First Team All-SEC
    2017 national champion
    2018 Sugar Bowl Outstanding Player Award
    2019 First Team All-Big 12
    2019 Big 12 Offensive Newcomer of the Year

    Come on, bro..Why do you guys ignore reality? Why do you talk just the most ridiculous stuff every week? You REALLY believe Micah Parsons has achieved more than Hurts in their football careers so far?

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