Roger Goodell: Sunday Ticket negotiations are at a “very critical point”

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DirecTV has held the rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket package since its inception in 1994. After the next four Sundays, DirecTV will be out.

So who will be in? That’s still to be determined. But it apparently will be determined soon.

Commissioner Roger Goodell, during a press conference following the ownership meeting in Texas, said that he provided ownership with a “very brief” update.

“I would say it’s in a very critical point for us,” Goodell said. “We’ve had a lot of interest in this, and we continue to. Our decisions are not based on timelines. They’re based on it being the best outcome with the best party.”

The Sunday Ticket product will become a streaming package in 2023. For months, Apple had been regarded as the frontrunner. But without multiple parties clamoring for the deal, it’s difficult to get the maximum package.

And that may ultimately be the reason for the delay. The NFL has yet to get what it wants, so why not wait?

27 responses to “Roger Goodell: Sunday Ticket negotiations are at a “very critical point”

  1. C’mon Amazon! (I don’t care about Amazon, just don’t want to pay for yet another streaming package.)

  2. Waiting for the ”it’s all about the money” posts. Yes, of course it’s all about the money. Every single business on this planet is about the money. That has never changed.

  3. You’re still going to pay for another streaming package. Unless Prime goes up to $300 for everyone, you’ll have to buy the football service separate.

  4. It won’t be cheaper then now, and you will never get to pick games from one team. Like the article says, the NFL is holding out for the big bucks.another problem apple or Amazon with want you to also pay for prime or apple play to buy this so its going to be costly. I probably will pass. Dtv is going to try and make up losses. Good luck with that. I’m suspicious of att, when I logged into my dtv account they sent me to a new separate dtv webpage as in, they are parting ways soon?

  5. TNF streaming is spotty most of the time and my internet service is top of the line. If Sunday ticket also goes to streaming, they must find a way to prevent the degraded video.

  6. If it is Apple does this dilute the product too much? You already have ABC/ESPN, Fox, CBS, NFL Network, and Amazon Prime now handling NFL games/content. Now you are adding another one? I get that it drives up profit short term but if people stop buying some of these streaming services does it also kill viewership long term which hurts ad revenue?

  7. FWIW, even if Amazon wins it, it won’t be included in the base Prime price. You’re paying $300 for it separately

  8. There’s no chance the NFL isn’t getting what it wants. Amazon is paying $1 billion a year just for Thursday Night games. The Sunday Ticket is probably going to bring in anywhere from $8-12 billion a year. Without a doubt this is a bidding war between Apple and Amazon.

  9. How ridiculously easy would it be for the NFL to spin up an NFL+ app for $15/month? They’d probably make more off the subscriptions and ads than just selling the broadcast rights.

  10. I really wish streaming wouldn’t be the only option. Streaming live events is terrible because of the long lag time / latency. They say it’s about 5 to 10 seconds but that is a lie, it averages around 30 to 45 seconds or more which really sucks when you get a notification on your phone app, etc. about a big play or a score before you even see it on TV. Directv even being satellite had very low delay. Until technology can catch up, streaming is a bad idea for sports.

  11. Amazon?? Amazon is streaming. You think you’ll get it for free with your Prime membership?? Wrong. You’ll pay for it regardless of who gets the deal. It’s a multi-billion dollar show. I just hope a sports fan can get ala cart pricing where you can pay to watch one or more teams but not all!

  12. Amazon

    Sell it to each of them so they can deliver it within current streaming packages and services.

  13. nagasakee says:

    December 14, 2022 at 8:40 pm

    C’mon Amazon! (I don’t care about Amazon, just don’t want to pay for yet another streaming package.)
    I’d rather pay for another streamer than have Amazons poor quality like thursday night. If you have high speed internet then amazon is likely fine but if you don’t the lagging and freezing is horrible and it would actually be cheaper to add an additional streaming service than to upgrade internet 💩💩💩

  14. Anyone besides the Direct TV holding me HOSTAGE and ripping millions of customers off!

  15. They’re based on it being the best outcome with the best party.” And not the best outcome for the fans, sounds like to me. Seem like every time you here what’s best for the NFL will not be the best outcome for the fans ever. When Sunday ticket first came out it was affordable if you could afford DTV now the price is what keeps me watching Hockey because Sunday ticket is for the well off, and the average fan is stuck with the networks. Way to go ROGER this why you get boooooooed at the draft.

  16. Guaranteed to screw the fans. If Thursday night football is any indication this will benefit only the league!

  17. Apple screws everything else up. Might as well screw this up. You think Direct tv is a money hog, wait until Apple gets their hands on it. Price and choice will be worse than now.

  18. Whoever gets it, it won’t be what fans really want. It’s going to be expensive and it won’t offer the option to buy single games, and probably not just a single team’s games.

    The other aspect of this is that DirectTV was able to offer free Sunday Ticket or steep discounts because of their tv packages. No way any dedicated streaming service will be open to price negotiations or steep discounts – especially if they’re paying a high price to offer this package.

  19. Streaming is fine for “Downton Abbey” or other stage dramas but is useless for sports. Things move fast, the encoder gets behind, and the next thing you know, you’re looking at artifacts all over the screen. No thanks!

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