Report: Steve Keim, Cardinals are expected to part ways

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The indefinite medical leave of absence that Cardinals G.M. Steve Keim recently commenced reportedly will be permanent.

Via Jonathan Jones of CBS, Keim and the Cardinals are expected to part ways in the offseason.

Keim signed an extension through 2027 earlier this year, along with coach Kliff Kingsbury. The duration of the contracts coupled with the absence of any details whatsoever about the terms of the deals created suspicion for some (at least, for me) that they weren’t ironclad or fully guaranteed or particularly lucrative, relative to the market.

Kingsbury’s future could be determined by a new G.M. Or Kingsbury could be fired, with the Cardinals having a clean slate for 2023.

Keim has been the G.M. since 2013. He has survived some bad seasons, along with a suspension following a DUI.

The Cardinals have made it to the playoffs three times under Keim. They advanced to the NFC Championship in 2015, and lost in the divisional round the other two times.

8 responses to “Report: Steve Keim, Cardinals are expected to part ways

  1. Josh Morgan says:
    December 18, 2022 at 2:22 pm
    Kyler Murray, the gift that keeps on giving


    It’s Kyler Murray’s fault that Keim has been blowing draft picks since he was in junior high? The Murray hate is not based in reality.

  2. So much hate for Kyler Murray. The odd hatred for a guy simply for being short and making to the NFL. Let it go.

    On the other hand, Steve Keim is the king of blowing first-round draft picks. His departure is the BEST thing that can happen for AZ. Good riddance.

  3. This honestly sounds like a rehab stint, and that he cannot handle the stress (and NFL GM is a pressure cooker of a job) and maintain his sobriety.

    I wish him a long sober life.

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