Patrick Mahomes: I’d rather win another Super Bowl than another MVP award

Kansas City Chiefs v Houston Texans
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Three weeks from today, the regular season will be over. The hay will be in the barn for any and all major awards.

The most major of the major award is the Most Valuable Player.

It means a lot to media and fans and those who wager on the outcome. It means far less to one of the men in the mix for it.

“I honestly don’t care,” Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes told PFT after Sunday’s 30-24 overtime win in Houston. “As long as we win the Super Bowl, it won’t matter to me. I just try to go out there and compete. I’ve won a MVP and I won a Super Bowl, and a Super Bowl is a lot better.”

Indeed it is. To a man, everyone who has won the MVP award and not won the Super Bowl that same year — a streak that dates back to the Kurt Warner double-dip in 1999 — would trade the regular-season MVP award for a Super Bowl ring.

And Mahomes is uniquely situated to comment on the situation. He’s been the regular-season MVP. He’s been the Super Bowl MVP. He knows which one really matters.

8 responses to “Patrick Mahomes: I’d rather win another Super Bowl than another MVP award

  1. Ewwin Wawgers would disagree – self-esteem padding starts with personal awards. Team is just an annoyance.

  2. I’d rather win the MVP than win a Super bowl, personally. His situation is different as he’s already and NFL star and I’m not.

    For my team and my QB I’d rather the Super Bowl title, obviously.

    But ya if I was just a run of the mill QB who had a great year, give me the MVP and the cash that comes with it over the title.

  3. springfield says:
    December 19, 2022 at 11:32 am
    Ryan Leaf could have a 13-1 record as the Eagles QB. That team is so good!



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