No decision yet on Week 17 Sunday Night Football game

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys
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Today usually is the NFL deadline for TV flex decisions for the following week. But for Week 17, the league has the option of delaying the decision another week.

No decision came today.

Thus, it isn’t expected to come until after this weekend’s games.

The Chargers-Rams game currently is scheduled for Sunday Night Football on Jan. 1. That matchup looked appetizing before the season began.

But the defending Super Bowl champions are 4-10 and hard hit by injuries. Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp are among the Rams on injured reserve, and Aaron Donald has missed the past three games with a high-ankle sprain.

Better options than the Chargers-Rams might be the Dolphins-Patriots or Jets-Seahawks.

The Steelers-Ravens, Bucs-Panthers and Vikings-Packers are among the other matchups that could have playoff intrigue for one team or both.

21 responses to “No decision yet on Week 17 Sunday Night Football game

  1. Honestly, as a Seahawks fan, I’d LOVE to see the Dolphins – Patriots game in primetime. Division game, with playoff implications for at least the Dolphins, if not both teams.

  2. I hope the NFL shows the Vikings/Packers game. I don’t care whether the Vikings win or lose the Super Bowl, but I will take a loss here so our season is done and my arch nemesis Gute is out next year, which is my priority. No one, and I mean no one, crosses me and gets away with it. Look at what happened to McCarthy. I showed him who’s boss.

  3. My bet is on the Jets-Seahawks. Seattle could upset KC this week the way the Chiefs have been playing. But, Wow, one of the few times the NFL has a slate of terrible match-ups. Its one team having a great year vs a team that is close to being out of contention. None of those teams looks like one that could make playoff noise other than LAC but they apparently don’t have a fan base.

  4. These flex games are great for people who don’t prepare, in any capacity, to watch them. For those who take a specific time off from work for the game, whether it be to simply watch the game or to physically travel for the game, this is a massive pain.

  5. Jets @ Seahawks; I’m hoping. That would mean they likely beat KC or at least are still playing to get into the playoffs.

  6. Vikings-Packers, if the Packers are still in it, would be the only decent game of the three.

  7. The league schedulers or broadcasters are dumb to have even scheduled an LA-LA prime time game. Jets-Seahawks is your move now

  8. Raven will get the week 18 Sunday night game if it’s for the AFC North title. It’s the only close competitive division left.

  9. Bucs-Panthers? I wouldn’t put any NFC South game on the home shopping network, let alone Sunday Night Football…

  10. Pick the one that will be least affected by the weather so we can at least have a better chance of decent play. Which rules out the games in Baltimore and Green Bay, at minimum.

  11. CBS will have protected Vikings-Packers long ago as their marquee game, so it won’t be Vikings-Packers on SNF.

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