Chase Young on staying patient: I wish it was a faster process, but it is what it is

Washington Commanders v Houston Texans
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Commanders edge rusher Chase Young tore his ACL on Nov. 14, 2021, but also ruptured a his patella. Dr. James Andrews used a graft from the tendon in Young’s left knee to repair Young’s right knee. That made his recovery longer than normal.

More than a year later, Young still has not returned to game action.

“I wish it was a faster process, but it is what it is,” Young said, via video from Ben Standig of “. . . Just being patient. Got to be patient.”

Young has taken criticism from fans who don’t realize why it has taken longer for his return than an ACL typically takes. Young said “eventually” everyone would know the full extent of his injury.

He returned to practice Nov. 2 and has limited practices in every practice since his activation to the active roster Nov. 21.

“Every day I feel like I’m getting better. Every day I feel like I’m getting stronger, more comfortable,” Young said. “Just got to keep going, continuing that.”

Young didn’t offer any idea about when he might return to game action, saying he continues to take it “day by day.”

“We’ve got a good plan. I’m just sticking to that,” Young said.

23 responses to “Chase Young on staying patient: I wish it was a faster process, but it is what it is

  1. No fans are upset by the constant cat and mouse he/the team keep playing. If he wasn’t going to be ready why was he activated in November? He basically will have taken up a roster spot for 2 months without stepping on the field. That’s the issue.

  2. If I had a dollar for every time an athlete said “it is what it is” I would have enough cash to buy an NFL franchise.

  3. Not dissing Chase Young but the team would have been better now and far into the future if they picked Justin Herbert instead.

  4. He’s no Bosa. But when healthy he’s really good. Stay patient Washington fans. He’ll get there

  5. I’m all for Chaseless Young to sit on the bench for the rest of the year. Give him a toaster as a parting gift at the end of the season.

  6. justmyopinion says:
    December 21, 2022 at 4:39 pm
    “It is what it is” quote made famous by athletes.


    And ironically that too ‘is what it is’.

  7. lmao @ fans questioning world renowned surgeons and medical staffs. As if your medical opinion on a internet message board matters. He’s hurt. Thats it…..when they say he can play he will.

  8. He’s only 23, let him heal right. He’s got the ability, the commanders are not going anywhere in the playoffs as currently built. Best for the team is he gets healthy and gets right.

  9. He was activated in November because the team had to, else he was shelved for the rest of the season. Team thought at that point he was a week or two away. Not so apparently, or his camp just doesn’t want him to go. In fairness this wasn’t a standard ACL, he’s 23 still so, is it even worth it? Commanders MIGHT make the dance but aren’t going anywhere if they do. I empathize with his situation, I also think he was over drafted and overrated. He was completely neutralized in his national championship game and his overall tape is not as good as lore and the media would lead you to believe

  10. Finally a snippet of information where the fans were beginning to think we needed government clearance to get. Chase young was off the IR list one month ago and all we kept getting from Ron Rivera was hopefully next week on his return to the field.
    His presence week 15 could have influenced the turn of the game against the Giants and now they risk not making the playoffs.
    If he is truly not ready to go 100%. That is fine but don’t keep us guessing….

  11. “I wish it was a faster process…”

    *were a faster process” because obviously it is not, so the subjunctive, a condition contrary to fact.

  12. It sounds like the issue is how the repair was done.

    I can’t imagine a world class surgeon thought it HAD to be done that way. My guess is, Chase picked that repair type for some anti-science based fear.

    I’m not a Dr., but i imagine there’s options as normal to take parts from cadavers, or even stem cell grown stuff. Using a graft from your own body seems like a random choice.

  13. yeah, that’s great get well but don’t come demanding a huge contract based on you potential – contracts are based on performance

  14. ImproveSports says:
    December 21, 2022 at 4:23 pm
    If I had a dollar for every time an athlete said “it is what it is” I would have enough cash to buy an NFL franchise.

    No. No you wouldn’t.

  15. The one fact that most are overlooking is that he has been cleared to play by the doctors. Most, if not all, athletes are chomping at the bit to get back to the game. It’s a mental thing with him.

  16. Overhyped and bust…another lavar Arrington….they will finish last and miss playoffs again.

  17. Meanwhile, he gets to go over a year with nothing more strenuous than half-speed practices and accrues a season of service getting a year closer to free agency. He’s getting paid.

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