Despite leading all players in fan voting, Tua Tagovailoa doesn’t make the Pro Bowl

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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The fans stuffed the ballot box for Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. In the end, getting the most votes of any NFL player wasn’t enough to propel him to the Pro Bowl. Or whatever it’s now called.

The AFC quarterbacks, based on the final voting consisting of one third fans, one third coaches, and one third players, are Josh Allen of the Bills, Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs, and Joe Burrow of the Bengals.

Tagovailoa is a first alternate. He’ll definitely make it, if the Bills, Chiefs, or Bengals qualify for the Super Bowl.

Of course, the Dolphins could still qualify for the Super Bowl. And that’s a far bigger accomplishment for Tua, and for the team.

The Dolphins have three Pro Bowlers, for now: receiver Tyreek Hill, tackle Terron Armstead, and cornerback Xavien Howard.

42 responses to “Despite leading all players in fan voting, Tua Tagovailoa doesn’t make the Pro Bowl

  1. How is Howard a Pro Bowler? Anyone who has watched the dolphins or at minimum looked at advanced stats could see he hasn’t even been average.

  2. They got the top three right in the AFC. However, Tua would be 5th and in if they didn’t divide it by conference. He’s better than Geno Smith and Kirk Cousins.

  3. Big fan, but agree with the three selections. Not a fan of the fans having a vote – should only be players and coaches. With three regular season games remaining: Go Tua Tagovailoa! Roll Tide! Go Dolphins!

  4. ……Checks the weather forecast for Vegas on February 23….. “Yea hi, take me off that pro bowl selection.” -Tua

  5. Tua tanked in the 49ers and Chargers games, the Dolphins will limp into the playoffs and then Tua will lead them to the SB.

  6. I’ve watched every Dolphins game this season and Xavien Howard has had an awful year. He’s been beaten regularly and has looked slow to the ball all year, giving up a lot of long completions.

  7. As the #1 Dolfan I see no slight in Tua not being made a starter because the QB’s ahead of him are batter “AT THIS TIME” I am just happy he made it as a first alternate because he has improved in his first year with our new HC. I find no shame in having a top 5 QB in the AFC according to the vote!

  8. Tua deserves to be there, but it’s hard to argue against Butrow, Allen and Mahomes. They all had a couple clunker games, but Tua also missed 3 games due to injury. He almost made up for it by leading the NFL in almost every QB statistical category. Here’s to qualifying for the playoffs and making a run!

  9. That ain’t cool…. the league depends on the fans’ money and they basically ignored the fans’ wish.. Both Tua and Harrison Smith (who led the safeties) were snubbed- am sure there are some more I’m not as familiar with.

  10. Total popularity contest, Howard shouldn’t of made it but Tua, Wilkins and Ingold should of

  11. Tua has 24 total TD. Mahomes has 38 while Allen and Burrow have 36. Tua has had an excellent year though.

  12. The AFC pro bowl is gonna be filled with Allen, Mahomes, and Burrow for the foreseeable future. Tua played better than people thought, but he is not even close to their class.

  13. I guess everyone already knew but looking at the Pro Bowl rosters really underscores how much better the AFC quarterbacks are.

  14. I am a Dolphins fan and a massive fan of Xavien Howard. Still, I do not know how he made the Pro Bowl this year. He is not playing at the level we have seen him play the past few years. Tua on the other hand is having a much better year than Joe Burrow of the Bengals, Tua got dissed.

  15. As a fins fan I believe Tua should have made it over Howard. Xavien had a horrible year with one int. To show for it. He was burnt constantly. He played injured for most of the season which definitely slowed him down. I just feel there are a lot more cornerbacks who played better that deserve recognition.

  16. And that, kids, is why fan voting is a waste of time. The NFL does what the NFL wants to do, and making fans happy isn’t on its list. Never has been.

  17. Barring injuries, AFC will be dominated for at least a decade by these four QBs: Mahomes, Allen, Burrow, and Herbert.

  18. NFC vs AFC format is dumb for pro bowls if pro bowls influence Hall of Fame voting. There are no NFC and AFC HoFs. No way Cousins deserves this honor. No way Geno does over Tua.

  19. Tua should be 1st alternate like he is, he hasn’t been better than Mahomes, Allen or Burrow but has still had a great season. But I get it, there are still players getting in on reputation alone. No offense, TJ Watt is one of the best defensive players in the game but he’s missed 7 games and has not had a pro bowl season. That is just one example of many of the players that have made it just on name recognition which is bogus. Plenty of players that have had great seasons that have been left off the roster due to popularity (Zeitler) or perhaps not playing a sexy position like NT (DJ Reader). The NFL should just do away with fan and player voting and just let the coaches pick the best players because who would know better then them?

  20. Given the number of touchdowns per game played, Tua is even with the other three QB’s. However, he has thrown less int’s per game and has better stats than all of them. Jalen Hurts is the only one with better stats.
    Tua wouldn’t be able to attend anyway.

  21. Why are people saying tua should have made it over Howard? They don’t play the same position, and pro bowl picks aren’t awarded by team like other sports leagues

  22. A thought experiment:
    All 32 NFL GMs redraft the selection of any quarterback for the rest of the decade. The first three picks would be exactly the three QBs that made the Pro Bowl for the AFC.
    Tua isn’t being slighted, he’s just competing for those selections against the three best young quarterbacks in the league.

  23. This reminds me of when the NFL fixed last year’s Super Bowl for the Rams. Sure maybe it was a good idea to try to create interest in that disinterested LA market, but it sure wasn’t what the fans wanted. Future Hall of Famer Joe Burrow vs Matt Stafford and you fix it for Stafford? Who are these writers? That’s like having Drew Bledsoe beat Brett Favre. Why would you do that?

  24. The “Pro Bowl” continues to be nothing more than a worthless popularity contest. Scrap it all together and let the stats to the talking. If you achieve certain stats during the year, you reach “All-Pro” status. That’s it. That’s all you get. No fan votes, no coaches votes, no players votes. You let your play do the talking for you and you reach a status, not get to play in some meaningless non-existent game or flag football match up.

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