Report: Devin Duvernay suffered broken bone in foot

Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens
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The Ravens placed receiver Devin Duvernay on injured reserve on Tuesday, ending at least his regular season.

Now there’s some more clarity as to the severity of Duvernay’s injury.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, Duvernay suffered a broken bone in his foot during the day’s practice.

While he faces a recovery time of around two months, Duvernay should make a full recovery for the 2023 season.

The foot injury prematurely ends Duvernay’s third season. A third-round pick in 2020, Duvernnay caught 37 passes for 207 yards with three touchdowns. He also had 84 rushing yards on 12 carries with a touchdown.

Duvernay’s loss might be most felt in the return game, where he averaged 25.5 yards per kick return and 11.9 yards per punt return. His 103-yard kick return for a touchdown is the longest this season.

7 responses to “Report: Devin Duvernay suffered broken bone in foot

  1. So they sign Sammy Watkins come on man! Give one of the youngsters on the practice squad a chance. Everyone knows Watkins can’t play anymore neither can Desean Jackson!

  2. At some point it’s not an accident that they haven’t had a decent WR in 4-5 years. Imagine how good this Offense/team could be if Lamar didn’t have to do everything and his only reliable option wasn’t Adnrews.

    There are very few QB’s that carry their team the way Lamar does. Without him they are a bottom feeder (as we saw last year, when they went from Division leader to missing the playoffs).

    If he decides to sit out the rest of the year (instead of risking more injury and not getting an extension or Franchised), the Ravens are cooked like dinner

  3. Did the injury occur on a called passing play? Because I still have my doubts that Roman knows what a pass is.

  4. @harveyredman if the Ravens actually had a QB, they wouldn’t need someone to “carry” them. Good QBs make your receivers better. Bad QBs make your receivers look terrible.

  5. I’ve never been much of a fan of Lamar Jackson, but even I got to admit that his receiving corps keeps getting worse with every year he’s been the starter in Baltimore.
    It’s also why it was so funny when ‘experts’ raved about their recent drafts despite not addressing that glaring hole on their roster.

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