Bengals clinch playoff berth with Jets loss

Cincinnati Bengals v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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The Bengals didn’t play on Thursday night but they still benefited from the result.

With the Jets’ 19-3 loss to the Jaguars, Cincinnati clinched a playoff berth.

At 10-4, the Bengals had a shot to clinch a playoff berth this week with either a win over the Patriots or a tie. But a Jets loss or tie also locked up the postseason spot.

Cincinnati still is chasing the AFC North title, which can’t be clinched this week.

“The goal is always the division title,” quarterback Joe Burrow said on Tuesday, via Geoff Hobson of the team’s website. “Obviously, making the playoffs is great and we can clinch on Saturday, but that’s not really the goal.”

Still, unlike the defending-champion Rams who have already been eliminated from the postseason, the Bengals are now guaranteed a shot at not only defending their AFC title, but also winning the whole thing in February.

14 responses to “Bengals clinch playoff berth with Jets loss

  1. I am not a Bengals fan or a LSU fan but Burrow is winning the Super Bowl this year. He is new Joe Cool. This kid is the truth.

  2. Who Dey wanna them Bengals in the playoffs? Nooooobody! We know we are in KCs head and the Bills look out AFC

  3. Wait a minute. That wasn’t supposed to happen. All you smart guys were saying the Bengals couldn’t get back to the playoffs this season. Or even win 6. Schedule too tough, couldn’t sneak up on anyone this time, everyone gunning for them, they’re flukes, they suck, yadda yadda. Whatever. Mission NOT yet accomplished. On to Foxboro, for now. No prisoners.

  4. Dear Santa,

    Zebra and Pat Patriot Uni’s for the Christmas Eve Game please. If you give me that, I promise I’ll be good next year. Promise.


  5. I’m a lifelong bengals fan and that last sentence in this article gave me goose bumps, WHO DEY!

  6. Bengals are still chasing the #1 AFC spot, and they are one Chiefs misfire from getting it too.

  7. I am a Pats fan however love what the Bengals are doing. Hope they win it all though nothing is a given.

  8. I seem to remember a lot of “fans”, mainly Stealer fans and others of that ilk, stating just after the Super Bowl last year; “You guys were just lucky, and you got to the post season because of your easy schedule. Wait until next year when you don’t make the playoffs because it’s a lot different playing a first place schedule.”

    Yup, it sure is different… and whatta ya know?

    First place schedule and we make the playoffs!
    Still have a good shot at taking the division again and a shot at #1 seed!

    Stealer fan tears are my favorite, but hater tears are almost as good.


  9. Remind me again how many interceptions Joe burrow threw against the Steelers defense? Ya, we own him.

  10. Remind me again of the last time the stealers won a playoff game?


    How many playoff wins do the stealers have in the past decade?


    You own nothing but your own misery yinzers…

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