Bruce Arians is confident Bucs will win division, then chase another championship

Cincinnati Bengals v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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It’s easy to become exasperated with the Buccaneers. They go from showing signs of life to playing like the John McKay-era Yuccaneers.

But the Bucs remain in first place in the NFC South, despite being 6-8. Former coach (and current assistant to the regional manager) Bruce Arians still sees the glass as half full. Presumably with some sort of alcohol-based beverage.

“This is going to be one of those seasons where [fans] say, ‘I hate you! I hate you! Oh my God, ‘I love you! I love you!’” Arians recently told Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, via “Todd [Bowles] will win the division. Whatever happens after that? I hope we get rings.”

If the Bucs win the division, they’ll be the No. 4 seed. Two years ago, they won the Super Bowl as the fifth seed.

“Who cares if our record is 8-9?” Arians said. “Regardless of whether you’re 17-0 or 4-13, you win the division and you have a division banner and then you try for your next goal to get to the Super Bowl.”

He’s right. And, by the way, Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady has played 47 postseason games.

It’s almost as if the Bucs lack urgency in the 2022 regular season because they don’t need it. Do enough to win the division, get a home playoff game, win it, and then take the show to Philly or Santa Clara or Minnesota, where the starting quarterbacks collectively have five postseason appearances.

So, yes, the Bucs likely will make it to the playoffs. When they get there, they can make things happen — if they wake up and play to their full potential.

22 responses to “Bruce Arians is confident Bucs will win division, then chase another championship

  1. I think Todd Bowles is a brilliant coach, and Arians drove everyone crazy when he was in charge, but he was so clearly the straw that stirred the drink there. I wonder if Tommy regrets his power play…

  2. The Bucs have shown absolutely no signs whatsoever that they can play at a championship level this season.

    What makes anyone think they can just flip a switch?

  3. They do not have the horses at a few critical positions, including QB, to do ANY damage in the Playoffs.

  4. This team has almost exclusively beaten bad teams and been beaten by middling ones all season. They lack both firepower and competent coaching. Most teams in the NFC playoffs will be glad to match up with them.

  5. Old man needs to lay off the sauce. That whole team is garbage. Washed up Tommy and the whole lot.

    The only wins they had were against teams the refs kept them in.

  6. Really would like to see the Panthers take the division….at least Wilks has turned that team around a little

  7. The TB Bucs played at a playoff level last week for the first half. That’s the best they looked all season. It wasn’t sustained and nothing about their season promises it can get fixed. Gronk (Since he’s bored) coming back would certainly help.

    Carolina still has a legitimate chance to take the division. I’m not sure many are hoping for TB to make the playoffs. I’m not.

  8. I am confident that a VERY high percentage of fans, Bucs fans included, have no interest in hearing from BA

  9. The BUCS can’t beat Philly, MN, San Fran especially on the road. The BUCS have the Talent on their roster but they just seem “off”. It’s not just one player or one part of their. Injuries, lack of decent Practices and bad coaching. I hope TB12 retires not because I don’t like him..I am a fan but it’s sad to see him struggle and under throw players ect. This is Philly’s year.

  10. If they played in a halfway competent division, their season would be over. However, they don’t so they will back into the playoffs.

  11. As a buc fan I can tell you, is not going to happen, this team lacks the talent and looks incredible underprepared, we are just prolonging the agony.

  12. The NFL really needs to require at least a 500 record to get into the playoffs as a division champ. I believe that winning your division should be rewarded but only up to a point. If you win it and cannot post a 500 record then move to seeding by best record. The other division winners would be the first 3 seeds but after that its by record. If you still get in with a losing record fine but you are seeded accordingly. If you win your division with a losing record you might also miss the playoffs. I’d be OK with just seeding all teams by record. A 2nd place team could host a division winner if they had a better record. I prefer the 1st option but would be ok with either of these changes.

  13. Once you’re in the tournament anything can happen. We could end up seeing the Lions vs. the Bucs in the NFC Conference Championship game

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