Report: Daniel Snyder already has received offers “well north” of $7 billion for Commanders

Hearing held on toxic workspace at Washington Commanders
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Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder reportedly wants $7 billion for the team. He may need to adjust his expectations.

They’re too low.

Via Mike Ozanian of, Snyder already has received offers “well north” of $7 billion for the team.

It’s believed that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will make a bid, and that if he wants the team, he’ll get it. Some have wondered whether Bezos will scare away other bidders who know that they won’t get the team — and that driving up the price for the Commanders will only make other teams that become available more expensive.

When it comes to NFL franchises, the book value based on revenues or whatever don’t matter. What matters is what someone will pay, especially in an industry that has seen nothing but growth.

It’s still not entirely clear that Snyder will sell. As the numbers keep going up, he’ll eventually get an offer that he can’t refuse — especially since the Broncos went for a mere $4.65 billion just a few months ago.

39 responses to “Report: Daniel Snyder already has received offers “well north” of $7 billion for Commanders

  1. BS. broncos sold for $4.5 B 5 months ago. 150 % premupium simply because of bistory? I dont buy it as the revenues from the league are the same for. Oth teams. The difference in value has to come from lical marketing and game day revenues. .washington stinks in both those departments. This is a planned leak to get bidders to up the price.

  2. The sooner he sells, the better. For Washington fans who have had to put up with his shenanigans for 23 years and for league who will no longer have to cope with the weekly embarrassment his organization is (the latest example being their “tribute” to Sean Taylor…a wire frame mannequin wearing his jersey, pants and soccer cleats)

  3. Well I guess that water bottle full of coins I’d been saving will have to be repurposed now.

  4. Buyer beware. At $7B, the team couldn’t possibly make enough Net Income justify the price. But guess if you have that much to burn, you don’t really care? Always count on some sucker later to pay more?

  5. Will Bezos be forced to stop using HGH because it’s on the banned substance list. There have been coaches who have been suspended and fined for using HGH (Wade Wilson)

  6. This country becomes more disturbing by the day.


    Agreed. There was a time when people had integrity and kept their word by hiring the terms of their bets

  7. For those who think the high price is impossible and a losing proposition, think again. NFL franchises print money. And you take even a franchise that has been mismanaged into oblivion and driven its fan base away for an entire generation, as soon as this franchise is sold it will once again be one of the flagship NFL franchises. The fans will be back and the new owner will have a honeymoon period that has never been seen before. They will have 3 jurisdictions fighting over luring the team with a new stadium, while today Snyder has nobody that wants him. They likely get a new stadium at the RFK site in DC but Virginia’s governor is already trying to get a stadium authority going with a site in Sterling, east of Dulles Airport being discussed in addition to the site down I-95 in Woodbridge that the team purchased (and would be a horrible location based on traffic alone). So, take a revitalized franchise with a proud tradition, with a new stadium on the way, in the lucrative DC market and a franchise that Forbes valued at $5.5 billion in a state of disrepair will instantly be worth far more.

  8. Let me make myself perfectly clear. I am not interested in the purchase of the club at this time. If invited I will not attend. If asked I will not bid. How much clearer can I be?

  9. bozobiden says:
    December 22, 2022 at 9:23 pm
    Anyone but Bezos
    Sorry, but better you than me…

    Go Hawks!

  10. hollietamale says:
    December 22, 2022 at 10:36 pm
    Let me make myself perfectly clear. I am not interested in the purchase of the club at this time. If invited I will not attend. If asked I will not bid. How much clearer can I be?
    You are just trying to get Snyder to lower the price aren’t you!…..slick…..

  11. Just crunching some numbers here…Dan Snyder is ~60 years old. If he gets at least $7 billion, and assuming he lives to be 100 years old, he could spend ~$480,000 a day or $175 million a year.

    That’s. Just. Insane.

  12. mrdaz says:
    December 22, 2022 at 10:39 pm
    Why didn’t my great-grandfather offer $10000 for the Washington franchise in 1939??
    In 80 years your great grand kids will wonder why you didn’t buy the Washington Commanders for only $7 billion.

  13. Snyder should sell and then take that money and buy a MLB team that is cheap like the Pirates and turn them into a winner.

  14. The Phoenix Suns just sold for $4 billion. Washington is a top 5 most valuable franchise league in a league that makes more money than the NBA. $7-8 billion should be expected.

  15. I would imagine the bidding starts at $8.5 billion. Must be nice. That said, what would be the number for the Cowboys?

  16. Any price would be cheap to get Mr Snyder out of the NFL and bring this proud franchise back to glory. First thing for a new owner. Please change the Commanders name as I cannot find a single person who likes it. Even my mom who doesn’t watch sports hates it.

  17. I call BS on this!

    Daniel Snyder is well know for using the media to control a narrative. I don’t think it’s coincidence this comes on the heals of Matt Isiba bowing out to purchase the Phoenix Suns.

    I don’t think Danny has any buyers at his price and is “leaking” false info again in attempt to “help” a sale.

  18. First, all the people talking traffic and Woodbridge and the drive…just stop, there’s traffic going to and leaving FedEx, as for Woodbridge, if folks will drive from NC, NJ, PA, WVA etc., they’ll drive to Woodbridge. Second, show me one NFL team that doesn’t have traffic issues on game day, especially after the game when you have everyone leaving at the same time, some just don’t know how to plan on GameDay,now tailgaters get there early, and most stay late continuing the festivities. The team should be and belongs in DC,I will say this much, traffic going to RFK and FedEx wasn’t any different before and after, albeit leaving RFK trying to get back on 295 might have been a bit more hectic.

  19. A big part of the team’s value stems from the location of their training facility it Ashburn. It is right in the middle of the Data Center capital of the world.

  20. Nobody’s going to spend that much for a team in this market. DC has a horrible fan base. Your home attendance is dictated by who the opponent is (gotta hope their fan base travels since you don’t have one), you can’t make money from jersey sales, etc., (there are more Ravens and Cowboys sales in this area than Commanders), tv ratings are in the toilet, it’s a transient area (very few people from the area live in the area), etc. etc.

  21. Yes, because not knowing “book values or revenues or whatever” is how people become and stay billionaires. Wouldn’t a simpler answer be “I don’t actually know how that valuation is arrived at”?

  22. Even better, that $7 billion will be tax-free once Snyder funnels it thru his scam charitable Foundation.

  23. December 22, 2022 at 9:03 pm
    Zelinsky was just in town with 40+ billion. Coincidence?

    Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if our tax dollars went to that

  24. Snyder has a history of being less than truthful but the media reports everything he says like it’s fact.

    Of course Snyder is trying to drive the price up.

    I’m selling my old Chevy pickup. I already have multiple offers over asking so you better make your bid a good one! LOL

  25. Don’t be so sure about the future successes of the NFL. There was a time when other sports had their “Golden Ages”, especially boxing, horse racing and baseball. Greed is driving the NFL, greed of the owners, greed of the players, greed of coaches, greed of announcers, greed of the television producers. I feel like FANS already pay an exorbitant amount to view the games just by spending over sixty minutes, that’s correct, over one hour per game watching television commercials. This season cost more money to view Thursday night games on “Prime”, a pretty bad product with pixilating and frozen video. If FANS want to see the Christmas Eve game featuring the Steelers and Raiders commemoration of the dramatic Franco Harris, (RIP Franco), “Immaculate Reception”, they’ll have to pony up and pay for NFL Network. With all the concerns of CTE parents are not letting their kids play youth football. The introduction of NIL at the collegiate level was bad enough, now it’s down to the high school level. NIL will have a damaging effect, especially in the high schools. Why should I risk bodily injury blocking for a teammate so he/she can cash in? Greed has the Golden Goose by the throat and it ain’t lettin’ go!

  26. pbdisciple says:
    December 22, 2022 at 9:53 pm
    Buyer beware. At $7B, the team couldn’t possibly make enough Net Income justify the price. But guess if you have that much to burn, you don’t really care? Always count on some sucker later to pay more?


    That’s what people said when Snyder paid $800M. Live sports has incredible value to the carriers. The value of these teams will continue to rise considerably, there’s almost no risk to parking $7B in owning an NFL team if you’re wealthy enough to have $7B to park somewhere.

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