NFL, NFLPA find no violations in handling of DeVante Parker’s concussion

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals
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The NFL and NFL Players Association initiated a review of the handling of a concussion suffered by Patriots wide receiver DeVante Parker during the team’s Week 14 game in Arizona and they released their findings on Friday.

Parker displayed signs of instability while getting to his feet after making a catch and hitting his head on the ground, but was lining up for the next play before the game was stopped because the Cardinals were challenging whether or not he actually made the catch. The review was done to find out why concussion spotters had not stopped the game in order to have Parker evaluated for a head injury.

The report from the league and union says that one spotter was speaking with the Patriots medical staff at the time of the play and that the other one informed his colleague of the need to stop play to get Parker off the field. The other spotter agreed after seeing video of the play and they “were in the process of calling a Medical Timeout when play was stopped due to the Cardinals throwing a challenge flag.”

Based on that response, the NFL and NFLPA “are satisfied [Parker] would not have participated in another play even if the Cardinals had not challenged the play.”

Patriots wide receiver Nelson Agholor could be seen trying to signal officials and the Patriots sideline to stop the game because Parker was in need of medical assistance. The report says “the parties commend” Agholor for drawing attention to Parker’s condition while noting that “the ability of various individuals to trigger a concussion evaluation is a critical component of the concussion protocol.”

Parker did not play in Week 15 because of his concussion and has been ruled out for Saturday’s game against the Bengals as well.

2 responses to “NFL, NFLPA find no violations in handling of DeVante Parker’s concussion

  1. Of course they didn’t find a violation, even though their timeline of events do not fit with what actually happened. If it wasn’t for Agholor Parker would have gotten clocked again.

  2. It looked like refs were waiting for the spotters to stop the game. But, when it’s as obvious as it was for Parker, coaches and refs should act before spotters finish watching the reply. Didn’t take a degree or special training to see something was up.

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