Jerry Jones: It’s too late to realistically think Odell Beckham can help us this season

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones expressed pessimism on his Friday radio show about signing free agent receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

After the team’s 40-34 Christmas Eve win over the Eagles, Jones indicated the team’s pursuit of Beckham is done for this season.

“Well, I think the big thing is me or whoever has let enough time go as we get toward the end of the season that it’s not realistic to think about having him in any meaningful way for the playoffs,” Jones said. “That’s not dismissing [signing Beckham in] the future, but it is dismissing, for the most part, the reality of him getting in here and helping us in the playoffs. That was a big part of the equation.”

The Cowboys sought to upgrade their receiving corps in recent weeks after losing Cedrick Wilson in free agency and trading Amari Cooper. They signed James Washington during free agency, but he had a foot injury in training camp and has played only two games and has no catches. The Cowboys made him a healthy scratch Saturday.

But they signed T.Y. Hilton earlier this month, and Hilton had a 52-yard reception on third-and-30 after back-to-back sacks of Dak Prescott.

Jones said that play has given him more confidence in his receiving corps.

“It was all there — his experience, his speed — to turn around and make that play,” Jones said. “That’s exactly what I thought he could get a chance to do. He was so excited about getting to come in here and be in games. I’m really proud for him. I’m really proud for our team, too, because he’ll add a dimension to this thing that just opens it up a little more.”

9 responses to “Jerry Jones: It’s too late to realistically think Odell Beckham can help us this season

  1. They don’t need him. There are many things the Cowboys need to improve on but their receiving corps (especially if you count backs and TEs) is far down the list.

  2. It scares me when Jerry Jones sounds logical. Unfortunately he has been doing that a lot lately. I do not like it when the Cowboys are great.

  3. He’s not interested in “helping” anyone but himself. Never has been a team player and never will be.

  4. Maybe teach Dax not to run out of bounds when you’re trying to take time off the clock. And OBJ refusing to workout is a big red flag. With Jerrah he’s so desperate to win another SB before he takes a dirt nap that he’d sign his mailman if he thought it would help…

  5. worf1701d says:
    December 24, 2022 at 8:40 pm
    The only one still talking about this is Jerry.


    I’m guessing because he’s on a radio show and someone asked him about it?

  6. When will it be too late to bring up his name in the media for doing nothing for anyone? He’s not any type of role model. He’s not on the field. Why bother with him?

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