Ron Rivera won’t make “knee-jerk” decision about next week’s QB

Washington Commanders v San Francisco 49ers
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After last Sunday’s loss to the Giants, Commanders head coach Ron Rivera said that he would have to think about changing quarterbacks if the team’s offensive production didn’t improve and Rivera pulled the trigger on a move this Sunday.

Rivera pulled Taylor Heinicke after two turnovers and put Carson Wentz in for the first time since he injured his finger in the sixth game of the season. Wentz went 12-of-16 for 123 yards and a touchdown to create uncertainty about who will start against the Browns in Week 17.

That decision hasn’t been made yet. Rivera said he needs to “evaluate the tape” before making a call about who is going to start the team’s next game.

“It’s not going to be a knee-jerk,” Rivera said, via Ethan Cadeaux of “It’s going to be something, at the end of the day, I really do believe gives us the best chance to win football games, get into the playoffs and see what happens.”

Rivera said he thought Wentz had “good command” and that Heinicke played “pretty good” while adding “a lot of things that happened weren’t necessarily his fault.” That doesn’t provide much hint of which way the Commanders will go when they continue to push for the postseason next weekend.

11 responses to “Ron Rivera won’t make “knee-jerk” decision about next week’s QB

  1. Wentz had the size and just enough speed to drove defenses crazy early in his career. Between losing all his confidence, that ACL was just enough to slow him down. Now he isn’t out running D linemen etc. He was top ten when he was a bona-fide dual threat QB. His other tools haven’t grown enough to keep him on the elite tier when he can’t run as much say. If he would hone in on his accuracy, attitude etc he could be a starter still. Rightnow though he is Matt Flynn-ing any team that has a coach that thinks he can turn it around and fix it

  2. Taylor Heineke has his moments but can only do so much. Wentz isn’t much better, so its pretty much a lateral move if they switch. The other thing to consider is they were playing the best D in the NfL.

  3. As has been said, Taylor Heinicke keeps both teams in the game.
    The same is true for Carson Wentz 🙁

  4. Why not, he made a “knee jerk” reaction this week and a few other weeks, what is so special about next week?

  5. Sam Howell…knee jerk that! The 49ers or should I say Brock Purdy has shown you the light. He has better mobility than both Heinicke and Wentz, a better arm than Heinicke and both Heinicke and Wentz have made terrible plays one would expect from a rookie, so give the reigns to Howell.

  6. Sam Howell, see what he has in December games now so next coach for Commanders have game tape.

  7. I’ll take defensive coaches completely effing up their QB situation for $500 Alex. Who are Robert Saleh, Ron Rivera & Bill Belichick.

  8. Guys guys guys ! No QB is going to look even decent behind our offensive line ! So spare Howell till next year ! If we get the oline right next year the Commanders will be a threat !

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