Buccaneers win 19-16 in overtime

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Arizona Cardinals
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The Buccaneers played ugly football once again on Sunday night, but that didn’t stop them from getting a win in Arizona.

After falling behind 16-6 in the fourth quarter, the Buccaneers scored 10 straight points to tie the game and then forced a Cardinals punt on the first drive of overtime. Tom Brady completed five straight passes, including a 16-yard pass that moved the team to the fringes of field goal range. A 13-yard catch-and-run by Russell Gage moved Brady to six straight completions and set the stage for Ryan Succop‘s game-winning field goal attempt.

Succop hit from 40 yards and made the Bucs 19-16 winners in overtime.

The win means the Buccaneers can clinch the NFC South with a victory over the Panthers next Sunday. They will be the fourth seed in the NFC if that happens.

Brady threw two interceptions to Marco Wilson earlier in the game, but he was able to hit Rachaad White for the team’s only touchdown of the game before his sharp work in overtime. Leonard Fournette ran 20 times for 72 yards and caught nine passes for 90 yards over the course of the evening.

Cardinals quarterback Trace McSorley was 24-of-45 for 217 yards in his first NFL start. He avoided disaster for much of the night, but a pitch to running back Keontay Ingram on the drive after White’s touchdown clanged off Ingram’s hands and Buccaneers defensive lineman William Gholston recovered to set up a game-tying field goal.

Arizona will be in Atlanta next week in a game that only matters for draft position. Despite looking no better than the Cardinals for most of the night, Tampa has a lot more to play for next weekend.

29 responses to “Buccaneers win 19-16 in overtime

  1. As washed up as he is if you keep giving him chances Brady will make you pay. Cardinals could have easily won the game if they had capitalized off the turnovers. Although one thing that bothers me Tampa keeps putting off running the no huddle until late in the game. The offense Brady is best at which is dumb.

  2. Seems like the Buccaneers have reverted to Buc football 1996 to around 2002… let the defense win (if it can) and don’t screw up on offense. I believe they averaged around 17 points a game back then too… but they had a running game then.

  3. Ugly or not, Brady will get the Bucs into the playoffs and then all bets are off…..Brady becomes magic once the playoffs start.

  4. A Christmas miracle from TB12! How many more times does this need to happen before the critics stop yapping and start clapping. You have just witnessed the greatest NFL career of all time. Most Wins, Stats, Rings, Starts, Comebacks, and he wished us all a Merry Christmas and good night.

  5. The question will be will the GOAT and the Bucs defense beat the Cowboys during Wild Card week as heavy underdogs at home?

  6. It’s happened so many times before, we were joking about it happening again. Brady – GOAT

  7. Todd Bowles can’t overcome his defensive coordinator tendancies. When the chips are down he turtled the offense and tried to win with defense for 50 minutes.

    Not saying it isn’t tough to win with injuries all along the offense line but it felt like he was hoping for a 9-6 win for most of the game.

    After Arizona finally pulled ahead late in the game he allowed Brady to go no huddle and open it up some. He probably thinks his conservative approach won the game rather than the decision to not play conservative at the end of the game.

  8. The buccs have to have one of the worse run games in history. 3 straight runs and cant pick up a yard

  9. slimglynn says:
    December 26, 2022 at 9:06 am
    Enjoy your win Tampa, Dallas is going to destroy you guys in the first round though.


    Take a look at Tom Brady’s postseason record over the past 23 years and compare that to Dallas’ postseason record. It ain’t pretty if you are a Cowboys’ fan

  10. Dallas is clearly doing better this year than the Bucs. But the Bucs DID beat Dallas with Dak in the Cowboys crib THIS YEAR and the Bucs do have the GOAT. Never bet against Brady.

  11. Sad watching TB. He’s a shell of a couple years ago. He should retire but I doubt he will. He’s already lost Gieselle by coming back…he’ll probably still be chucking it when he’s 50.

  12. touchback6 says:
    December 26, 2022 at 10:55 am

    Brady is awful.

    Tampa is having big time regrets.


    Oh, for sure. They feel so terrible about it they’ve thrown away that Lombardi trophy.

  13. Brady heading to his 3rd straight post season since leaving the Pats with yet another new coach/system and a Bucs team that is a shell of what it was the last 2 seasons. BB continues with his losing record as a head coach without Brady. BB was and IS a losing head coach without Brady. Case Closed.

  14. Tampa could be dangerous in the playoffs. Not!

    Not one team in that division has scored more point than it has allowed, and Tampa’s the worst.

    5th seed in the NFC will have the easiest playoff game this postseason.

  15. Very ugly Bucs “win.”
    Trace McSorley did a little better than expected. But Colt McCoy would have won that game. Panthers will win the South, although no one really deserves it…

  16. Congrats to Brady for pushing the all-world Arizona Cardinals to OT and finally taking them down. True GOAT material right there.

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