Raiders will have a quick decision to make on Derek Carr

Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The up-and-down year for the Raiders will force the team to make a quick decision for 2023.

Is quarterback Derek Carr in or out?

Saturday night’s three-interception performance has once again renewed questions as to whether he should remain with the team. And, as explained at the time his latest contract was completed, the Raiders have a way to get out from under the bulk of the deal.

But if they’re going to do it, they’ll need to act quickly.

Hyped by the quid-pro-quo crowd as a firm, $40.5 million deal, the truth was and is that Carr received $24.9 million in 2022, with no full guarantees beyond the current season.

Carr has a $32.9 million salary for 2023, which was guaranteed for injury at the time of signing. It, along with $7.5 million in 2024 salary currently guaranteed for injury, becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the 2023 waiver period.

The waiver period begins after the Super Bowl. If the Raiders are going to cut Carr — and escape that $40.4 million liability — they’ll have a narrow window in which to act.

There are two important caveats. First, Carr can’t be traded before the guarantee vests. An informal trade could be worked out (like the Alex Smith deal in early 2018), but the guarantees would vest and, if the deal fell through, the Raiders would be stuck.

Second, Carr has to be able to pass a physical before the third day of the waiver period. That could tempt the Raiders to put him in bubble wrap if/when they are eliminated. (If the Dolphins win today and the Chargers win tomorrow, it’s over for the Raiders.)

If that happens — if it’s announced that Carr won’t be playing for the rest of the season — it will be a clear signal as to what’s coming. Which would be Carr likely going, after nine years with the Raiders.

55 responses to “Raiders will have a quick decision to make on Derek Carr

  1. Carr is above average…but just slightly above average. Definitely not a Top Tier QB by any stretch. He does not seem to be doing well under Josh McDaniels and also seemed to imply there sre problems with the team based on his comments a few weeks ago.I would take Jimmy G over him.

  2. Talk about a conundrum? Carr is in that 12-18 group of NFL QB’s. Too good to give away and not quite good enough to win games on his own. It is Las Vegas, so maybe you move on from him and throw the dice on a draft choice? Tough call though.

  3. It all depends on who can replace him. He’s like Alex Smith. Good, but you’ve gone as far as you can go. But they don’t have anyone better to take his place unless they get lucky in the draft. But they won’t know that by that time. So I think he still stays

  4. If you haven’t won anything with him by now, you’re never going to. Nine seasons, he’s led this franchise nowhere.

    Time to turn the page.

  5. Average QBs like Carr cripple NFL teams. You know you’ll never win a championship with them, but it’s easier for GMs and coaches to keep their jobs when they in 8-9 games a year and make the playoffs every now and then. But average QBs keep you just good enough to never/rarely have a chance to draft a top prospect.

  6. Good is the enemy of great. Any GM/coach satisfied with an average QB like Carr isn’t one I would want employed by my team.

  7. Carr isn’t in the top of best QBs in the league, but if the Raiders can’t replace him with somebody better, and good luck with that, than they’d be better off improving the rest of their roster than getting rid of him.
    Their defence needs a lot of work as does their offensive line, so any action should begin there before addressing the quarterback position. Unless Carr is asking for something ridiculous in terms of contract, then he remains the best option for the team if they decide against doing a complete rebuild.

  8. So Carr again is responsible for all the injuries to the team, the OL, Waller, Renfrow, Jones, Perryman, et al? He’s 31 with stats that are right up there with the all time greats. The Raider offense did not improve this year with the offensive genius as the HC and this new GM. Fans want a winner.

  9. But tough to part with a just decent QB, too. Look at all the teams struggling for years to find any half-decent QB. Could be wasting 5 years trying to find a just-decent QB.

  10. Josh McDaniels must be stunned how poorly Derek Carr runs an offense. Carr plays like he doesn’t care that much but it’s likely moreso whatever skills Carr once had have eroded. That, and Gruden must’ve covered a lot up and coached Carr up, but McDaniels came to Raiders to coach a competent, veteran QB. Not whatever Carr has become. Doesn’t seem fixable at this point.

  11. The Raoders will keep him and up his salary to $50M/yr, fully guaranteed. That’s the way this franchise rolls.

  12. Most QB losses in NFL history after five years, six, seven, etc. I think he’d play better if he had another long term deal…

  13. Raiders are like the Steelers: win middle, draft middle, stay middle. Pickett will be same – win 8-9 yrs every yr, get fat contract, sometimes playoffs, sometimes not. It’s Andy Dalton 2.0

  14. Carr could not move the chains in the 4th quarter and was after doing nothing in the 2nd half overall. He was overthrowing wide open receivers all day. It is time to move on from Derek. Bring in a veteran such as Joe Flacco or Jimmy G. Raiders must draft a QB. It does not have to be in the first round if all the top picks are gone. A second round QB certainly can be successful in year two. The defense played very good all day, but the 3 and out’s killed the defense at the end. Carr lost the game and the season. It’s over!

  15. Carr has never won a playoff game (and has only been to two), has never won a division title, and has a career winning percentage south of .500. He has played in the NFL for 10 years. He is not an average qb. He is garbage.

  16. Carr has been in the league for the better part of a decade, and he seems to be playing as well as I’ve seen. Three interceptions in one game is not the proper way to make an evaluation, especially in those weather conditions. There are just way too many AFC QBs that are much better than Carr, so the rest of the Raiders’ roster would have to be considerably better than all those other teams in order to give the Raiders any hope. The offensive line looks like they’re providing great protection, and that’s probably why Carr looks better. Lots of owners are happy with 10-7, and then one and done in the playoffs. Mark Davis is not Al Davis, so mediocrity could be good enough.

  17. I’m a 50 year fan. Have tried justifying, apologizing, rationalizing Derek Carr, but I’ve seen enough

  18. All the Raiders needed to win yesterday evening in Pittsburgh was a first down, a simple first down. They have Carr and Davante Adams, a top-tier receiver who has played his entire career in bad weather Green Bay. They could not get the first down and went on to lose the game. To me, that says all I need to know about Carr.

  19. As a Chiefs fan, please keep him. We love to hear all the off-season hype and how they’ve turned the corner. (that’s a weird 9 year corner…) Then real football starts in September, and by November they’re already on the outside looking in. He’s not a top 15 QB in the league, 40 million for that, and you gave him Adams? Raidering baby!

  20. stexan1 says:
    December 25, 2022 at 11:20 am
    Trade him to Tampa for Brady. Never happen but I’d love to see the expression on TB’s face.
    Give me Jacobs, Adams, Renfro and a try-hard defense and I’m taking home 2 more rings. Please do.

  21. The difference in the last 5 mins of the game was the Steelers WRs/RBs were wide open and the Raiders WRs were covered.
    2 of the INTs were dropped and the last INT Carr was running for his life … he was sacked 3 times with the rookie had ZERO sacks and lots of time to throw … see the difference.
    How is Brady doing this year with his injuried replacement OL with no time to throw?
    Weird how Carr took the Raiders to the playoffs last year.

  22. Carr is winless n 37 degrees and below in a 10 year career and even though he is an above average quarterback I blame this just as much on McDaniels because he’s incompetent coaching has lost an NFL record five leads from halftime in a single season… If they’re going to move on from him we will know shortly because they’re either going to Bench him or pull him during the game … With the Niners and chiefs not only do they have the roughest schedule left in the rest the league I wouldn’t be surprised if he got hurt and then we get stuck with him..

  23. As inept as the Raiders are they did leave themselves an out with Carrs contract. As simple as that sounds there are teams out there that will lock themselves to an aging declining player and throw away the key.

    imagine the tears of joy on Bronco fans faces Christmas morning to see the headline

    Broncos will have a quick decision to make on Russell Wilson.

  24. Hopefully the Raiders aren’t stupid enough to move on from a statistically Top 10 Franchise QB just to appease media narratives.

  25. Well a QB is only as good as his player caller! If Raiders move on from Carr and the new guy plays the same as Carr then Carr wasn’t the issue!

  26. Carr is the perfect example of privilege. If he were another QB, he’d have been benched and cut 5 year ago.

  27. beej says:
    December 25, 2022 at 3:11 pm
    Everyone thought Ryan Tannehill was a bust until he got on a decent team
    Three of the four seasons that Tannehill has been with the Titans have been mediocre seasons, similar to what he did with the Dolphins. His playoff game performance last year was absolutely horrible.

  28. The guy has weapons most qb’s would die for…. If he can’t win with this group there is no hope for him. And spare me the narrative that mcdaniels can’t call plays, he did alright in a few superbowls. The difference is carr is no brady.

  29. graysobr says:
    December 25, 2022 at 3:46 pm
    Carr is the perfect example of privilege.


    Nah, that’d be Tua and Kyler Murray.

  30. Anyone that can’t see that the problem is the head coach, and likely many assistant coaches, isn’t paying attention.

    McDaniels did well as an OC because he was in the Belichick system. He never learned how to hire good position coaches or simply to be a good head coach.

    It’s not Carr. Carr had them in the playoffs with no Adams and BEFORE McDaniels arrived

  31. “skywriter says:
    December 25, 2022 at 11:45 am
    Josh McDaniels must be stunned how poorly Derek Carr runs an offense.”

    No, the Raiders & their fans are stunned by McD’s inconsistencies, poor gameplanning & inability to adjust in-game.

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