Broncos’ Randy Gregory, Rams’ Oday Aboushi exchanged punches after game

Los Angeles Rams vs the Denver Broncos on Christmas Day
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Broncos linebacker Randy Gregory and Rams offensive lineman Oday Aboushi exchanged punches after their teams met on Christmas Day.

Video taken after the game shows players on both teams shaking hands and hugging, but Gregory getting in Aboushi’s face. As Aboushi turned away from Gregory to shake hands with Broncos tight end Eric Tomlinson, Gregory swung at Aboushi and hit him in the head. Aboushi returned with a punch of his own. Other players then stepped between them. Both Gregory and Aboushi were wearing their helmets and neither appeared to be injured.

Gregory told reporters today that he did, in fact, hit Aboushi.

“Y’all want to know if I hit him in the mouth, I did,” Gregory said, via the Denver Post.

The NFL will surely discipline both players, and Gregory, as the instigator, could even face a suspension. It was an ugly performance for the Broncos on Sunday, and Gregory made it uglier afterward.

30 responses to “Broncos’ Randy Gregory, Rams’ Oday Aboushi exchanged punches after game

  1. How do you hut someone in the head or face when he’s wearing helmet? Sounds like a good way to break your hand. Or was this an old-style helmet with no face guard?

  2. Randy Gregory has some problems. He’s been trouble since the day he was drafted. Who knows wat was being said,… but taking a swing at a Rams player after the game,.. the NFL has to do something about it.
    I’d say park him for the year with no pay.

  3. You could see Gregory losing control in the second half, especially on his last personal foul. This team is a direct reflection of its coach: terrible.

  4. I’m glad he chose Denver over Dallas, he has missed most of the season and now might miss the rest.
    Always the troubled player.

  5. Denver needs to clean house after the season. Starting with the GM and everyone he’s hired. Time for a complete overhaul of the entire organization they’re a disgrace

  6. Aboushi was flapping his gums and in Gregory’s face. Nfl should suspend both as they both instigated that and both threw punches. This nonsense approach about ignoring everything leading up to a punch has to stop. Everyone knows the one who reacts gets the heat, but both players should get a suspension.

  7. The Cowboys dodged a billet when they lost Randy Gregory in free agency. He has immense talent but has always been handicapped by his mental state/deficiencies.

  8. Why would Aboushi get disciplined? It was a reaction to getting sucker punched. Reflex that couldn’t (and shouldnt) be prevented.

  9. He pulled that, after collecting two personal fouls during the game (that I noticed). Yeah, he should be suspended,and count his blessings he’s not incarcerated.

  10. Imagine if you will going into your workplace and hitting someone in the head that you don’t like. You get told to take a few days off and get fined what amounts to $20 to upper class wage earners..

  11. I understand in the heat of battle punches are sometimes thrown. This game was over, players were shaking hands, hugging, giving Hoilday greetings. Randy Gregory punched a man.
    If this happens a couple of hundred yards away outside the Stadium on the street or in a bar it is assault. As a repeat offender Gregory should be out for a minimum of 6 games. Aboushi was assaulted and defended himself. He should not receive any punishment.

  12. Forget film study, Gregory needs anger control counseling now. There is no place for this conduct in sports of any kind! Impressionable kids are watching.

  13. Say what you want about Jerry Jones but he’s had some success with troubled players by putting a team around them to keep them out of trouble and on the straight and narrow. Without that support they quickly relapse and are soon out of the league.

  14. If he wants to slug someone, go after the QB who only wants to play Hero-Ball. Maybe that would get his attention.

  15. This is why the Dallas Cowboys didn’t fight to keep Gregory. They invested enormous resources in him, helping him get off drugs so he could have an NFL career. Then he leaves and talks negative about the team. He is a disaster who has underperformed.

  16. Gregory has never been able to control himself. Guys with no self-control eventually end up being controlled by the prison system.

  17. Jerry Jones has an eye for something, but it’s nastiness, not talent. His track record for reining it in at Dallas… have we really already forgotten about Greg Hardy?

  18. Well the Broncos is furious because Russell Wilson play horribly. There’s going to be lot of players that become free agents didn’t want to play Broncos because of UNWATCHABLE QB.

  19. Gregory has always been a dirtbag. He should have never been allowed back for this reprisal of his role as NFL’s dirtiest player of the year.

  20. Guess Gregory decided the best way to not have to play for the Broncos is to get suspended.

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