Eagles not ruling out Jalen Hurts for Sunday

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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The Eagles went into Week 16 needing to win one of their final three games to clinch the division title and the No. 1 seed in the NFC playoffs. They go into Week 17 needing to win one of their final two games to accomplish that.

The Eagles close out with home games against the Saints and Giants.

Gardner Minshew had three of the team’s four turnovers in the 40-34 loss to the Cowboys, so that could push Jalen Hurts to try to return quicker than he otherwise would have with his sprained shoulder.

The Eagles aren’t ruling out Hurts playing this week.

“We’ll see. One day at a time here,” Eagles coach Nick Sirianni said Monday, via video from the team. “You know how much he wanted to play last week and how much he did to get his body read, and again with Jalen, his body deals different than yours and mine. He’s going to do everything that he can do to get himself healthy, and if he’s healthy, he’ll play.”

11 responses to “Eagles not ruling out Jalen Hurts for Sunday

  1. Rest/recovery this week to ensure fully healthy for 1 game instead of not fully recovered and doing worse damage effecting both games.

  2. Gonna need him the saints defense is really good. They can come in and shock the world without that rpo guy.

  3. Jalen? Gardner? It doesn’t matter.
    Any team with the offensive firepower can blow the top off this fraud best pass defense in the NFL. So much for the most complete team in the NFL nonsense.

  4. Injuries in key areas are beginning to hurt the birds. Cowboys exposed one as they scorched the slot. Birds need to clinch,rest and regroup.

  5. Im more worried about Lane Johnson. I wonder if they wud consider moving Dickerson to right tackle and putting in the backup center at guard. I guess Driscoll did ok last week because Parsons was on Mialata but Driscoll cudnt handle Parsons when he came in during the first Dallas game. If Lane can come back for the playoffs the eagles will be fine hopefully but if he is out I wud defiantly consider doing something.

  6. QBs still rule, but you know when you got a great team. Philly, Dallas, Ravens, San Fran…plug and play any QB.

  7. At this point if he’s not close to 100%, he shouldn’t play. Minshew is more than good enough to win 1 of 2 home games. I don’t think the Saints can come into the Linc and win with that team. Then it will just be a question of when we get Johnson back.

  8. With Lane Johnson out, they should rest him at least one more week… and bring him in against the Giants if need be…

    Saints aren’t a pushover… and if Hurts damages that shoulder again, it will be looked back as a huge mistake.

  9. They would have lost worse if Hurst would have played but the excuses are flying. Gardner is a better QB in every way other than running ability. And BTW, I am pretty sure Hurst has nothing to do with what is supposed to be one of the best Defenses getting scored on all but one possession minus two kneel downs. At least Dallas’s D is missing quite a few starters including the every starting Corner and even backup corners.

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