Jim Irsay: Jeff Saturday may be Colts head coach in 2023, Chris Ballard will definitely be our GM

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings
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Colts owner Jim Irsay doesn’t know who his head coach will be in 2023, but he’s strongly considering keeping interim head coach Jeff Saturday.

Irsay said in an interview with ESPN that he won’t decide the head coach until going through a full interviewing process after the season, but that he wants Saturday to be in the mix for keeping the job on a permanent basis.

“Head coach is unknown until the interview process goes forward,” Irsay said. “Jeff I believe is an outstanding candidate.”

While the head-coaching job is in doubt, Irsay says there’s no doubt who the Colts’ GM will be in 2023.

“Chris Ballard will be our General Manager,” Irsay said.

The Colts won their first game with Saturday as their interim head coach but have now lost four in a row.

32 responses to “Jim Irsay: Jeff Saturday may be Colts head coach in 2023, Chris Ballard will definitely be our GM

  1. So, Jim Irsay is effectively the GM. Because that is a decision for a GM to make, not an owner.

  2. Man alive, if my Giants lose to the Colts on Sunday at home, with their whole season possibly on the line, Im going to lose it.

  3. Head Coach Saturday’s first move: fire every single “coach” on the defense.
    These incompetents also let Lamar Jackson throw for 300 yards against them in after the offense built a 17 point lead with less than 20 minutes to go last year. Somehow, their incompetent DC got a head coaching gig after that epic collapse.

  4. He coached the worst loss in the team’s history so of course he’s the number one candidate for the HC job.

  5. This sounds like a job Rex Ryan will get, he always gets a job nobody wants without a decent QB already in place. Would not surprise me one bit, but one thing for sure he will set the team up for whoever comes in after he is fired with a great defense.

  6. The guy was born on third base and thinks hes hit a triple. Irsay is a complete failure as an owner making Danny boy look like a smart business man. Time for another banner hanging.

  7. Ballard better sign Baker Mayfield as a bridge & draft a QB in 1st round. Saturday better thank Irsay for opportunity to gain valuable experience & then let Ballard hire a real HC.

  8. League offices are not going to be happy about this. They will go through the charade of interviewing minority candidates but none of them will have an actual chance of being hired. I guess Isray was impressed with the huge lead the Colts took against Vikings not what happened when they gave it up. If they somehow beat the Chargers tonight that will cement Saturday in 2023.

  9. Ballard is staying on as GM? Well then get ready for Joe Flacco to be your QB next year, Colts fans.

  10. Irsay is a genius. He’s giving Saturday 2 months of “tanking practice” so they can hit the ground running,(sorry-I mean fumbling), as they tank for a QB next year.

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