NFLPA will review latest placement of Tua Tagovailoa in concussion protocol


It may not become a full-blown, joint NFL-NFL Players Association review. But the NFLPA will take a look at the situation involving the latest concussion situation involving Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the union will review the incident. It’s standard protocol to do so, the source explained.

That said, the NFLPA quite possibly will see enough during its own review to request a full-blown joint investigation with the NFL. A joint investigation occurred after the failure to remove Tagovailoa from a Week Three game between the Bills and Dolphins, after Tua’s head struck the turf and he showed signs of gross motor instability.  The union, as part of the review, exercised its prerogative to terminate the Unaffiliated Neurotrauma Consultant who was involved in the evaluation.

On Sunday against the Packers, Tua’s head struck the turf late in the second quarter. He was not checked for a concussion at the time. On Monday, he was placed in the concussion protocol.

Tagovailoa’s performance dipped after his head struck the turf. He ultimately threw three fourth-quarter interceptions.

Concussion or not, it’s at least the second time Tua has been in the protocol this year.

Tua will have to progress through the five steps of the return-to-play protocol before getting clearance to play again this year. The Dolphins finish the season with a trip to New England and a visit from the Jets. Earlier this year, the NFL said the median number of days for a player to receive clearance to return is nine.

33 responses to “NFLPA will review latest placement of Tua Tagovailoa in concussion protocol

  1. Nobody wants to spend Christmas watching a 24 year old kid suffer brain damage. Do better, NFL.

  2. Now we all know why Tua was so bad in the second Half he was playing with another concussion

  3. I gotta say without noticing the concussion I jokingly thought out loud that something was wrong with him on those ints. They were so bad after him being pretty accurate finding waddle all game.

  4. Oh,… of course, the NFLPA is once again to the rescue. Reactively rattling its sabre when not collecting membership dues.

  5. He needs to be shelved for the rest of the season. This kid is going to be irreversibly damaged.

  6. Mike McDaniel has done zero except ride Kyle Shanahan’s coattails for his entire career. Shanahan kept McDaniel’s odd personality and lack of discipline in check. On his own, McDaniel is proving to be a loose wheel who is endangering his players.

  7. NFLPA trying to get a head of it….even though they and phins failed miserably after the thrusday night disaster. All parties involved are a joke. Tua trying to man up but and play for a team that will just put him out to pasture.

  8. Players helmet hits the field all the time. Unless they show concussion signs when getting up you can’t stop the game every time it happens. It’s got to be on the players and staff to report symptoms if they see it.

  9. For all of you armchair neurologists out there, a concussion isn’t something you can definitively diagnose quickly like you can a broken bone with an x-ray. He may have a concussion, he might not. He might have had one during that game, he might not. To suggest that the team or doctors knew he had one and deliberately sent him back in (in either one of those games) is lacking a basic understanding of how doctors diagnose a concussion.

  10. It’s amazing that Tua keeps getting thrown like a ragdoll with no penalties…

    however you have the ones thrown on Jaelen Phillips against the chargers..

  11. The NFLPA should also take the lead on this and stress, that based on best current information, this is his 3rd Concussion this season. The first incident was at best misdiagnosed/rules misapplied to allow him to return to that game. But it was most likely a concussion and his brain feels the effects, even if the medical staff that cleared him thinks otherwise. Don’t again let some loophole let any team insist he can still safely return when he should not return.

    In a perfect world. Tua should be done for the rest of the season. But given how Mike McDaniel has handled this so far, I sincerely doubt he will do the right thing. And the owner probably won’t either.

  12. philmccracken says:
    December 26, 2022 at 8:54 pm
    Nobody wants to spend Christmas watching a 24 year old kid suffer brain damage. Do better, NFL…————————————————————————-

    Its not that I don’t feel the same way about watching a kid suffer brain damage, any time of the year, but how do you suggest the NFL “do better”? I watched the game, and while im not a medically trained neural specialist, I saw nothing to suggest Tua suffered a concussion during the game. Some might point to his poor play as evidence but he hasn’t been playing well for the last 3-4 games. Should the league hire 22 spotters per game and have them pull every player who bumps their head so they can be checked for a concussion? Do they put a limit on the number of concussions a player can have before they’re forced into retirement? That would just lead the players to stop self reporting. Tua got tackled and hit his head while playing tackle football with elite athletes. How the hell is the boogeyman NFL supposed to ” do better”? Could you imagine the uproar if before the game the league told Tua he wasn’t allowed to play because it is for his own good. There would be protesters at the league office as far as you could see. It should be the players responsibility, not the leagues. You cant put the league into a position where they have to tell players they cant play anymore and need to find a new way to make a living because they may or may not suffer another concussion. The players are well aware of the risk, that should be their call to make……sorry for the book but damn, I get tired of seeing people constantly pass the buck and not take responsibility for their choices and actions.

  13. Getting those two concussions previously this season may have made it easier to create additional head problems when he hit his head late in the second quarter. It may not look bad, but. . .He looked horrible in the second half and those INTs were really ridiculous. They were of the “How could he had thrown that bad of a pass” type. It is easier to get a concussion when you had previous ones.

  14. Yes guys hit their heads on the turf all the time, but this guy is probably one of the only few who has showed fencing signs on the field do to hear trauma. He should be the one to keep an eye on

  15. Dolphins need to move on from Tua. It was a mistake to draft him over Herbert. Now Tua , as he did in Alabama, gets hurt and misses time every season. The kid is just to fragile to consistently play football. Specially in the NFL.

  16. Chickenbiscuit’s otherwise smart post ignores the fact that Tua’s previous 2 concussions this season likely have left him more susceptible to a 3rd, and for that reason the team docs should have been more keenly on the lookout for him hitting his head. Tua self-reporting symptoms speaks volumes about his own concern with the situation, and the possible lingering effects of earlier concussions.

  17. That team is not getting past the Bills, Chiefs, Bengals, and Eagles/49ers. Shut it down, get healthy, and evaluate the future.

  18. We had in tanehill the 1,2,3, punt kid.
    Now we have concussion kid.
    I still fail to understand why they draft players that either have come out of mayor surgeries or will have major surgeries. Dion jordan comes to mind.
    Justin Herbert is another one that got away.

  19. Any organizational failure for not catching Tua’s concussion is not on the Dolphins, but on the NFL administration! They are responsible for player safety. I’m tired of the NFL taking credit for its community work but turning a blind eye for being proactive on player safety especially head injuries.

  20. Same thing happened to Trevor Lawrence. He even almost fell over after he stood up and nothing was said. They showed the replay of the grass in his face mask but not of him standing up… wonder why?

  21. Teams are designed toward covering up QB concussions. Ever watch a wide receiver who is away from the play sprint over to pick his QB off the turf before he can wobble or look at all unsteady? Happens all the time.

  22. Need to focus more on strengthening the neck. When you don’t have a strong neck and you get thrown to the ground on your back, your head hits the ground hard. A strong neck prevents that.

  23. The spotters job is to watch the non ball carriers. I guarantee the coaches, trainers, and players knew something was up. If you have ever been in a huddle you know when someone is concussed. Tua is never going to acknowledge it during a game.

  24. The helmets should have accelerometers to measure G forces. If a player gets a reading over number of Gs, a signal is sent and the player gets looked at by a Doctor. If there are accumulated moderate hits in a given period of time, a signal is sent and the player gets looked at by a Doctor.

  25. so the reason for the 3 INT’s is the head hitting the turf?? Come on, players heads hit the turf every play basically, if that caused concussion then the game would ahve to be banned. go back and look a the play, the head did not hit hard. maybe just maybe he is prone to concusssions since he suffered 2 others, but i dont think that is proven yet. i think it is more of the excuse route and sympathy play. this is coming from a fins fan.

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