Report: Jerry Rosburg is Broncos interim head coach

Las Vegas Raiders vs the Denver Broncos
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The Broncos fired head coach Nathaniel Hackett on Monday and they’re reportedly named an interim head coach to see out the final two weeks of their season.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the team has installed senior assistant coach Jerry Rosburg as the interim boss.

Rosburg was hired a couple of weeks into the season to assist Hackett in game management. The Broncos let the clock run down before trying a 64-yard field goal in a Week One loss to the Seahawks and the home crowd counted out the play clock in Week Two because the team was having trouble avoiding delay of game penalties.

The Broncos avoided making some of those mistakes over the next 13 games, but Hackett’s game management was never a strong suit and likely contributed to Monday’s decision to fire him before his first season in the job came to an end.

Rosburg has never been a head coach. His previous NFL experience came as a special teams coordinator, including a 2008-2018 run with the Ravens.

12 responses to “Report: Jerry Rosburg is Broncos interim head coach

  1. Now that the Waltons own the Broncos, are they gonna run the team like they do the Walmarts, with the “self checkout”

    Instead of hiring a coach, just let the team self coach…

  2. Well if anyone was wondering if the Hackett firing wasn’t without a little bit of vindictiveness to it, now we know.

  3. Wow. When I saw the score and then the infighting on the Broncos bench yesterday I knew Hackett was on a real short leash. But good for Jerry. He retires in 2019 as a respected S.T. coach with a Super Bowl ring after 11 years with the Ravens. He comes out of retirement to help Hackett with game clock management and winds up as head coach for the two remaining games. This doesn’t say much for the coordinators on the team, and at 67 you can’t realistically think he’s a candidate long term for the job. But let’s see what he does against the the Chiefs and Chargers. A tall order for any coach.

  4. Dillon Pauls says:
    April 27, 2022 at 3:27 pm
    Broncos will win that division. Come back in January 2023 to witness this comments prediction.



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  5. Dan Quinn as HC & Brian Schottenheimer tagging along as OC, just like he was in Seattle. Russ can cook burnt toast & rotten eggs for next 4 remaining years of that horrible $165M guaranteed contract.

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