Brandon Staley: Chargers expected to make the playoffs, this is just the beginning

NFL: DEC 26 Chargers at Colts
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The Chargers clinched a playoff berth with Monday night’s win over the Colts, but coach Brandon Staley says that’s nothing to celebrate.

Staley said after the game that the Chargers have only accomplished the first of their goals by making the postseason and have more to come.

“It’s just the beginning,” Staley said. “This is not our final goal. We expected to be at this point. I’m really proud of how this season has gone for our football team and what we’ve been able to demonstrate in order to make this postseason. That’s probably what I’m most proud of, not just being in the postseason but how we made it, what it took for us to get in, but this is just the beginning for us.”

It’s the Chargers’ first playoff appearance since 2018.

18 responses to “Brandon Staley: Chargers expected to make the playoffs, this is just the beginning

  1. The Chargers need to find a way to get Kelley and Spiller more involved. If Ekeler gets hurt the Chargers are done.

  2. With this coach, he’s going to waste or ruin Justin Herbert’s career. They need a better coach..

  3. The Chargers issue has never been talent. It’s been coaching and lack of consistency from their defense when needed most. While making the playoffs is a good first step not sure the coaching and defensive issues have been resolved. Winning a playoff game would be the best way to put those issues to rest.

  4. I can’t wait to watch the Chargers in the post season. Watching Staley going for it on every fourth down in the post season is going to be hysterical.

  5. Getting Bosa + Slater back will be significant to the O line + D line. Super Bowl champ is coming out of the AFC

  6. They’ve always been expected to make the playoffs in the past ten years, they’ve just found ways to blow it more often than not.

  7. Too one-dimensional. We know this is a passing league but you still have to be able to run the ball, especially in the playoffs against the better defenses.

    Chargers are “almost” (pinches fingers close together) there but not quite on par with KC, Buff, Cincy.

  8. This team struggled to win against a 3rd string QB who gifted them 3 interceptions within a 30 minute period that also didn’t have their best defensive player and a coach who was coaching high school a month ago. Staley is saying this is the beginning bc he knows Sean Payton is licking his chops to get ahold of that roster since he is in above his head. This team should be talked about with the Bengals, Chiefs and Bills but it’s not, and he is the reason why.

  9. Sean Payton + Chargers in 2023 = not the same ol’ Chargers anymore. Look out for deeper and more consistent playoff runs, maybe a SB title or appearance.

  10. Anyone find it odd Herbert is in his 3rd year with an offensive coach and kinda sucks, but the media ignores saying so?

  11. Any top tier team would have blown out the Colts.
    Chargers were out of synch all game. Playing down to the competition is not a good sign…

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