J.J. Watt announces retirement, says Sunday was “My last ever NFL home game”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Arizona Cardinals
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J.J. Watt is calling it a career.

Watt wrote on Twitter this morning that Sunday’s game in Arizona was the first game his son ever attended and will be the last home game of his career.

“Koa’s first ever NFL game. My last ever NFL home game,” Watt wrote. “My heart is filled with nothing but love and gratitude. It’s been an absolute honor and a pleasure.”

A three-time NFL defensive player of the year, Watt will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. He was the Texans’ first-round draft pick in 2011, the Walter Payton Man of the Year in 2017, a five-time first-team All-Pro, and twice the league leader in sacks.

60 responses to “J.J. Watt announces retirement, says Sunday was “My last ever NFL home game”

  1. One of the most dominant defensive players of his era. If not for injuries, he probably would have been one of the best ever.

  2. Shame his career ended on a down note but he shouldn’t feel bad. One of those guys you know gave it all he had every time he stepped on the field. Great player, class act.

  3. I think it’s time. He can still play, but he’s not JJ Watt anymore. It’s a shame he never had enough of a team around him to compete in the playoffs.

  4. Good for JJ seeing the writing on the wall. He wouldn’t be back in 2023 and no one would sign him again with his injury history.

    Awesome player and wish him well.

  5. Damn. The Cards are sure going to miss him. He was one of the few leaders they have. Hell of a player!

  6. That season where Watt was a MVP candidate was incredible. Easily one of the best of the last two decades. Tip of the cap for a great career.

  7. A true class act and dominant NFL defender. As good a football player as any who have put on cleats. Good luck in your next endeavors Jj!

  8. Congratulations sir and good luck. I hope your younger brother has as long and productive a career as you did.

  9. Well, we understand the tears now. Such a shame that Watt spent his last year in a franchise that’s been trashed by an immature child who ostensibly plays QB in this league.

    Watt’s numbers this year were very respectable, too. Hopefully he’s truly at peace with retirement. He just had his first kid in October and being able to spend as much time as he’d like with that new baby boy is a luxury I know many of us dads would have loved to have.

  10. J.J. is a badger, a home-grown in-state boy who made good — as good as it gets. When he was drafted by the Texans, I told colleagues from Sugarland, TX that their team got a good one! I was correct in that assessment. Next stop for J.J. will be Canton.

    But hope he comes home to Wisconsin for his retirement. Wisconsin could use him in Madison on the coaching staff.

  11. I’ve got a lot of respect for players on any time who play the game the right way and give it all they have. J.J. Watt is one of those players.

  12. Why would Brady retire? Do you realize how bad it’s going to make people look if the Bucs win the super bowl with Todd Bowles?

  13. One of the most overrated players I’ve seen in the last 25 years. Stat padder, nowhere near a big game player.

    I will never forget when he showed up in Fozborough with those lettermen jackets.

    About sums up how overhyped his career was. All muscle, always hurt.

  14. I always enjoyed seeing and hearing about JJ Watt’s great on the field successes because I knew what an outstanding man he is off the field.

  15. Played like a monster this weekend. Sounds like fatherhood has his full attention now. Next of luck moving forward. I’m sure we will see him on TV somewhere.

  16. Played like a monster this weekend. Sounds like fatherhood has his full attention now. Best of luck moving forward. I’m sure we will see him on TV somewhere.

  17. Awwww man. See, JJ…if you had signed with Buffalo instead of Arizona like Bills Mafia wanted you to, your final game wouldn’t be till February. Too bad. Enjoy retirement.

  18. JJ Watt is a class act, on AND off the field. He will be missed! Good luck to him in his post NFL life.

  19. He was a big reason why Houston was relevant during the early 2010s….All the best to him.

  20. Truly one of good guys. A beast who had a tender heart for the underprivileged. Never forget how he upheld his city of Houston during that hurricane. His unrelenting play and his dedication in practice. Sunday night’s performance was epic … as he knew something we didn’t. He was going out in a blaze of glory. JJ, you are unforgettable man. Good luck to you in life, family and all your endeavors. ~ A Raider Fan

  21. boknowsvt says:
    December 27, 2022 at 11:28 am
    I didn’t know he was still in the league.
    Which is fine- plenty of fans just tune into their favorite teams on Sunday and don’t know what is going with other teams around the league.

  22. Read between the lines. Kyler will never win so why bother anymore. If he had Mahomes or Allen, he wouldn’t be hanging them up.

  23. Mr. Cheese says:
    December 27, 2022 at 11:11 am
    Class act guy…from Wisconsin
    Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while…….

  24. Great player and an even better human being. JJ epitomizes both class and humility. The NFL and society are better with him involved.

  25. I remember a few years ago during a pre game, he walked over to a group of military men and woman who were going to hold the flag and personally walked down the line and shook their hands.
    As a vet I thought, that’s pretty classy of him and he was one of my favorites ever since.

    Based on his play the other night he is also going out on top. He gave a dominant performance.
    Thanks for the great football, enjoy your family and retirement.

  26. Overrated. Don’t get me wrong he was really good, but he’s not up there with the greats. He disappeared during crucial playoff games, and he’s certainly not a Hall of Famer

  27. Has been greater for all the goid things he has done off the field than anything in the game. That’s saying a lot.

  28. Great player, better person. Even as an opposing fan I wish he had ended his career with his hometown Packers rather than the Cards.

  29. jameshodges says:
    December 27, 2022 at 12:05 pm
    Why would Brady retire? Do you realize how bad it’s going to make people look if the Bucs win the super bowl with Todd Bowles?

    Kind of off-topic but there is no way the Bucs are going anywhere this year. Too many injuries and a lack of depth. I actually think Brady still has enough in the tank to help someone. If you’ve been watching any Bucs games this year you know he’s had no protection and has had to throw much sooner than he wants to. As a result, some passes missed their target or were picked off. Brady’s release has been 2nd fastest in the league this year, that’s what he’s had to do when there’s limited protection. Give Brady protection and I think he’d still surprise a lot of people.

  30. One of the most overrated players I’ve seen in the last 25 years.
    You mean like Belichick. It’s a proven fact that he can’t win without Brady.

  31. JJ raised almost $40 Mil in 19 days for hurricane Harvey victims. To me that is his most impressive stat.

  32. If the injuries didn’t occur I’m sure he could’ve went down as the greatest end to play the game. Pretty amazing after all the injuries and playing on a terrible team he could still go off into the sunset on a high note with double digit sacks.

  33. All-time great player and a truly good human being. Good luck JJ, it has been a real joy to follow your career.

  34. Normally players have to wait 5 years after retirement to be eligible for the HOF, but JJ’s body parts signed their retirement paper years ago, so he’ll be eligible for next year’s 2023 class.

  35. I always thought it be awesome if he played just one season in Pittsburgh with his brother(s)…Imagine the Parents pride for that. But anyways, great player..first ballot HOF and seems like an even better human. Congrats on a fantastic career!

  36. That’s a slightly delayed Christmas present for a lot of NFL offensive linemen and QBs.

  37. Injuries robbed him of 2.5 seasons of his prime. Career accomplishments might’ve been that much more.

    At his peak, one of the most disruptive defensive lineman ever.

  38. I would imagine the 49ers ownership at Levi’s will have a tribute planned for JJ for the last week with AZ coming into town. They’ve done it before for some great players. He seems like a good guy on Hard Knocks that really cares about his teammates and respects his opponents.

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