Jeff Saturday: Nick Foles will remain Colts’ starting quarterback

Los Angeles Chargers v Indianapolis Colts
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Nick Foles did not play well in his first start for the Colts on Monday night, but he won’t be benched.

Colts coach Jeff Saturday confirmed today that Foles will be the Colts’ starting quarterback for Sunday’s game against the Giants.

The Colts have played musical chairs with their starting quarterbacks this season: Matt Ryan was brought in as the unquestioned starter, only to get benched after six games. Sam Ehlinger then started two games and played so badly that he got Frank Reich fired as head coach. Saturday came in and put Ryan back on top of the depth chart, but after the Colts lost four straight games, Saturday switched to Foles.

Another switch is apparently not coming. With two games to go, the Colts are sticking with Foles.

On Monday night Foles completed 17 of 29 passes for 143 yards, with no touchdowns, three interceptions and seven sacks, in the Colts’ 20-3 loss to the Chargers.

16 responses to “Jeff Saturday: Nick Foles will remain Colts’ starting quarterback

  1. I don’t know why Saturday is getting so much criticism. He’s doing exactly what the owner wants— tank the rest of the season. Irsay never misses an opportunity to tank.

  2. Matt Ryan was pulled cause he scored too many points against the Vikings. 36 points against a 12 win team when you are trying to tank is too many points.

  3. The colts arent going anywhere but luckily for them they play in one of the worst divisions in NFL and you just cant trust any of those teams to win the division year in and year out like you can in the NFC west or AFC East of AFC west.

  4. Buuuut where are all the uninformed fans who only tune in during the playoffs and have said for years every day how great Foles is🙊💩🤣

  5. Proof of tanking. Now you know why Irsay is so hot to keep the attention on Snyder.

    The NFL should take their 1st pick away

  6. I swear I have NEVER seen two slower, more unathletic QB’s than Matt Ryan and Nick Foles. Indy has cornered the market.

  7. Matt Ryan is still the best option on the roster. Nick Foles was out there making Mac Jones look like a franchise QB.

  8. Matt Ryan didn’t score 36 points vs the Vikes — there was a blocked punt return and INT for TDs and a fumble in the red-zone. Granted Ryan is better than Foles, but his offense did virtually nothing for 3 quarters of that Vikings’ game — and my favorite team’s defense stinks.

  9. Dont blame the 3rd string QB for Reich losing his job! Irsay is solely responsible for the mess Reich was in before, during, and after coaching this season, because he wants to tank and draft another QB, who will will inevitably wish he was somewhere else.

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