Kliff Kingsbury: Cardinals had “no idea” J.J. Watt was announcing retirement

Carolina Panthers v Arizona Cardinals
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The Cardinals found out that J.J. Watt was retiring at exactly the same time the rest of us did.

Coach Kliff Kingsbury told reporters on Wednesday that the team had “no idea” Watt would be announcing his retirement when he did it.

It’s unclear why Watt didn’t bother to share the information with his current employer before telling the world. His contract expires after the season, so it’s not as if he’s walking away with time left on his deal.

Maybe Watt simply didn’t trust the Cardinals to keep it quiet. When Watt deliberately announced that he’d had an issue with his heart, he did it because someone had said something to someone in the media about it, forcing his hand.

Regardless, the Cardinals didn’t know it was coming. Which is definitely a little weird.

29 responses to “Kliff Kingsbury: Cardinals had “no idea” J.J. Watt was announcing retirement

  1. He wont stay retired … Some team will want him next season. He has proved he can still play if healthy.

  2. He wanted to tell the GM, but he’s retired/suspended/on leave for slapping/not slapping rear ends in Mexico. Or not. Just know the Cardinals, so it’s definitely more to the story.

  3. Kliff doesn’t strike me as a guy who knows really anything about his players, or how to lead a group of men much less a team.

  4. Shame we can’t post meme’s here but could you all do me a favor and close your eyes and imagine one of a dumpster fire?

    Yeah, there it is. Mmm, warm.

  5. You see J.J. Watt thought it was more important to talk to the press about his favorite subject which is J.J. Watt than to talk to the Cardinals about J.J. Watt because J.J. Watt would get more press exposure about J.J. Watt that way which is the ultimate goal of J.J. Watt.

  6. He is in the holy trilogy of defensive ends: Chase Young, Reggie White, and JJ White — three legends!

  7. Bad franchises make bad decisions. JJ is getting out right on time, and the cardinals are an absolute mess top to bottom.

  8. Can you really blame the guy? Az is a complete mess from the GM to the QB, the coach, etc. Time to get out now , Smart move young man.

  9. Watt chose the Cardinals because they offered the most money, his “I want to win a championship” talk notwithstanding. (FWIW it was his last contract, I don’t blame him) He found out what everyone else has known for decades, it is a poorly-run dysfunctional organization. He’s been a great player and citizen.

  10. I hardly think Chase Young should be mentioned in the same sentence as Reggie White or JJ White. Time will tell if he is a legend.
    I saw that the Steelers were interested in throwing him a big contract to join his brother on the Steeler defense.

  11. Retirement is not surprising at all. JJ Watt uses duct tape to keep himself together at this point.

  12. Direct Quote: Coach Kliff Kingsbury told reporters on Wednesday that the team had “no idea”.
    YUP, that’s very clear

  13. He playing out his contract. He owed his team nothing. Teams cut players with no notice. It is not like there is any cap consequences (see contract fulfilled). He may have made the decision after he found out about his health situation. He’ll probably lose 40 lbs reduce his cardio to merely elite levels not pro athlete elite levels.

  14. He realized that the organization was going to be worse next year. If they release his rights I expect he would join a contender on a discount looking for a ring. Make no mistake…when healthy he can still play. He was the only bright spot on that dumpster fire the other night

  15. Headline is too long. You could have left it ‘Kliff Kingsbury: Cardinals had “no idea”’ and it would be just as accurate.

  16. Things like that happen when you have zero clue what is going on, or zero RESPECT on your team.

  17. He wants to join his brother in Pittsburgh so that he can have a chance to compete for a Superbowl championship.

  18. The entire Cardinals franchise has been a little weird recently. From hiring a sub-500 college coach to burning the #1 overall draft pick on a baseball player, the list goes on.

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