David Blough will start for Cardinals after Colt McCoy experiences concussion symptoms

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Arizona Cardinals
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The Cardinals will start their fourth different quarterback of the last four weeks on Sunday.

David Blough will be the Cardinals’ starting quarterback against the Falcons, Arizona head coach Kliff Kingsbury said today.

Kingsbury said on Wednesday that Colt McCoy had cleared the concussion protocol and was slated to start this week, but today Kingsbury said McCoy has experienced more concussion symptoms and will be out.

Trace McSorley, who started last week’s game, will back up Blough.

The Cardinals signed Blough off the Vikings’ practice squad two weeks ago after Kyler Murray tore his ACL in Week 14. McCoy started in place of Murray in Week 15 but suffered a concussion, which led to McSorley starting Week 16. And now Blough will start Week 17.

16 responses to “David Blough will start for Cardinals after Colt McCoy experiences concussion symptoms

  1. For a veteran backup QB the worst thing that can happen to you is starting. All they want to do is hold the clipboard and collect $3-5 million dollars.

  2. What a depressing franchise. They seem to have empty, shallow guys at all the leadership positions (GM,HC,QB) so it’s no wonder the team comes across as so blah and listless.

  3. Wow another QB down with concussion. Wonder if it could be a head hit. Well if we had stuck at 16 game schedule this wouldnt have happened

  4. McSorley is horrible he has no business being on an NFL roster. Blough was horrible for Detroit. McCoy is occasionally competent but has been injury prone since his days back at the University of Texas. The Cards needs tear this organization down from top to bottom. From Ball boys to ownership. Nothing is working, not even the horrible uniforms. Start over.

  5. The NFL needs to mandate QB’s having an external layer of padding on the back half of their helmets. Most of the QB concussions happen when they are sacked and their head snaps back hitting the field. Some extra padding would help.

  6. Blow it up! Kingsbury looks run down and exhausted. Eight more days until it’s over buddy. Hang in there.

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