Jaire Alexander calls Justin Jefferson’s Week 1 performance a fluke

NFL: SEP 11 Packers at Vikings
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Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson is on pace to set a new single-season record for receiving yards and he got the ball rolling on that pursuit with a big game in the season opener against the Packers.

Jefferson caught 11 passes for 184 yards and two touchdowns in a 23-7 home win that also started the Vikings on their way toward the NFC North crown. The two teams will meet again at Lambeau Field this weekend and Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander doesn’t think an encore is in the cards.

“You’ve just got to be real: He don’t jump in no super suit and get dressed and jump outside, you hear me?” Alexander said, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN.com. “I don’t either, sometimes. But he [is] human, is what I’m saying. We ain’t putting too much on nobody. He’s a really good receiver. But at the end of the day, I’m a really good corner. We’ve got really good corners, we’ve got really good linebackers, D-line, whatever it is. You don’t want to put too much focus on that one person because it’s like, the first game, that was a fluke.”

Jefferson said he heard Alexander talking about how he wished he had more chances to play man-to-man and is “definitely expecting them to play a little differently” than they did in the opener. Anything that brings about a different outcome will be welcome as Green Bay tries to continue their late push for a playoff spot.

39 responses to “Jaire Alexander calls Justin Jefferson’s Week 1 performance a fluke

  1. As was digs, as was Thielen, etc. This guy has talent but isn’t as great as he thinks he is.

  2. might be eating those words..Jefferson has faced better corners all season and is on pace to break records…nothing more than bulletin board material…

  3. You’ve just got to be real: He don’t jump in no super suit and get dressed and jump outside, you hear me?” Alexander said.

    “Yeah he does, then he does the griddy on you” Trentdilfer08 said.

  4. Comparing Alexander to Jefferson is like comparing dude where’s my car to titanic. I love dude but cmon man, you’re not the best corner in the league by a long shot like Jefferson is right now. Just shut up, take the beating you’re about to get, take your free trip to Hawaii cause you got there on popularity and shut up.

  5. Guess we shall see. Hope he’s right. The pass defense has steadily improved since then, I think we’re number 3 in pass yards given up, and #2 in interceptions. It’s Cook we have to watch out for as our run D has been pretty suspect.

  6. I’m a really good corner. We’ve got really good corners, we’ve got really good linebackers, D-line, whatever it is.
    Your record really says otherwise, whatever it is

  7. Except he’s been putting up those numbers all year…I’m not Vikes fan but dude needs to be quiet. JJ is possibly going to break 2000 yards, and has the talent to this week making any talk about it being a 17 game schedule now moot.

  8. No you getting a contract extensions and falling short of expectations is a fluke
    . Currently you are ranked 45 for CBs on PFF.

  9. Somebody might need to explain to Alexander what the word fluke means. Maybe he thinks it means a thing that happens every week.

  10. This Packer “defense” seems to give up a lot of flukes. It’s amazing how many times I hear about an offensive player having the best game of his career when they play against the Packers. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Vikings drop 30 points on the Packers by halftime.

  11. I hope Jefferson has a spectacular record-setting day at Lambeau, continuing a Viking year of freak kicks, ghost-slapped goal-line fumbles, a myriad of game-day one-offs that got them to this point…….and the Packers win.

  12. vikings fans gonna be breathing so hard outta their mouths on this one lol jaire is just a clown. not meant to to be taken seriously. similar to the vikings in the playoffs

  13. Lots of thoughts on this: (1) Jaire certainly doesn’t come off like a Rhodes Scholar does he? (2) if you listen to the whole interview, he actually praised JJ; (3) JJ doesn’t need further motivation to play well — he just plays well all the time; and (4) Vikings WRs have regularly put up over 100 yds per game vs the Pack secondary (last Nov JJ had 169yds and Theilen has burned them numerous times) — ain’t no fluke. The Pack D seems to be improving, and is certainly better than the Vikes’ D, but its funny with the winning streak coming against the Bears, Rams and a concussed Tua (after flopping against the Titans and Eagles), the Packers are the hot scary team and the Vikings are the fraud.

  14. Whatever type of defense Barry had the Packers in during week 1 – as far as I could tell it was “Keep 5 yards away and hope for the best” – won’t be repeated Sunday. But the more important thing is to get pressure on Cousins. Preston Smith and Kenny Clark need to have huge games, because no group of DBs can shut down any group of WRs if the QB always has 5 or 6 seconds to stand and look around.

  15. Extreme confidence is an absolute necessity to be a really good corner in this league, so it never surprises me to hear what comes out of these guys mouths, whether it’s reality not. You aren’t going to shut Jefferson down, just hope you still have some of that confidence after he does whatever he does to you. Both of these guys are fun to watch. Let’s hope they line up against each other and give us a show.

  16. JJ is the truth. It’s Kirk Cousins and their only got his job because he was in the Aura of Sean McVay Headcoach that are Flukes.

  17. Just a dumb statement from a good player that still struggles from immaturity.
    Barry’s defense is what really hampers Alexander and may well be his undoing again on Sunday.

  18. I will give Alexander credit for talking big before the game not waiting until after but week 1 wasn’t a fluke no matter how this game turns out. Alexander was also upset he didn’t travel with JJ in game 1 and wants to this week. I hope Alexander gets his chance to follow JJ all day on Sunday.

  19. If I recall correctly, GB decided to not cover Jefferson at least twice with both plays resulting in TDs. I don’t know if that makes it a fluke. But maybe the GB defense should just try doing their job better instead of talking trash to the division champs.

  20. JJ will take Jaire lunch money. Anything to keep alexander off interviews, you are an embarrassment to the packers.

  21. Lol. He was just talking. He took off without knowing where he planned to land. Kids. They tend to say silly things. Nobody believes him, including him.

  22. JJ has played the Packers five times. Torched them twice. Not a fluke.

    And had 26 yards, 26 yards and 58 yards the other 3 games. Well below his career average.

  23. Isitfootballseasonyet . . . I wonder how JJ is doing with Jaire’s lunch money. Didn’t go so well, did it?

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