Kyle Shanahan would support Nick Bosa for overall MVP

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49ers coach Kyle Shanahan recently has said it would blow his mind if defensive end Nick Bosa isn’t the NFL’s defensive player of the year for 2022. On Friday, Shanahan made the case for Bosa to be the overall MVP.

“It’s always tough with quarterbacks because of how big of a deal quarterbacks are to their teams and in the league and how great some of them are, so they do usually get it,” Shanahan told reporters. “The other position that’s so impactful are pass rushers, so you think of someone like Lawrence Taylor, that make sense for someone like that to win it. I think it would make sense for someone like Aaron Donald in some of the years that he’s had and you look at Nick, who I think is right in that league right there of those two people that I just mentioned and I think he’s having that type of year, so it depends how the votes go. It always surprises you because of the quarterback situation, but by no means is it not warranted, he’s that good of a player and those guys are like that every once in a while.”

Only two defensive players have won the league’s MVP award: Lawerence Taylor in 1986 and Alan Page in 1971.

A non-quarterback last won the award in 2012, when a late run at the single-season rushing record by Vikings running back Adrian Peterson pushed him past Peyton Manning for the prize.

Typically, the award goes to a quarterback from one of the top seeds in either conference. This year, the favorite ultimately will be the quarterback of the top seed in the AFC, given that Jalen Hurts has missed at least one game and possibly will miss a second and a third, while Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, and Joe Burrow jockey for pole position.

Then there’s Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson, who is arguably more valuable to the Vikings than any of the various quarterbacks are to their teams — and who could set the single-season receiving yardage record.

22 responses to “Kyle Shanahan would support Nick Bosa for overall MVP

  1. He’s the DPOY but he’s nowhere near the value of a QB like Mahomes, Burrow or Allen. It’s just the nature of the sport. If you don’t have a QB, you have nothing.

  2. The mere fact that QB’s (no Lamar jokes, please….) have been consistently winning the MVP is a shame to the sport.

    There have been outstanding defensive players that have been deserving since LT in 1986:

    JJ Watt
    Ray Lewis
    Troy Polamalu
    Ed Reed

    To name a few.

  3. The NFL needs to split the MVP award into 2 separate (but equal) awards: Most Valuable Player and Most Valuable Quarterback. Creating 2 separate awards would allow the NFL to market two premier players at the end of the season, including one who isn’t a QB.

  4. On the better teams in the league there is no greater difference between the first string and second than at quarterback.
    Every contender’s MVP is at QB.
    Add me to the group that thinks there should be two awards, one for the top quarterback, and another award for the most valuable non-quarterback.

  5. Of course, that’s easy and lazy.

    Try a true pick like first ballot HOF QB Russell Wilson. The adversity he has faced, and overcome, has been epic.

    Where would the Broncos be without his talents?

  6. I bet the Chiefs had a good laugh at this. Since they have the real MVP, and they absolutely beat the brakes off the 49ers by taking advantage of specially Bosa. Go back and watch.

  7. Justin Jefferson is the MVP. The Vikings don’t win all, or maybe any, of those games without him. And he’s the best single player in the league.

  8. Probably deserves it too. But at some point over the last decade the media has been unable to vote for anyone other than a QB and historic seasons like Cooper Kupp a year ago and potentially Bosa this year don’t get the recognition they deserve.

  9. In the modern NFL, I’d personally like to see the MVP split into two awards, one for QB’s and one for non-QB’s. The QB position has been so prioritized by rule changes and increasingly complex passing schemes that QB’s nearly always win the award because it’s the most important position in all of sports. But elite game-changers at other positions get left out like Bosa and Jefferson.

    Update the award to reflect the modern NFL.

  10. We get it. Enough already. Shanahan thinks Bosa can cure cancer, split the atom, achieve world peace, be the DMVP, and the overall MVP. We got it.

  11. Bosa is better than Aaron Donald. THe Niners easily shut down Donald every time they played the Rams. Bosa rarely gets shut down.

  12. touchback6 says:
    December 31, 2022 at 12:56 pm
    Just stop already.
    Let’s make you happy and give it to Mac Jones

  13. Got handled by Falcons & Broncos & Bears oh my Then ran into Patty and he hung 44 on the bullseye

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