Mike Vrabel: We’ll decide next week whether Josh Dobbs or Malik Willis starts vs. Jaguars

Dallas Cowboys v Tennessee Titans
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The AFC South will be on the line in the season finale when the Titans play the Jaguars, and the Titans don’t yet know who their starting quarterback will be.

Titans head coach Mike Vrabel, who made the surprise decision to start the newly arrived Josh Dobbs over rookie Malik Willis in Thursday night’s loss to the Cowboys, said after the game that a decision will come next week.

“We will continue to digest this over the weekend and make a decision,” Vrabel said. “Malik has worked hard, but then we just have to see where we are at with the quarterback position here going down to the last week of the season.”

Although the Titans lost, Vrabel sounded impressed with how quickly Dobbs has been able to come in and learn the offense.

“It was a great opportunity to evaluate Josh. We’ll make a decision going forward. He did some good things. We certainly would like to have a couple throws back. We will kind of see where things are here in a couple of days,” Vrabel said.

With Ryan Tannehill on injured reserve, the Titans don’t have any other options. Either Dobbs or Willis will be starting with the playoffs on the line next weekend.

15 responses to “Mike Vrabel: We’ll decide next week whether Josh Dobbs or Malik Willis starts vs. Jaguars

  1. The Titans and Bucs may host a playoff game with a losing record. Meanwhile, six teams with a winning record will travel on the road in the WC round. Reward the division winner with a playoff birth but just order the seven teams in each conference based on record as far as playoff seeding goes. Seems like a really simple fix.

  2. How can you not start Dobbs? Yeah, there are throws you want back, but the receivers also had about 6 drops.

  3. Doesn’t matter, they need to run Henry to win. If Jags get up by double-digits it’s over.

  4. Titans are cooked, and Derrick Henry ain’t getting younger. Time to look at Carr or another retread at QB. Gonna be looking up at the Jags & TLawrence for a few yrs.

  5. Considering the time he had to prepare he certainly had a better handle on the offense than Malik..

  6. Titan’s are history. Not having a real backup is going to cost them the playoffs. Willis was a horrible pick, and even worse not good enough to be a backup QB for a contender. “Projects” need to carry a clipboard for a couple of seasons, not be next man up.

  7. If the Buckeyes lose tomorrow he’ll need to decide if he accepts the job offer from his beloved alma mater.

  8. It should be about a two second decision. Dobbs is smart, and he has some extra time to learn the playbook before next week. His stats would have been a whole lot bit if his receivers weren’t dropping passes. Unless Ohio State wins the title, speculation will continue to pick up that he’s going back to Columbus.

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