NFL fines Allen Lazard for taunting trio of Miami defenders he took out with one block

Green Bay Packers v Miami Dolphins
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Thou shalt not point and count.

The NFL’s obsession with taunting has morphed into a general prohibition on pointing at opponents. Yes, officials will now flag players for the simple act of sticking a finger in their direction, if only to count them.

And the league office will fine them.

Although Packers receiver Allen Lazard wasn’t flagged, he has been fined for pointing at and counting up the three Dolphins defenders who were taken out by Lazard on a block during Sunday’s game between Green Bay and Miami.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Lazard was fined $10,609 for taunting.

After Week Eight, Eagles receiver A.J. Brown was flagged and fined for pointing at and counting the two Steelers players who tried to keep him from scoring a touchdown pass.

Meanwhile, Patriots quarterback Mac Jones was fined $11,139 for taking out the knees of Bengals cornerback Eli Apple in an unnecessary and illegal maneuver that could have seriously injured Apple.

The similarity in punishment makes little sense.

In recent years, the league has emphasized taunting, with the goal of players not doing anything that could piss off an opponent — and in turn set the taunting player up for any sort of retribution later in the game. But there’s a line as to what does and doesn’t truly create resentment and a desire for revenge.

While Lazard did indeed count the three players he took out with one block, he was roughly four yards away from the closest one. He didn’t get in their faces or hover over them. He was simply celebrating the moment by showing the world that he took out three guys with one block.

The league is now showing him that its desire for players to instantly turn off their inherent humanity includes pointing and counting, from more than 10 feet away.

Lazard will appeal the fine. If any appeal of any fine is ever going to succeed, it should be this one.

60 responses to “NFL fines Allen Lazard for taunting trio of Miami defenders he took out with one block

  1. So let me understand this: the NSL is so concerned with “taunting” that they’ll fine Lazard for this, but whenever a defense gets a fumble/INT they all sprint to the opposing endzone for a cringey celebration and that’s totally fine? Where is the consistency with these rules? The team celebrations stuff is way more annoying to me than Lazard pointing after making a nice play.

  2. Mocking others is not “inherent humanity.” Players should show some class and good sportsmanship.

  3. That’s some terrible defense. WOOF. Lazard sure seems impressed with himself though.

  4. He should show as evidence every sack Fletcher Cox of the Eagles makes. His sack “dance” is, he crawls on the ground and points backwards to signify a loss of yardage. Every single time………..but no fine.

  5. It would be nice to see the league come out with a standard list of fines for certain issues. Just so we see more consistency. They can still have a fine “bonus” they add onto the standard if the act is deemed worthy of more, but some sort of consistency would be a good thing.

  6. As a dolfan if he can take out 3 dolphins with one tackle the league should give him a bonus and not a fine.

  7. The NFL league office is a joke. Perhaps they should put more emphasis on the terrible/inconsistent officiating this year.

  8. A 3 for 1 block should grant a get out of jail free card. Any player should and would gloat after that one. NFL needs to understand the situation before applying a one size fits all penalty.

  9. Where does the NFL come up with these odd numbered fines? I can see a $10,000 fine, but $10,609? Or Mac Jones’ $11,139?? Crazy. It’s also crazy to fine a guy who executed a trifecta block and had the natural reaction to enjoy the moment.

  10. Thank goodness. That’ll teach players to do something fun and harmless after they do something extraordinary on the field.

  11. LOL. Even if he doesn’t appeal, all of the Packer “owners” could just pitch in 10¢ each and pay this off for him.

  12. Frankly I miss the days of watching Barry Sanders score, hand the ball to the ref and trot off to the sidelines. I don’t get this idea of insulting and questioning your opponent’s manhood every time you make a nice block.

    Kids learn from this crap. It’s funny you think it is good for the game, yet if our kids did that in a peewee game you would be all over them for bad sportsmanship.

  13. No Fun League strikes again. He got 3 on the ground with that block and the counting was hilarious! Shame on the league!

  14. This is ridiculous. The NFL has really fallen in love with its own power to fine anyone just for the hell of it.

  15. How about fining teams for fake / false injury reports that are the norm these days. Or just eliminate them.

  16. Taunting, ostensibly, is bad. But it’s not so bad that, when it happens, the networks won’t replay it incessantly. I’d argue that the NFL polices taunting while knowing it’s good for business. I suspect they’re not too sad when it actually happens.

  17. Yeah that is kind of BS. Lazard’s block was one of the best I’ve seen and sure there may have been some luck involved but it was a great moment and his counting the players up without bending over them, getting in their faces, jawing at them, etc. was reasonable conduct (especially from a distance). It was funny, it allowed him to celebrate an excellent play, it didn’t disparage the players he blocked. When players score multiple touchdowns in a game (like Watson did a few weeks ago) and count them on their fingers, is that taunting the entire defense since they couldn’t stop him? No, not unless it was in the face of the defender who he caught it over or such.

  18. This one is so stupid it defies explanation. The league continues to lower its intellect each week. Lazard is a tough, hard-nose, clean player who excels at blocking for a WR. His stat-line rarely reflects his on field contributions and he routinely conducts himself as a Pro. Taunting? Defensive linemen can go through their muscle- flexing poses after a pedestrian play and it’s fine; Lazard made an exceptional play and did not look to taunt at anybody. I hope he wins his appeal.

  19. The NFL, like any governing body, inherently sucks and employs mostly people who desire authority and control over other people.

  20. It likely doesn’t matter in terms of the fine, but I doubt any of the 3 Dolphins saw him counting.

  21. Wow! Just wow! The No Fun League has never been more alive and well. Even when you’ve passed a rule as stupid and ambiguous to interpret as the taunting rule, officials and NFL film watching types are allowed to show judgement, aren’t they? That was just a fun play, albeit flukey to knock off three guys with one block. Lazard was anything but antagonistic. It’s was like, “wow, check that out.” I can’t imagine a Miami player or fan would have objected. NFL taunting rules are almost as senseless and counterproductive as their annoying insistence on excluding 30-40% of the nation from watching games only on NFL network or amazon.

  22. The NFL oughta turn right around and fine itself for humiliating these guys all over again.

  23. So Za’Darius Smith crawls on the ground after a sack and that isn’t viewed as taunting?

  24. hoepik says:
    December 30, 2022 at 12:13 pm
    Took out 3 players with 1 block. Needs to be rewarded and shown on highlight reels, not fined.

    Oh, I’m sure it’s been shown on NFL (the Network) highlight reels a multitude of times already… right before NFL (the League) fined him. Get to double-dip ratings AND cash that way.

  25. OK, now I understand. It’s taunting to point your finger at someone, but not taunting for 8 – 10 players to run the length of the field and showboat for the cameras following an interception.


  26. Let it go. Packer players need something to celebrate. Anything. God bless him.
    Yeah 65 years of futility is a tough pill to swallow. Oh wait, that’s your team and we are actually the winningest franchise in NFL history. Thanks, I feel better now.

  27. I guess if he is giving players the peace sign back at players as he scores a TD in an AFC Championship game that is ok.

  28. Hopefully Lazard and others see the light and get out of greenville for new life elsewhere.
    The Packers will be a dumpster fire next year and he should understand if he stays, no playoffs for you.

  29. It was a normal play that had an interesting result. It’s not like Lazard directly took out all 3 Dolphins, he blocked one and the other two fell over like bowling pins.
    I have no problem with Lazard’s reaction, I’m sure he found it pretty funny. But taunting? – no way. How can it be taunting when none of the 3 players affecting was even looking at Lazard? This was much more tame than the strutting and flexing defenses do when they get a sack, never mind a pic.
    Give Lazard his money back.

  30. Taunting = “inherent humanity”?

    That’s an interesting definition of “humanity”.

    Feeling satisfaction and excitement about having made a great play is human. What you choose to do with that feeling is an act. We can control what we do.

    Also, what we are silent about, we validate.

    So by all means, punish dangerous play more strongly. Double or triple Jones’s fine. (And suspend Derwin James for multiple games.) But keep punishing taunting. It’s ugly.

  31. ThenCameBronson says:
    December 30, 2022 at 12:15 pm
    LOL. Even if he doesn’t appeal, all of the Packer “owners” could just pitch in 10¢ each and pay this off for him.

    At .10 per stockholder his fine could be paid more than five times. There are 537,000 Packer stockholders throughout the world, enough to fill Lambeau Field nearly seven times.

  32. Haven’t seen the play, but it sounds really impressive. So much so, that maybe the $10k should be coming Lazard’s way for a job well-done.

  33. No one cares what the Packers accomplished pre-Vatican II, when they played the Bears every week of the regular season and twice during the playoffs

  34. I don’t like taunting but that’s not taunting. Knocking a person senseless and standing over him is taunting. I am a Dolphin fan and still think that is wrong. You can punch a cop and not get that. Awful NFL, get a grip!

  35. Well, Allen sure wasn’t counting the number of Super Bowls the Vikings have won; ran out of fingers before he could get to how many they’ve lost.

  36. That was a great football play. The NFL should be teaching a clinic in blocking this. No Fun League strikes again over something harmless.

  37. Obviously the fine was warranted, I’m just surprised that a suspension wasn’t leveled at him too.
    This kind of behavior has to stop.
    Children look up to and emulate these stars on the field.
    Before you know it we’ll have kids counting too.

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