Ryan Kelly: Kayvon Thibodeaux celebrating after Nick Foles injury “just horseshit”

New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
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Colts quarterback Nick Foles was knocked out of Sunday’s loss to the Giants when he suffered injured ribs on a hit by Giants rookie edge rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux.

Thibodeaux celebrated the play by making snow angels on the field next to Foles, who remained on the ground and clearly appeared to be in pain as a result of the hit. Thibodeaux may not have seen Foles immediately after the sack, but could later be seen making a “go to sleep” gesture on the Giants sideline while Foles was receiving medical attention on the field.

After the 38-10 Giants win, Colts center Ryan Kelly weighed in on Thibodeaux’s response to Foles’ injury.

“Hopefully his teammates will — maybe one day he’ll learn that injuries happen in this league, you never want to to happen to the guy that you’re going against. That’s just horseshit,” Kelly said, via J.J. Stankevitz of the team’s website.

While Kelly expressed his displeasure after the game, neither he nor any other Colts players did anything to Thibodeaux while he was celebrating on the field.

14 responses to “Ryan Kelly: Kayvon Thibodeaux celebrating after Nick Foles injury “just horseshit”

  1. I seriously don’t think he knew Foles was doing the worm while he was celebrating , but the Nighty Nite gesture while Foles was being carted of the field was classless!

  2. Well that paints Thibodeaux as a low-class bum.

    The Giants are just wasting everyone’s time. They’re just filler as far as the playoffs are concerned.

  3. Very Disappointed in the rookie. Thought he had more class than that. First he owes some apologies. Then he needs to grow up. Very, very disappointed in an obviously superior player.

  4. He should receive a 1 game suspension if you’re trying to get taunting out the game. Great play but this was totally unnecessary. Foles was seriously hurt.

  5. I remember T.O. celebrating on the star and George Teague lit him up. All through little league we’re taught to respect the opponent, etc.

  6. Too bad it’s football where players only care about themselves. If this were the nhl, Kayvon wouldn’t be so lucky.

  7. I also don’t know what unnecessary roughness is these days. Dexter Lawrence got hit with a personal foul for a 2 finger take down of Trevor Lawrence but this was a regular sack.

  8. He didnt see that the player was hurt – but I dont like all of these gyrations anyway – just a bunch of trash talking and even hate that they allow the whole defense to run down to the endzone after an INT

  9. How many of you guys calling the Thibs move “low-class” are all in favor of the nonsense “celebrations’ that have been going on in the NFL for decades?

    Im a Giants fan, but a 52 year old one; I despise ALL of the celebrations. These players love to call themselves “grown-*** men”….and yet they act like HS kids. They should all watch videos of Barry Sanders after he scored a TD.

    The NFL was GREAT before these stupid antics were ever a thing.

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